The social evolution of gaming

***This post was conceptualized during the summer of 2012. Although I made a post everyday, it never made it around to making this. So today, on my little “creation day” im finally going to get this out of draft limbo***  

Over the summer I realized that my gaming experience had become more social than ever. More and more I abandoned my haven off single player games to play games with my friends. Great examples would be left 4 dead 2 and League of Legends. For the entire summer I never played alone. We explored these new worlds together.

It was not limited to that either, when friends came over we played games split screen using controllers. It brought back memories from my youth where my brother and I continuously played n64 and ps2 all day.

However the term social gaming has taken for the worst in the form of Facebook games. Big companies farming the public with in game purchases. Notifications and updates. Ugh.

Although solo games offered an arguably more immersive experience  if continually choose “social games” over them. I suppose it had something with the wanting to fit in with them, or it was fun to do just about anything with them.

Mobile gaming also had a resurgence this year where I live, in the form of the games Candy Crush and Puzzle and Dragons. Everyone. I mean everyone played it. It was a fad, but while it lasted everyone had some common ground, something to talk about and share.

Thank you for reading my unorganized thoughts on how games have evolved into my social experiences.



I’ve been thinking about media and how it is more than just entertainment. There are things that we can actively learn or take away from media that we can use in life.

Books are a perfect example. Never have a read a book and walked away stupider or without learning something. At the very least it has given my mind something to think and about and he inspired by. Books can be thought provoking. They are the only media that you can go at your own pace. Stop. Came back to. Or never return at all.

Music also has great potential as a source of inspiration. Lyrics that speak to you and help you get through the day. They often have deeper meaning then you think. All you have to do is listen.

Movies. Man do I love movies. An easy way to lose a couple hours in a completely new world. A common topic in casual conversation. A common binding force for those that have shared The experience.

Games , more specifically video games are perhaps the most controversial In their worth as media, and the newest of the media formats. Time after time they are blamed for violence seen on the news. But they have the greatest interaction between media and consumer. It can change and evolve around the player. You can play it by yourself and with your friends. And now, more than ever it is easy to buy and create games. And that is why, they are my favorite media. What’s yours?


The recent of exams have been a bit

The recent of exams have been a bit of a eye opener for me. It has forced me to think about the actual worth of going through all this work for a letter on a piece of paper saying i’m good at a subject I won’t use for what I want to be when I grow up. Should I have worked harder earlier? Is the amount of work worth the amount of marks I could get in return?

It also made me think about where I wanna go in my life. I’m not exactly sure if I have any skills. I always tell me that I’ll stay at home and teach myself to program or something around those lines but there are times I doubt my own ability to do so,

That is all, thank you for reading my thoughts that I have typed up while trying to cram in the entire english literature syllabus in 4 hours.

Headphone amp testing

Got a chance to test my headphone more extensively today (Fireye Mini Amp). Some quick notes:

  • Thought my amp was broken, turns out the one that comes out of the box is crappy
  • Once it was working i could conclude some points via some tests:

1. It does not make too much of a difference in dance music. Maybe because dance music is simplistic in nature and does not have to be high quality anyway.

2. I then tested it on BBNG – Earl. Replaying the same 1 minute section the diffrence was noticable. With the amp the cello felt more infront of me, the effect of the instrument playing was more profound? (left and right) and I was able to discren instruments more clearly.

I hope i’m not falling victim to bias and paying more attention with the amp in but I guess only time (and blind tests) can tell.


The Comeback

Hey everyone

I know its been a long time since I’ve written on the blog, but I’ve decided to get back into it. Exams got in the way, and then i never really got back into it. Being on a hiatus for so long, i realized how much it made me accountable for my actions and helped me to accomplish and word out my opinions.

Today I am trying to develop some small habits using an app called Lift for Ipod

  • Write Neater. This has been on my goals for almost forever, but now I’m finally giving up on my own way of holding the pen and going for the regular and effcient way. Hmmph
  • Keep my back straighter; not much explanation needed for this one
  • And lastly pay more attention during class, no daydreaming or fidgeting at the time. WORK

January round up: goals and short comings

It’s been a busy start to my new year. I finished my mid year mock exams mid way through the month, but kinda of lagged behind when it came to getting back on track with goals and habits.

Read the wrath of the angels

Also read a lot of stuff and was rethinking my term of “Jack of all trades,” perhaps I’m want to be more of a generalist.

I really have to rethink my priories and start thinking more about education. Some of the things i’m doing now might seem important but in the long run are not beneficial.

I also realized how easy it has become to pick up and learn a skill via the internet. The opportunity to create is endless 0_0

I haven’t blogged for awhile, and I’m sorry to my few, but valued followers. I had this idea in my head of starting a new, more quality blog, but it is just an idea at this point.