Headphone amp testing

Got a chance to test my headphone more extensively today (Fireye Mini Amp). Some quick notes:

  • Thought my amp was broken, turns out the one that comes out of the box is crappy
  • Once it was working i could conclude some points via some tests:

1. It does not make too much of a difference in dance music. Maybe because dance music is simplistic in nature and does not have to be high quality anyway.

2. I then tested it on BBNG – Earl. Replaying the same 1 minute section the diffrence was noticable. With the amp the cello felt more infront of me, the effect of the instrument playing was more profound? (left and right) and I was able to discren instruments more clearly.

I hope i’m not falling victim to bias and paying more attention with the amp in but I guess only time (and blind tests) can tell.