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My view of Sex in the Modern Age

Sex has become such a depraved thing. You see it everywhere. Modern pop music is chock full of phrases like “pussy popping”, and the lyrics normally don’t stray far from getting a girl and taking her home. It has become a social norm to have one night stands and friends with benefits. Television shows, soap operas and movies all glorify this new casual and senseless sex. Teenagers around the world are have more sexual interactions than ever (although they’ve always been an active party), and social media makes it extremely easy to hook up. Pornography has desensitized the population to sex, not only taking away some of the wonder of discovery, but also creating unreasonable ideas of how sex should be.

The pressure applied by society and media to have sex has reached a new time high.

And what does a young teenager as myself do in this time? Succumb to the pressure of society and just give away my virginity? Have cheap. senseless sex with people I don’t have feelings for?

I’m only human, and its natural that I don’t want to fee left out and alienated. The pressure applied by peers is ever-present. “You needa get laid.” “You’re still a virgin.”

And yet I look at my peers and I can see nothing good of it. All the relationships that have begun at this stage in life has quickly dissipated and often ended badly. The two girls who I had strong, genuine feelings for both entered relationships that seemed good at first, but ended up scarring them. When I asked my close friend if the sex he had been having had any meaning at all, he paused, in thought, and slowly said “No. No it doesn’t”

Why are we like this? I don’t blame anyone for being curious, or experimenting or loving someone else deeply. But it depresses me to see the state of sex has fallen to.

Before sex was a big thing. It wasn’t thrown around. The big climax of a movie before was a kiss not sex. Look at all the popular books (FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY) and the tv shoes and sex is abundant. Some says it’s the changing of the times, and we have to accept that things are different. Well different and new doesn’t mean better.

To the current state of things. I say: Bullshit. I refuse to partake in this game. The dreaming of banging a hot chick I met a club at the first night. The mindless, meaningless sex. It doesn’t mean I won’t try to interact with girls or date them,  it just means that sex isn’t the forefront. Love before lust. I want sex to be meaningful and to be someone I love. I want it to be significant and beautiful.

Recent events and revelations among my friends have prompted me to write this. I wrote this in the spur of the moment, but perhaps this public testimony will harden my belief and help me stick to my guns. I will play the long game, waiting for someone who treats relationships with the same respect.

Thank you for reading



Threes. Its all I hear. Its all I see my friends doing at lunch. Heck, its all I DO at lunch. This mobile game has taken my school by storm.

For the unintiated, three is a puzzle games set in a 4 by 4 board. You match tiles to make larger numbers and attempt to make the largest number possible. 1’s and 2’s are combinded to make 3’s, and from there onward only doubles can be added (i.e 3 and 3 or 96 ad 96)

Threes has several factors which have driven its rise to prominence.

1. It is easy to learn, but hard to master. Many of my friends have learned the rules of the games just through observing a game or two.

2. You can’t win. Your objective is to last as long as you can, trying to get the highest score possible. It is endless and addicting.

But it is the final factor that I would like to explore more.

3. Everyone is playing it.

Social pressure was a major factor in pushing this game forward (at least in the context of my school). My friend Miguel showed it to me, and slowly everyone was playing it. Everyone was comparing scores, trading tips and playing together. Threes became a uniting social factor in which we were all involved.

Like Candy Crush and Puzzle & Dragons before it, this game has single handily stolen our collective attention. Some may say that is a bad thing, but the happiness from playing it and watching others play is most certianly not. At the very least, its better then flappy bird.



What I learned from Lego: The Movie

The Lego movie is one of those movies that appeals to kids on the surface, but also has deeper meaning and messages. Allow me to share what I found significant in the movie.

Note: I refer to some key events in the movie, so spoiler alert!

The thing that hit me hardest is mr. business. He may seem like a normal villain, but he actually reflects deeply on my fears of what i might become in my adulthood. Someone who just follows the rules, gets annoyed when things are out of place and generally is just anti-fun. It is one of my greatest fears to lose my imagination and fail to see the fun in things. The micro managers in the movie exemplify some of this mentality. They try to make things work how they are supposed to, rather than letting things flow out of traditional models and take on a life of itself.

