Saturday and Sunday: A long posts


I begun Saturday with my regular morning ritual: laying in bed in a state of limbo using my iPod touch until I’m out of battery. I was about to own this player on Zookeeper Battles when it blacked out. Then I realized what time it was. I burst from the house to have ICT class.

After the class we had to rush to the Westin on the sub island Coloane to watch our friends dance crew perform for an event. Turned out we were an hour early and our rushed efforts where for nothing. We toke the opportunity to run the entire beach and get some beach bbq. I dropped my phone in the mud on the way, and now I can’t hear anyone when they call me -,-.

Their performance was preceded by little kids performing Christmas themed dances. My friends had the theme off toy story and dressed accordingly, looking like a bear, a cowboy and dolls. After the performance we were able to score some free food. I also bumped into my parents who were eating there.

After a short dinner we had a house party in honor of my friend Max who is leaving for New Zealend this December :S.


Not nearly as eventful as Saturday. I went to church with my family, then had lunch at the tennis club (there spaghetti bolognaise is bomb!). The rest of the day was spent calmly at home. I had a rhythm going. I did one school related thing, like homework, then did one thing that I wanted to do, like read an article or listen to a song. After dinner we watched 2012. The movie always help reignite my paranoia about the end of the world -,-


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