An Eventful Friday

Today we had a ceremony for our achievements in IGCSE. Everyone was crammed into the hall and called up one by one. We were suppose to have it last year, but things delayed it and it was moved to this year. Better late then never right? This theme plays a role later in the day.

Not to be boastful but I am a pretty good student. I got all A’s for my IGCSE and received a distinction award in the ICE category. To my surprise I was not called for the principal honor role, the requirement of which is for an aggregate of 85%. I tried to feel happy for my fellow students and not feel to let down but the feeling persisted. I kept contemplating if I had worked harder, or if there was so conspiracy behind it. I calculated my averages again and it always came up above 85% no matter how you do it. So I went to the management to have it checked out.

Turns out that they had deleted me off the list by accident. I was one of the top scoring students. It was hard for me to be more angry than relieved though. Later in the day I received my trophy and certificate.

My IGCSE Awards

Better late then never

During the awarding ceremony, the student council arranged a secret appreciation ceremony. We got to hand them notes with written thank you from students and some gifts. I got to present the present to our computer teacher also known as the ICT Guru.

It was this event that lead to the last two classes being called off. I got to use the computer and read. A happy day indeed.

After school we had some more basketball training. This time we training our fitness, because our coach noticed that our performance severely decreased as we got more tired. He made us sprint, go through obstacle course and go straight into basketball games.

Then after that we had a student vs teacher soccer match. It was less packed this time, but I still didn’t get to play. We lost 6-5.


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