The social evolution of gaming

***This post was conceptualized during the summer of 2012. Although I made a post everyday, it never made it around to making this. So today, on my little “creation day” im finally going to get this out of draft limbo***  

Over the summer I realized that my gaming experience had become more social than ever. More and more I abandoned my haven off single player games to play games with my friends. Great examples would be left 4 dead 2 and League of Legends. For the entire summer I never played alone. We explored these new worlds together.

It was not limited to that either, when friends came over we played games split screen using controllers. It brought back memories from my youth where my brother and I continuously played n64 and ps2 all day.

However the term social gaming has taken for the worst in the form of Facebook games. Big companies farming the public with in game purchases. Notifications and updates. Ugh.

Although solo games offered an arguably more immersive experience  if continually choose “social games” over them. I suppose it had something with the wanting to fit in with them, or it was fun to do just about anything with them.

Mobile gaming also had a resurgence this year where I live, in the form of the games Candy Crush and Puzzle and Dragons. Everyone. I mean everyone played it. It was a fad, but while it lasted everyone had some common ground, something to talk about and share.

Thank you for reading my unorganized thoughts on how games have evolved into my social experiences.


Bastion: A story driven Action-RPG

Bastion Title Image

Bastion is an isometric story driven action RPG developed for PC by Supergiant Games. It is set in a post apocalyptic world, after an event known as the “Calamity.” You play as a young boy soldier who has survived the calamity and must help fix and protect the Bastion,    the last hope of humanity. Along the way you will visit exotic locales, use satisfying skill-based weapons and fight diverse enemies.

***Bastion was the first game I finished under my new school year initiative. I was to intentionally sit down to play a game with no distractions. Just me and my game. Bastion was the first game I finished successfully this way.*** 

Story:- Gives the game direction, and holds it together

Without spoiling too much I would like to talk about the story, which is arguably one of the biggest strengths of the game. It’s well written, compelling and ties together really well. Characters are deep, and can be related to… everything eventually get its small, important spotlight and it just synergies together to make an unforgettable experience. Bastion is quite literally a small island of hope in an ocean of indie games, a speck in the night sky, a blooming flower in a sea of grass. A Bastion.

It’s not only the writing that’s top-notch, but also the method of delivery. A narrator, commentaries your adventure, commentating on what you do. What’s really genius is how he reacts to your actions. Make it through an entire section without damage, and he’ll say something along the lines of “Boy, walks out without a scratch.” Sticking with one weapon for a while, constant smashing of the scenery, all warrant a witty and insightful line from the narrator.

Gameplay:- The most important part of a game

 Bastion has satisfying, skill-based and well paced combat. The game introduces new concepts to you slowly and allows you to try them out soon after. It does an amazing job of giving you a weapon, and giving you a few perfect scenarios for using that weapon. For example when I got the mortar, I was able to practice on clumps of enemies on the other side of a wall.

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Assassin’s Creed: My Personnel Sotry

This isn’t an overview of the entire game. In fact, it’s more of a short story of my personnel experience near the end of the game, focusing on the last few assassinations. Warning: Contains frustration and spoilers.

I almost never finished the game. Trouble started as soon as I sat down and decided, “I AM GOING TO FINISH THY!” The game would lag after every kill. Movements where stilted and awkward. How could a game, that I had played perfectly a few months before be so broken? Turns out it was Ubisoft’s notorious DRM. It was trying to connect to the internet after each kill, lagging the game. Switching off my internet, and making some progress within the game fixed this.

According to my last briefing I had to kill two more people. Two more people and the Templar menace would be destroyed. Or so I thought.

The First Kill

Before I left the Assassin’s stronghold I learned two new fighting techniques or rather rediscovered them. Combo kill allows you to kill an enemy in a quick combo if you are able to time three perfect sword strikes. Defense Break allows you to catch tougher enemies off guard and kill them. Continue reading

Midnight Gaming Session

I thought I had failed. I was planning the entire night to play games, and by midnight I had only played two rounds of love. A lucky break, I could stay up. Here is how it went.

Assassin’s Creed

This game had been frustrating me for a while but today it finally decided to give me a break. No weird crashes. No glitches. Almost no clunky controls. Instead of assassinating the target, I decided to make it easier for myself. By saving citizens I created groups of vigilantes that help me against nearby enemies (I found the easiest way to do this is to using throwing knifes). They grad onto guards allowing me to  walk over casually and stab them. I don’t even have to worry about hitting the vigilantes, because they can’t die!

When I get into the assassin’s creed mood I feel great. Everything seems so smooth and done expertly. I casually pickpocket knives. Hide last-minute on a bench as guards run past. Take on groups of 20 guards or more without getting hit once. It makes me feel like an awesome bad ass!

Then I moved onto Sanctum

This was the game I wanted to finish next month, a hybrid fps and shooter. I did not like it at first, I was overwhelmed by its complexity and the enemies abilities to waltz through my defenses. But once I got into it, it became an addicting experience. I learned to time my upgrades with the waves and work alongside the turrets; Slowing bigger targets and taking down their shields so they could tear them up. I breezed through the first level, completely losing track of time.

Day 25: Random Thoughts

Was watching olympics after dinner and I just noticed that Micheal Phelps got 4th 0_0. Also a 16 year old chinese girl won freestyle and set a world recored (chinese pride :D!).

Next week is gonna be dedication week. Everyday im going to focus on one thing, and one thing only in attempt to make progress in said thing. Tommorow I shall focus on dance and try to improve and possibly film. If you want to see me from before you can go to my youtube:

I wonder if I can really do all I planned? Things have a tendency of getting in the way. At least swimming is ended, that way I don’t have any planned interuptions. My friend Chester wants to build his pc, having bought parts in Hong Kong so I guess I’ll have to fit that in. I really shouldn’t plan so cramped.

I also played a really good game of League of Legends. Joel and I played ranked. Heres a screenshot of my score, i’m so happy :D!

chogath score

Day 20: End of a lazy day

The rest of my day was spent playing games, listening to (you can get his music for free) and updating the blog. I spent a lot of time on the left 4 dead 2 article, so I would appreciate if you check it out ^^. Here are some more screens from my play through with my buddies.

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Left 4 Dead 2 with friends

Some screenshots from my time with friends in Left 4 Dead 2. Going to try something other then gallery to display this.

I tried using a gallery for the first 3 photos but it screwed up T.T The first 3 are the ones I want you to see.

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Us in the escape plane, flying off into the horizon

Dead Woman

Poor girl, looks like she tried to escape to the bathroom.

Shcoked Zombie

She seems a bit unhappy that my friend blew her companions head off.


A quick shove should calm her down.

Day 19: Afternoon Update

I’ve just started reading Book Thief. I love the writers style and use of words, looking foward to reading it more. My friends and I jumped into a few rounds of League of Legends. This happened:


These items are used to grant sight on part of the map for a limited time. Obviously clumping them up like this is counter-beneficial.