Last Day of School of 2012

Today was the last day of school for this year!!!

The main event for the first half of school was our mock ICT practical exam. It went smoothly, thanks for some hectic preparation days ahead. I was more relieved to go the bathroom at the end, then the exam ending. The first exam of many.

We then settled in for lunch. We head some beautiful home-made spaghetti and nanchos. During lunch we watched a particularly nasty scene of  The Devil Inside.  Santa also paid us a visit, but rather then giving us gifts just gave us the gifts we gave each other. I got a book from Miguel, who was thoughtful enough to note that i was looking for a book by Mo yan. Thank you :D. The rest of the day at school was spent watching Project X (my first time, gosh  Lexis is hot) and playing dodge ball on the roof.

After school we picked up Joao, John got his laptop and we were on the way to my house for a gaming session. Everyone brought their laptops and we all managed to squeeze into my room. There was enough gaming equipment to go around, but the Ieong household had to muster up all it had to feed them all. A good way to end the day 🙂


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