What I learned from Lego: The Movie

The Lego movie is one of those movies that appeals to kids on the surface, but also has deeper meaning and messages. Allow me to share what I found significant in the movie.

Note: I refer to some key events in the movie, so spoiler alert!

The thing that hit me hardest is mr. business. He may seem like a normal villain, but he actually reflects deeply on my fears of what i might become in my adulthood. Someone who just follows the rules, gets annoyed when things are out of place and generally is just anti-fun. It is one of my greatest fears to lose my imagination and fail to see the fun in things. The micro managers in the movie exemplify some of this mentality. They try to make things work how they are supposed to, rather than letting things flow out of traditional models and take on a life of itself.

Also some normal, but moving reminders to believe and be special. Eh.

Thanks for reading


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