My Great Day out

Today I woke late at around 12. I was still in a haze from yesterday’s gaming marathon. I decided to stay in bed awhile longer listening to Mylo Xyloto again while reading some articles on Pulse (Man, I love pulse).

Shortly after lunch Joao and Joel called me to meet up them. Before I could go out though, they decided to barge into my place and proceeded to eat all my food.

We then proceeded to the Macau Car Expo 2012 held at the Venetian. My parents couldn’t go and had given me four tickets to use.

I didn’t think to bring my DSLR, but luckily I brought my compact. Here are some of my favorite cars from the show:

Mitsuoka Green Vintage Car

Green and Vintage, What more could you want?

Bugatto Veyron

My favorite car from the expo. A beautiful blue, love the metal the used and a kick ass spoiler that comes up when you break.

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Midnight Gaming Session

I thought I had failed. I was planning the entire night to play games, and by midnight I had only played two rounds of love. A lucky break, I could stay up. Here is how it went.

Assassin’s Creed

This game had been frustrating me for a while but today it finally decided to give me a break. No weird crashes. No glitches. Almost no clunky controls. Instead of assassinating the target, I decided to make it easier for myself. By saving citizens I created groups of vigilantes that help me against nearby enemies (I found the easiest way to do this is to using throwing knifes). They grad onto guards allowing me to  walk over casually and stab them. I don’t even have to worry about hitting the vigilantes, because they can’t die!

When I get into the assassin’s creed mood I feel great. Everything seems so smooth and done expertly. I casually pickpocket knives. Hide last-minute on a bench as guards run past. Take on groups of 20 guards or more without getting hit once. It makes me feel like an awesome bad ass!

Then I moved onto Sanctum

This was the game I wanted to finish next month, a hybrid fps and shooter. I did not like it at first, I was overwhelmed by its complexity and the enemies abilities to waltz through my defenses. But once I got into it, it became an addicting experience. I learned to time my upgrades with the waves and work alongside the turrets; Slowing bigger targets and taking down their shields so they could tear them up. I breezed through the first level, completely losing track of time.

My Bungee Jump

Inspirational Picture - Macau Tower

Inspirational Picture on the top off Macau Tower

Over Summer I have become more adventurous and outgoing and thanks to Lesley Carter of Bucket List Productions I made my own bucket list as well! So for my birthday I sky jumped 233 meters of Macau Tower; The Tallest Bungee Jump in the World! One check for the bucket list!

Sky Jump

Me getting harnessed up for the jump. I felt like a paratrooper.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Perhaps it was the professionalism of all the people who worked there or maybe it was because Sky Jump is relatively slow. Everyone there was really nice and calm so it helped break the tension. The scariest moment was before I jumped and I was getting held of the edge. My brother toke a video of me jumping.

It was an exhilarating 20 seconds. I felt weightless. My first few seconds were just pure screaming. I couldn’t believe the feeling. Felt Euphoric.

Afterwards you are given a certificate showing I jumped and stats about that day’s weather.

It was 23 °C and wind speed was 25kmph. They also had photos and videos taken professionally that cost 800 MOP (100USD)! I felt silly for living here all this time and not taking advantage of what Macau has to offer. Next time, bungee jump!

Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 4 (Day 52)

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 4

Another false start to the morning. I had thought the morning call was a dream twice in a row now. I had breakfast as normal, albeit with a bit more enthusiasm with it being the last day. I’ve been having the same breakfast for 4 days in a row.

The rest at the time at the estate was spent in the chapel with bible study and preaching. My house, house 2 and house 5 were tied for house cup. Our prize was a small pile of lollipops. I.was.overjoyed.

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Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 3 (Day 51)

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 3

The third day started poorly with us horrendously late for breakfast. The first time my father tried to wake us up I thought it was a dream! At least breakfast was improved today. They had brought in bread and coffee! Having grown up in America it was much easier for me to digest.

We then going on a tour on a river known us the “Plom.”

Our Boat and home for about 3 hours

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Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 2 (Day 50)

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 2

The next day started early with a crappy breakfast that would be repeated for all four days of my stay. Some watery congee and assortment of weird dishes that I don’t like. I ended eating noodles and salted peanuts for breakfast.

We then had a quick bible study after breakfast. I was spared most of it due to a sudden and painful stomach. As I returned, I noticed no one in the breakfast hall. It was time for chapel.

Before Chapel though there was a really weird dance class being held by a woman named Wendy. It started out with some basic stretches but as soon as she started these amazingly gay moves all the men left the dance.

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Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 1 (Day 49)

***Finally got around to writing these!***

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 1

I woke up early. It was 7:30. We had to get to the border asap or we would never cross it quickly. My mom works from home and had to stay up to finish some work. She only had one hour of sleep :(.

Our grandparents drove us to the border, along with a church friend named Annie who my mom was mentoring. Border security was tighter then before, with a mandatory check on all baggage and backpacks. It toke us nearly an hour to get past the border, and even longer for everyone to get across.

Everywhere you looked there was at least a hundred people

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Day 36: Triumvirate of Summer Entertainment

Today Bruno, Zherlain, Martharoot and I went to a mini-acardia. Despite going out and going broke two days before, it was good to get out of the house. After a hurried shower, I met up with them at a 7/11 at Macau Square. We knew had to get there, but not which bus to take. We walked..again.

At the Acardia we did three things, so I’ll try to break it down so it’s easier to digest.

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Monitor Murder: The anti-climax climax of Day 29

If you read my previous post you will know our plan. I toke video of most of the affair, but do not have editing software to piece it together, so I’ll just use some photos and your imagination.

First thing: My friend John and I bought a BB Gun. It did no damage to the monitor whatsoever. It didn’t even hit half the time.

Next my friend smacked it a few times, here’s the damage to his hand and the monitor.

Next we hit with a hammer for much more effect.

Afterwards we brought it into our car park and broke it up even more. I was going to take pictures but my camera thought it was the perfect time to run out of battery. It’s weird, because write as I was writing this my mom came in and lectured me. She had found the monitor. Now I feel like a complete hooligan -,-. O well, maybe a pause to the summer experiment machine.