Surviving In A Digital World: What I learned from “The Digital Creative’s Survival Guide”

  • Be a specialist generalist. Have one area of skills which is your area of expertise, but also have understanding of other subjects. By having good knowledge of the other aspects of the creative process you can easily communicate and collaborate with others. Having an understanding of an area, for example coding, also allows a Project manager to understand the difficulties and limitations of a given aspect o his project.
  • Never. Stop. Learning. Your education does not stop when you graduate from college. In fact, it has just begun! Always keep an open mind and continue to acquire new skills. It allows you to keep your work interesting and helps prevent the monotony that many adults dread. Always keep learning, regardless of your specialism.
  • Don’t learn a program back to front. A simple tip, rather than learning how to use the program first, figure out what YOU want to do and then learn how to do it within the program. Not the other way around.

and those are some of the things that I took out of the book. I hope you have learned something, and I hope by writing this post I will have retained some things I have read. Most of the things I learned from this book were also applicable to ordinary life.


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