We where all slow to wake up. The entire family was in a bit of a daze. We were awake but exhausted from yesterdays excursion. It toke us till 12 to get our act together and leave the hotel room for lunch.

We had lunch at the small diner where we had afternoon tea the night before. I had this sub filled with a corn beef and egg omelette.

We then headed several blocks down to Times Square, which is this massive mall inside a sky scrapper. This was where we spent the majority of the day. The had a cute, Christmas themed Lego village outside.

My brother and mom where going to get some message therapy in a near by building, so my dad and I where left to wander for a few hours. My dad came with me to check out the new apple store they recently opened. It was breathtakingly huge. I’ve never seen so many apple devices in one place!

Afterwards my dad had to attend a quick meeting, so I was left to wander the area all by myself. It was up to me to decide what to do, and remember how to get back to the message parlor  It was an awesome feeling. There was so much to do! I felt so adult, all by myself!

I made my way across a street to a quick silver outlet but quickly lost interest. I wanted to go back to times square. I wanted to go to the book worm’s heaven. Page One. Page one is for books, like Uniqlo is for clothes to me. I can’t walk out without getting something. I spent the first 20 minutes walking around mouth a gap. They had everything. I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Most of my budget for that day was spent in that one place. By the time I was done it was time to return to the message parlor where I got my turn for treatment. She did this weird treatment where she stuck a pipe thing in my ear and burned it…not sure what that accomplished.

Afterwards, my brother, mother and I headed to Mark and Spencer’s to get some snacks. We then toke a small break at Star Bucks while waiting for my dad to catch up with us. There was a small dilemma because  we had no phone, and there were two Starbucks inside the mall. Eventually we found each other, then I bought a navy converse. I find converse are good for general wear, because they are easy to match. After exploring the mall some more we went home for a nap and to unload our daily loot. After we awoke we spent more time exploring the mall downstairs our hotel. My brother and I spent most of our remaining money to buy gifts for our relatives in an all eco-friendly gift shop. We then toke a taxi to a ferry to cross the harbor. There was a beautiful view of the lights from the boat, including a massive library ship that was visiting.

Hong Kong Harbor

We returned to were we spend most of our days in Hong Kong: Harbor City. A fitting end to the second day. We made it just in time to eat at Niji Burger. We had egg rolled rice (*drolls*).

When we finally returned home we unwind-ed with a discovery channel documentary on crime and CSI. I was absolutely broke, and  absolutely happy about it.


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