Sunday, December 9th, The One Wedding to end them all

Today is my Sunday school teacher, chad’s wedding. There are lots of decorations up (some of which I helped) but what I found the most interesting are the giant books containing their pre-marriage photos. The photo shopped ones are particularly awesome.

During Sunday school we had to practice our performance for Christmas. It’s in Chinese so I struggle to perform. I make up for my pronoun cation in power, emphasizing strongly on words I know or at the end of words. This flaw was emphasized when they recorded our singing to measure progress and the mic was put closet to me. When they played it back all they could here is my slurred, droning voice. I played bejeweled I the corner…

After a quick-lunch (where Annie tagged along again…) we went back to church for the final preparations. I spent the to play many of the games I downloaded for my i touch but never got a chance to get into. They are surprisingly good and responsive. It’s becoming my new mobile gaming console. As an owner of a psp, Nds and game boy that’s saying something. I’m really glad that I’m starting to take it out more.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a wedding, the last one being when I was in the states at the tender age of 9, ring bearer for my neighbors. I had actually accidentally sparked of their marriage by asking why they kissed, because in my tender years I thought only married people could kiss.

The marriage brought out the church in full force. Everyone was happy. The chapel was full to the brim. As chad entered we cheered loudly. We sung loudly and vibrantly.

The wedding went like most weddings do. Photographers with cameras more expensive than my computer. Nostalgic slide shows and of course the essential exchanging of vows. After the wedding there were lots of photos and refreshments. Annie decided it would be a good idea to spill some lemon tea on my jeans. Great.

The final banquet was held at the Grand hall at the Banyan Tree. It was a wide, grand banquet hall full to the brim with guests and tables.

The pre-dinner ceremonies included my old violin teacher which also happened to be Chad’s best man impersonating PSY and dancing to the ever popular Gangnam Style. Chad then re-entered the hall in his wedding clothes to sing some love songs for his wife. He did it with gusto. They then started playing typical love songs such as “I’m yours” and Taylor Swift. It was a long day of wedding celebrations. My first in many years. The one wedding to rule them all.



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