My friends killer pc gaming setup 😀


Games-Blogging ist ja im Vergleich zu professionellen Seiten eher eine subjektive und persönliche Sache. Diese persönliche Note kommt bei mir gerne mal etwas zu kurz und das möchte ich in Zukunft ein wenig Àndern. Den Anfang macht ein kleiner Einblick in die Welt vor meinem Bildschirm. Der zeigen soll, wie und wo ich meine Artikel schreibe und auf welche Art ich die Spiele erlebe.

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My exams are finally over!

Hello wordpress!

I have finally finished my examinations, taking my last exam (Biology Multiple Choice) this morning! It has been a pretty normal few weeks for me. Studying for an exam the night before, taking it, gaming, studying and sleeping. Rinse repeat. Asides from a standout weekend in the mix, not much has happened.

I’m actually quite free during exams because exams are so spread apart and you don’t have to go to school if you don’t have that subject! I’m actually more free than I am when I have normal school. Kinda looking forward to it though, going back to routine. Hopefully I will start doing goals and my daily reading and exercising again.

Loving the new wordpress update as well! Really fresh and clean layout and coloring.

My friends are also really into Battlefield 3 and League of Legends again! Been working on my moleskine tons as well.

Also discovered soundcloud (SO MUCH FREE MUSIC) and I also have become an internet hoarder, downloading anything that’s free.



  • Got my mini fireye amp, its sooo cute!

    Fireye amp

  • Did my first exam. Already know for sure that I got one question wrong. At least no more this week!
  • Someone got ran over near my house, there was brain all over the road. So sad 😩


My Blogging Hiatus

I am going on a blogging hiatus, due to my upcoming mock exams for my A/s IGCSE examinations. Although I have not been posting daily content for about week now, I just thought I would make a official announcement  Going to update from time to time, but nothing too big, wanna focus on my studies ^^.