Why Video Games are the hardest thing for me to consume

I am addicted to progress. Or at least, the illusion of progress. I love checking things of a list, or crossing a task of any do. It makes me feel like i’m not wasting my time.

Books feed me this sense of progress perfectly. I can always see the amount of pages i’ve read, chapters etc.More importantly, you can finish a book. Just like you can finish a movie, a episode of a tv show which leads me to the next point…

There is no clear indication of when you are finished with a game. Perhaps that’s a good thing, and one of the strengths of our medium, but to me it hampers my progress. Sure a game can have a story mode, but what if it has a multiplayer? What if it is a sandbox game like Minecraft and has no clear finished state? These questions stump me when I try to come up with a definition of “finishing” a game, and another reason why my library of hundreds of games on Steam goes untouched.