Also some normal, but moving reminders to believe and be special. Eh.

Thanks for reading

Surviving In A Digital World: What I learned from “The Digital Creative’s Survival Guide”

  • Be a specialist generalist. Have one area of skills which is your area of expertise, but also have understanding of other subjects. By having good knowledge of the other aspects of the creative process you can easily communicate and collaborate with others. Having an understanding of an area, for example coding, also allows a Project manager to understand the difficulties and limitations of a given aspect o his project.
  • Never. Stop. Learning. Your education does not stop when you graduate from college. In fact, it has just begun! Always keep an open mind and continue to acquire new skills. It allows you to keep your work interesting and helps prevent the monotony that many adults dread. Always keep learning, regardless of your specialism.
  • Don’t learn a program back to front. A simple tip, rather than learning how to use the program first, figure out what YOU want to do and then learn how to do it within the program. Not the other way around.

and those are some of the things that I took out of the book. I hope you have learned something, and I hope by writing this post I will have retained some things I have read. Most of the things I learned from this book were also applicable to ordinary life.

My Thoughts of the Day

The internet is the smartest thing on the planet. This thought occurred to me while I was walking to extra biology on an early Saturday morning. More like slammed into me. I was quite startled by the revelation, that I physically gasped. The internet knows everything, heck, it knows EVERYONE. The amount of collective information and knowledge it has was mind boggling. In a way, it is the collective knowledge and experience of much of mind kind. Its an awesome thing.

(also note that if you took all the “weight” of the internet, which is the electrons used to send and receive signals etc. it would weigh the same as a strawberry.)


Is love like a fire that needs to be constantly stoked to stay alive/become larger? Your feelings for someone can just re-emerge when you spend time with them, and this is compounded if you spend even more time with them. But if you spend time away from them it just dies. Its confusing, and I doubt I can theory craft my way out of this one. I’m just gonna have to trust my feelings.

Why Video Games are the hardest thing for me to consume

I am addicted to progress. Or at least, the illusion of progress. I love checking things of a list, or crossing a task of any do. It makes me feel like i’m not wasting my time.

Books feed me this sense of progress perfectly. I can always see the amount of pages i’ve read, chapters etc.More importantly, you can finish a book. Just like you can finish a movie, a episode of a tv show which leads me to the next point…

There is no clear indication of when you are finished with a game. Perhaps that’s a good thing, and one of the strengths of our medium, but to me it hampers my progress. Sure a game can have a story mode, but what if it has a multiplayer? What if it is a sandbox game like Minecraft and has no clear finished state? These questions stump me when I try to come up with a definition of “finishing” a game, and another reason why my library of hundreds of games on Steam goes untouched.

The social evolution of gaming

***This post was conceptualized during the summer of 2012. Although I made a post everyday, it never made it around to making this. So today, on my little “creation day” im finally going to get this out of draft limbo***  

Over the summer I realized that my gaming experience had become more social than ever. More and more I abandoned my haven off single player games to play games with my friends. Great examples would be left 4 dead 2 and League of Legends. For the entire summer I never played alone. We explored these new worlds together.

It was not limited to that either, when friends came over we played games split screen using controllers. It brought back memories from my youth where my brother and I continuously played n64 and ps2 all day.

However the term social gaming has taken for the worst in the form of Facebook games. Big companies farming the public with in game purchases. Notifications and updates. Ugh.

Although solo games offered an arguably more immersive experience  if continually choose “social games” over them. I suppose it had something with the wanting to fit in with them, or it was fun to do just about anything with them.

Mobile gaming also had a resurgence this year where I live, in the form of the games Candy Crush and Puzzle and Dragons. Everyone. I mean everyone played it. It was a fad, but while it lasted everyone had some common ground, something to talk about and share.

Thank you for reading my unorganized thoughts on how games have evolved into my social experiences.