December Goals

  • Read a streetcar named desire and an issue of reader’s digest
  • Did a revision of the first 4 habits in the seven habits of an highly effective teenager
  • Learned the rap of Hitlver Vs Darth Vader 2


My exercise was a mix of success and failure this month. On the beginning of the month it was going strong, and I was making good use of the gym equipment at school. Then I went on vacation and I havent done any exercise since I returned, telling myself it was OK to take a break from it. Instead of using that time to study, I spent the time loafing on the internet. O well, at least I’ll have a fresh start during the New Year.

What I Accomplished This Year!

  • got baptized on Christmas Day
  • got straight A’s on my O Level IGCSE
  • read and excercised more, often on a daily bases
  • found new interest in photography, music and books
  • discovered SPIN and Askmen
  • got lots of gadgets: (countless audio tech, Ipod Touch 5th Generation 32 GB, Canon 450D, Bose Radio, Swatch watch…)
  • got way better at organizing myself, via planners, to do lists and apps!
  • feel in love with Google Chrome, Anydo, Pocket and Evernote
  • jumped of Macau Tower
  • visited elderly in rural China
  • Started this blog, reached 30 followers and over 200 likes!
  • renovated my room
  • started spending more time with family
  • joined the English Speaking Competition
  • finally started watching more movies again

What I Want To Do Next Year!

  • Have a closer relationship with God.
  • Write more neatly. My hand writing is atrocious and I will not stand it any longer. I have to write slower and put more effort into it.
  • Become a better man in general, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.
  • Get A’s on my As-Level IGCSE
  • Loaf less and do my daily essentials such as reading and writing
  • Improve Social Behavior
  • Spend more time helping people




We where all slow to wake up. The entire family was in a bit of a daze. We were awake but exhausted from yesterdays excursion. It toke us till 12 to get our act together and leave the hotel room for lunch.

We had lunch at the small diner where we had afternoon tea the night before. I had this sub filled with a corn beef and egg omelette.

We then headed several blocks down to Times Square, which is this massive mall inside a sky scrapper. This was where we spent the majority of the day. The had a cute, Christmas themed Lego village outside.

My brother and mom where going to get some message therapy in a near by building, so my dad and I where left to wander for a few hours. My dad came with me to check out the new apple store they recently opened. It was breathtakingly huge. I’ve never seen so many apple devices in one place!

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My Christmas: Baptism, Star Wars and little cousins

It’s Christmas! Today I was going to get baptized! Yippee!

I woke up, got dressed and headed out for lunch at the Mgm. Afterwards we went straight to the church for my baptism. I had invited some friends, and they arrived later in the service. Unfortunately I was placed last,  with 55 other people in front of me. I thought about how mind numbing it must be for my friends.

It was finally my turn. I was so nervous. One of the most important events in my life. I felt like I was going to give a speech. I slowly walked into the pool, the last of the days baptize-es. The pastor said the prayers and dunked me down. When I emerged I saw a bright light. I was dazzled. Turned out to be a camera flash…

It was hard to get undressed from the drench clothes, so it toke me awhile to get fully changed and move back up to the chapel where I was bombarded with church related gifts.

After the baptism there was a family get together at our house. Tons of food and gifts around. My cousins were able to become increasingly annoying over the course of a few hours. Cuteness can only last so long.

To end the day the family and I watched a blu ray movie. The first star wars on Blu-ray. Nostalgia washed over me, and I realize how annoying annie and jar jar binks are. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Trip to Hong Kong: Day 1

We needed to get out of town. My family had been confined in Hong Kong for too long. We needed to get out and see the world. Most holidays we just go to a local hotel and hunker down a few days. This Christmas holiday we finally got out of our comfort zone and went to Hong Kong for a few days.

I think the best time to listen to music is when your on transportation. There’s less to distract you from the music, and you can sit down and have a good, thorough listen. I toke the opprtunity to listen to BadBadnotGood, a free jazz-rock album created in 10 hours by people less then 21 years old. It’s amazing. Get it here. My brother Louis got seasick on the way there, poor fellow. He wanted to go home, even as we waited in line at immigration. Fighting through lines of fellow immigrants and traffic we finally arrived at our hotel, The Excelsior!

The hotel itself was not very good. Two single beds for the 4 of us in the size no a great deal bigger than my room. Thankfully it was located in a ideal spot for our planned shopping. Everything was within walking distance, and even our hotel was connected to a small mall.

For lunch we had lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant. They always have amazing service and food. Following typical Ieong behavior we had coupons from our membership entry from our last trip to Hong Kong.

I notice this every time I go to Hong Kong, but there is a lot more pretty girls over there. Pretty eye popping.

Our first stop was at Muji, a giant retailed that sell things from pens to cardigans. Normally I would go crazy and pick up things that I have a distinct liking for, but this time there was a twist. My mom had given a certain amount of money to spend, and after I was done that was it. I had to be careful. This was good, because it forced me to make better decisions and only get things I truly liked. The budget crisis had begun. I winced as I rejected on legions of stationary and clothes but finally found this beautiful planner for 2013. A very good alternative than the moleskine I planned to buy.

Muji PLanner



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First Monday of the Christmas Holidays

Today I was supposed to go into full study mode. It didn’t happen.

Progress was good at first. I had gone through my everything notebooks (a side note, I was very lazy at the beginning of the year and thus have all my notes in one notebook which my studying horribly inefficient), as well as my past tests for math and ict. It was all going well until I moved onto my math notebook. A few pages in and I got horribly distracted. Darn you youtube, league of legends and T3!

Today is also my last day un-baptized. Tomorrow is a big day!

I went to the Christmas church service today. When I walked in the choir was in full-swing. They sounded angelic. Sadly, I slept through the majority of the rest of it :/.

Sunday, Church Days, A Christmas Prelude

So much church related stuff today…

For the Christmas service I narrated a video, introduced a song and made my baptism statement. A bit to handle but it all went smoothly.

Later in the afternoon we went on a small “spreading the word trip.” We had this open topped bus and everything. I enjoyed shouting greetings to passing pedestrians. I also got a chance to wear my ushanka, perfect timing since it is the coldest it has been in Macau in ages. For the fliers, i found a way to give out this small cards ones by propping them up like dinner menus at random places. We later appeared on TV, being followed by a tv crew the majority of the time.

I was supposed to spend the evening being productive but just watched Justice League instead. Troll…