January round up: goals and short comings

It’s been a busy start to my new year. I finished my mid year mock exams mid way through the month, but kinda of lagged behind when it came to getting back on track with goals and habits.

Read the wrath of the angels

Also read a lot of stuff and was rethinking my term of “Jack of all trades,” perhaps I’m want to be more of a generalist.

I really have to rethink my priories and start thinking more about education. Some of the things i’m doing now might seem important but in the long run are not beneficial.

I also realized how easy it has become to pick up and learn a skill via the internet. The opportunity to create is endless 0_0

I haven’t blogged for awhile, and I’m sorry to my few, but valued followers. I had this idea in my head of starting a new, more quality blog, but it is just an idea at this point.


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