Day 30: Midnight Gaming Marathon

Despite having potentially the most freedom of any day of the summer, I did nothing out of the ordinary. I did not even read or excercise and thus the chain is broken again.

Chester made me go downstairs sick, in my PJ’s and infront of his friend that he did not mention to give him a motherboard box that he interntionally left at my house. I later retailed asking my friend John not to help him pirate games. hehe :).

The Trailer App on the IPad is excellent. My long list of movies to watch are getting ever longer. Looper, Last Guardians..just too many to name!

The only thing I did was my one-day pass of freedom is stay up to play games. My labours in a game called Tribes Ascen where for this:

It shoots futuristic discs of death!


Day 30: Unsupervised

This morning, my mother left on a three day trip to Taiwan for training. My father returns on Saturday, so this is the one day i’m left relativly unsupervised. It is also the one day, that I get sick -,-.

Not many things planned for today. Chester needs to come over, having left a box in my house and encountering random pc problems. My brother and I also want to stay up tonight playing League of Legends. That is all.

Day 28: First Day of August and a pause to dedication week

Today is the first day of August! Half of my summer is now faded into the oblivion. Half. I am half as productive as I wanted to be. Honestly my plans for dedication week aren’t very realistic, so I have decided to put on hold for now, and do them when the opportunity arise. My friend Joel’s sister and Zherlain have already expressed there interest in a photography trip. I also had the idea of playing a new game a week, following the ideas from dedication week.

Today we finally built Chester’s PC. After months of trips to the pc mall, researching parts and lots of stalling it was finally built. We had lots of random problems, but now its a thing of beauty. The labor of love:




Day 27: Dedication Null

Today I woke up early to help Chester move his pc parts to my house so we could build it. It was great waking up early for a change, having breakfast for the first time in weeks, having a bit of sunshine and getting a bit of reading done. That however ended my serene morning.

I got into the car. I called Chester. He had just woke up. He said it was tommorow. Luckily my mom didn’t make it to the bridge or else that would have been a huge waste of time.

Spent the day playing League of Legends, watching Joel (who came over) play League of Legends and reading about League of legends. I have a pretty uninteresting life sometimes don’t I?

Day 26: Wrapping up

After my last post I spent most of the day playing League of legends, and losing, tons. O well, you win some you lose some.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at nine and go all the way to Taipa to help my friend Chester to bring the parts back to my house to build his pc. Don’t know how dedication day is going to fit into this but o well!

Day 25: Random Thoughts

Was watching olympics after dinner and I just noticed that Micheal Phelps got 4th 0_0. Also a 16 year old chinese girl won freestyle and set a world recored (chinese pride :D!).

Next week is gonna be dedication week. Everyday im going to focus on one thing, and one thing only in attempt to make progress in said thing. Tommorow I shall focus on dance and try to improve and possibly film. If you want to see me from before you can go to my youtube:

I wonder if I can really do all I planned? Things have a tendency of getting in the way. At least swimming is ended, that way I don’t have any planned interuptions. My friend Chester wants to build his pc, having bought parts in Hong Kong so I guess I’ll have to fit that in. I really shouldn’t plan so cramped.

I also played a really good game of League of Legends. Joel and I played ranked. Heres a screenshot of my score, i’m so happy :D!

chogath score

Day 22: My brother turns 13

Today is my brother’s birthday, but more on that later.

First thing we did today was go to swimming class for the first time in weeks. For some reason the one day we return is the most grueling. Our tortures today included but are not limited to:

  • Swimming an entire lap with our heads up
  • Swimming an entire lap without breathing
  • Swimming an entire lap frog style (my worst style) with our hands behind our back

After swimming we went to a Japanese restaurant for a mini-celebration with my mother and maid. We ate tons of sushi and sashimi :D. We will have a bigger celebration when my father returns during the weekend (he works abroad during the week).

Afterwards I bought a plant for my desk for two reasons (three really)

  • I read its healthy and reduces stress
  • I wanted one
  • A Youtube commentator named Spazie has a plant

I then meet up with my friend Chester to pick up a gift for my brother at the computer mall. Our original plan was to get him a complete audio overhaul with a soundcard, headset and speakers. Even with our combined money we were unable to buy anything without cheaping out on some parts or excluding some. We ended up buying him a headset with a built-in soundcard. Our logic was to get him one better thing, rather than some small rubbish ones. We got him a creative sound blaster tactic 3d alpha. Yeah its a mouthful.

Afterwards we helped the birthday boy setup his new headset (creative drivers suck). Chester ended up using my computer so now I’m stuck on my netbook, writing this article.

Day 21: An uneventful 3rd week mark

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I sit there, not doing anything, then at the end of the day I feel unproductive. I think I’m stuck (hopefully not permanently) in a summer limbo. I feel really uninspired at the moment, like there’s nothing I want to do. I’ve already read today and played tons of games and yet I feel bored. I honestly don’t have a freaking excuse to be bored but my mind feels un-inclined to do anything.

tomorrow is my brother’s birthday. After our first swimming class in a week and a half, my friend Chester and I are going to sneak off to buy him some audio tech for his computer. Hopefully he likes it..