My Thoughts of the Day

The internet is the smartest thing on the planet. This thought occurred to me while I was walking to extra biology on an early Saturday morning. More like slammed into me. I was quite startled by the revelation, that I physically gasped. The internet knows everything, heck, it knows EVERYONE. The amount of collective information and knowledge it has was mind boggling. In a way, it is the collective knowledge and experience of much of mind kind. Its an awesome thing.

(also note that if you took all the “weight” of the internet, which is the electrons used to send and receive signals etc. it would weigh the same as a strawberry.)


Is love like a fire that needs to be constantly stoked to stay alive/become larger? Your feelings for someone can just re-emerge when you spend time with them, and this is compounded if you spend even more time with them. But if you spend time away from them it just dies. Its confusing, and I doubt I can theory craft my way out of this one. I’m just gonna have to trust my feelings.


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