School Anniversary and what followed it…

Sit back and grab a drink. This one is gonna be a long one…

The day started off slowly. We all were in the room getting ready for the anniversary ceremony. All the teachers were really well dressed and most of the students found a way to get a tie.

The school anniversary was important, but a boring necessity  Everyone sits down quietly and formally. The school band plays the same cheesy song over and over and the guests slowly are introduced. Some students, the principal and the archbishop of Hong Kong all made reminiscent speeches. At least we had some dance performances from the lower grades and one “rock” performance. At the end we went to the sixth floor for a commemorative plaque, celebrating the opening of the additional floor built at our school. We where then allowed to leave school early. And that is where the fun begins…

We went to Joel’s house to get changed for some basketball and to have lunch. We had chicken in all its glorious forms. Chicken nuggets, wings and breast,

We went to a basketball court near Joel’s house for some light shooting. A while after we started shooting some more people came onto the court. Although we never exchanged a word there was a mutual understanding. Nothing was said, but both parties understood that the other was there for some light shooting. They always helped us get the balls and occasionally gave up some rebounds for us.

But the basketball court eventually closed. Joel was not satisfied. He wanted to play a game. He got his wish. We stopped by a neighbourhood court and were quickly invited for a quick 3 on 3. We were evenly matched, but they pulled ahead and we lost 7-10. It was a good game, allowing me to practice all aspects of basketball.

Afterwards we went to Taipa to meet up at the dance studio. Turns out our friend wasn’t there so we went to chill at Joao’s house. Joao had injured himself so we were off to keep him company. Joao’s house is the perfect type of house to chill in. Enough to do, enough to eat. We barged in right as he started watching Ted, and begun watching it as well as we ate his food. Then we had a hot pot dinner. I particularly like the sausages and the cheese balls. The Watch, was the entertainment for the rest of the evening. It was so awesome, full of action and is hilarious.


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