My view of Sex in the Modern Age

Sex has become such a depraved thing. You see it everywhere. Modern pop music is chock full of phrases like “pussy popping”, and the lyrics normally don’t stray far from getting a girl and taking her home. It has become a social norm to have one night stands and friends with benefits. Television shows, soap operas and movies all glorify this new casual and senseless sex. Teenagers around the world are have more sexual interactions than ever (although they’ve always been an active party), and social media makes it extremely easy to hook up. Pornography has desensitized the population to sex, not only taking away some of the wonder of discovery, but also creating unreasonable ideas of how sex should be.

The pressure applied by society and media to have sex has reached a new time high.

And what does a young teenager as myself do in this time? Succumb to the pressure of society and just give away my virginity? Have cheap. senseless sex with people I don’t have feelings for?

I’m only human, and its natural that I don’t want to fee left out and alienated. The pressure applied by peers is ever-present. “You needa get laid.” “You’re still a virgin.”

And yet I look at my peers and I can see nothing good of it. All the relationships that have begun at this stage in life has quickly dissipated and often ended badly. The two girls who I had strong, genuine feelings for both entered relationships that seemed good at first, but ended up scarring them. When I asked my close friend if the sex he had been having had any meaning at all, he paused, in thought, and slowly said “No. No it doesn’t”

Why are we like this? I don’t blame anyone for being curious, or experimenting or loving someone else deeply. But it depresses me to see the state of sex has fallen to.

Before sex was a big thing. It wasn’t thrown around. The big climax of a movie before was a kiss not sex. Look at all the popular books (FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY) and the tv shoes and sex is abundant. Some says it’s the changing of the times, and we have to accept that things are different. Well different and new doesn’t mean better.

To the current state of things. I say: Bullshit. I refuse to partake in this game. The dreaming of banging a hot chick I met a club at the first night. The mindless, meaningless sex. It doesn’t mean I won’t try to interact with girls or date them,  it just means that sex isn’t the forefront. Love before lust. I want sex to be meaningful and to be someone I love. I want it to be significant and beautiful.

Recent events and revelations among my friends have prompted me to write this. I wrote this in the spur of the moment, but perhaps this public testimony will harden my belief and help me stick to my guns. I will play the long game, waiting for someone who treats relationships with the same respect.

Thank you for reading



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