Christmas Trip to Hong Kong: Day 1

We needed to get out of town. My family had been confined in Hong Kong for too long. We needed to get out and see the world. Most holidays we just go to a local hotel and hunker down a few days. This Christmas holiday we finally got out of our comfort zone and went to Hong Kong for a few days.

I think the best time to listen to music is when your on transportation. There’s less to distract you from the music, and you can sit down and have a good, thorough listen. I toke the opprtunity to listen to BadBadnotGood, a free jazz-rock album created in 10 hours by people less then 21 years old. It’s amazing. Get it here. My brother Louis got seasick on the way there, poor fellow. He wanted to go home, even as we waited in line at immigration. Fighting through lines of fellow immigrants and traffic we finally arrived at our hotel, The Excelsior!

The hotel itself was not very good. Two single beds for the 4 of us in the size no a great deal bigger than my room. Thankfully it was located in a ideal spot for our planned shopping. Everything was within walking distance, and even our hotel was connected to a small mall.

For lunch we had lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant. They always have amazing service and food. Following typical Ieong behavior we had coupons from our membership entry from our last trip to Hong Kong.

I notice this every time I go to Hong Kong, but there is a lot more pretty girls over there. Pretty eye popping.

Our first stop was at Muji, a giant retailed that sell things from pens to cardigans. Normally I would go crazy and pick up things that I have a distinct liking for, but this time there was a twist. My mom had given a certain amount of money to spend, and after I was done that was it. I had to be careful. This was good, because it forced me to make better decisions and only get things I truly liked. The budget crisis had begun. I winced as I rejected on legions of stationary and clothes but finally found this beautiful planner for 2013. A very good alternative than the moleskine I planned to buy.

Muji PLanner



Now came the first major contender for budget buster. Uniqlo. Their moto is “Made for Everyone  and it really shows in the clothing. I walk in there and I want everything. My dad had a quick meeting to attend which gave me time to try on lots of clothes. I really put effort into thinking “Do I need this?’ or “Am I gonna wear this?” which helped me narrow down the selection a great deal. I ended up with a pair of maroon jeans, a blue turtleneck sweater and a black over coat.

New Clothes From Hong Kong

New Clothes From Hong Kong

We then stopped for some afternoon tea. Amazing food again, this time at a small cafe that we would return to often over the next few days.

We then moved further down to street to explore. While searching for an Hmv we found an apple store. I thought it was the new one everyone was talking about and was amazed and its size. I was so wrong.

Further in the mall was HMV. That place is like heaven to me. They had videogames, albums, books and headphones. The latest music boomed overhead. They had vinyls and special stands for the latest music. It was impossible to decied what to get. I wandered around in awe in the amount of stuff inside. It was too much to take in. I was quite frankly, dazed. I decided on these albums, following my pattern of one pop album, one electro album.

My albums

Good Kid M.a.a.D City, 18 Months and Channel Orange

We also found a three story forever 21, but that was mostly a failure.

We then went another giant apartment store and got this great frozen yogurt. That’s where I found it. The single thing I searched for the most the past few months. The ushanka.


Pure Joy

They also had a giant Taiwanese-opened bookstore and double park. I failed to find anything interesting to buy.

We then watched Jack Reacher. Again, the quality of the stuff here amazes me. The sound was so crisp and enveloped me. Probably made the movie better than it was.

We had some noodles for dinner, went to Muji to pick up some toothbrushes, 7/11 for some water and that was the end of day 1.


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