My Christmas: Baptism, Star Wars and little cousins

It’s Christmas! Today I was going to get baptized! Yippee!

I woke up, got dressed and headed out for lunch at the Mgm. Afterwards we went straight to the church for my baptism. I had invited some friends, and they arrived later in the service. Unfortunately I was placed last,  with 55 other people in front of me. I thought about how mind numbing it must be for my friends.

It was finally my turn. I was so nervous. One of the most important events in my life. I felt like I was going to give a speech. I slowly walked into the pool, the last of the days baptize-es. The pastor said the prayers and dunked me down. When I emerged I saw a bright light. I was dazzled. Turned out to be a camera flash…

It was hard to get undressed from the drench clothes, so it toke me awhile to get fully changed and move back up to the chapel where I was bombarded with church related gifts.

After the baptism there was a family get together at our house. Tons of food and gifts around. My cousins were able to become increasingly annoying over the course of a few hours. Cuteness can only last so long.

To end the day the family and I watched a blu ray movie. The first star wars on Blu-ray. Nostalgia washed over me, and I realize how annoying annie and jar jar binks are. Merry Christmas.


Saturday and Sunday: A long posts


I begun Saturday with my regular morning ritual: laying in bed in a state of limbo using my iPod touch until I’m out of battery. I was about to own this player on Zookeeper Battles when it blacked out. Then I realized what time it was. I burst from the house to have ICT class.

After the class we had to rush to the Westin on the sub island Coloane to watch our friends dance crew perform for an event. Turned out we were an hour early and our rushed efforts where for nothing. We toke the opportunity to run the entire beach and get some beach bbq. I dropped my phone in the mud on the way, and now I can’t hear anyone when they call me -,-.

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Last Sunday of Oktober

I like how even small changes can make somewhere you go to all the time look completely different. The diner we went to have our Sunday morning breakfast had changed all their tables. On the overhead tv, an absurd Chinese kung fu movie was playing with a woman materializing out of an umbrella, a guy using his hair to suffocate people and paper tags that chased people.

Our church is experiencing some small problems which including a large amount of people leaving for other churches, and a low/slow attendance rate of our remaining members. Today’s lesson was about being thankful for things, even odd things like being able to poop and fart. My teacher says there signs off a healthy person.

He then started to reminisce about Macau’s old days. He reckons it was better back then. He could bike everywhere, the buses weren’t crowded and the air was clearer. He then proceeded to tell us about his misfortunes as a kid. In his youth he was able to:

  • Nearly Choke to death on a pork chop
  • Get pushed down the stairs by his sister
  • Break his leg playing…basketball. And it was his thigh bone (which is harder the concrete!)

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Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 2 (Day 50)

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 2

The next day started early with a crappy breakfast that would be repeated for all four days of my stay. Some watery congee and assortment of weird dishes that I don’t like. I ended eating noodles and salted peanuts for breakfast.

We then had a quick bible study after breakfast. I was spared most of it due to a sudden and painful stomach. As I returned, I noticed no one in the breakfast hall. It was time for chapel.

Before Chapel though there was a really weird dance class being held by a woman named Wendy. It started out with some basic stretches but as soon as she started these amazingly gay moves all the men left the dance.

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Day 53: Back to the trade

Ah back to blogging! It’s been a solid half a week without using a computer so it will take some time to get out of writer’s block. O well, no use complaining let’s go straight in.

Today is the last day of what I call “The Great Ta-ta drought.” Our helper will be back on Monday to patch us up. On a side note my cockroach house has accumulated many guests over the past few days (fewer then I hoped) but it’s still a fair catch. At least we are combating them somehow, damn vermin.

Breakfast was at the normal cafe. For some reason I paid more attention to today’s bible preaching. I don’t know if it was a good speaker, or that I read the english version beforehand but it’s worthy of note. Today we played a game which was basically church monopoly. First one to build 10 churches wins. There were special event cards like temptation, blessings and justice. surprisingly fun. I minor annoyance is Annie (a girl in my class) is getting a bit clingy. She didn’t leave when we stayed (she could have left) and to makes matters worse my mom decided to drive her home and have lunch with her.

Then I went to meet up with Joel at his house with Joao. I haven’t seen Joao for the entire summer and it was good seeing him again :). The gang was finally getting back together. We headed to the back streets of Central Macau for a cheap haircut at Smart Saloon. It’s run by men with an alternative lifestyle (nothing against them btw). When it was my turn I toke some time to talk to my dresser. He told me some hair tips and explained he was using a thin comb to well.. thin out my front bang. He then proceeded to gel it, making me look emo and a slight shade of cool. It was only temporary, since I have no how to clay hair.

We then met up with Joel’s sister Lyka and looked at some of the local shops. Some attractive stuff, but none of us had money to drop. On the way to the bus a prostitute whispered at Joao calling him to follow her. So there was that..

The Real reason we went out today was to greet our friend Liam who was coming back. He was in South Africa the entire summer. Joao in his infinite wisdom only brought enough money for the haircut so we were of to his house to get some money.

We spent a few good hours in Joao’s house watching youtube on his Tv and testing out his speakers (if you remember I helped him pick a while back). We made multiple calls to Liam’s house but to no avail. I was also lucky enough to ask Lyka about the girl I met before (same school). She told me somethings that weren’t too flattering but I’ll i guess I’ll have to judge for myself.We didn’t even know what time he was coming back. Eventually our hunger drove us from our chill spot. Joao didn’t get any money.

We then waited at McDonald’s even longer, waiting for a call from his house phone. After finishing our food we finally decided to go to Venetian. Venetian is always a nice place to kill an afternoon. We look at clothes we can’t buy, check out shoes etc. I was also fortunate enough to be wearing my swatch, and had it adjusted to fit even my skinny wrist. It was completely free and the guy was really nice about it! Yay swatch watch!

When we finally left and were making our way into Taipa we ran into Marilda! She decided to part ways with her parents and have dinner with us. It was already late so we ended having McDonald…again. We called one last time; still not home. Well this was a disappointment. After Mcdonalds we all just went home.

I made the mistake of not bringing my camera for anything, but today I decided not to bring my bag so no photos for this one (please don’t be mad!). I also made the mistake of playing one game of League of Legends with Joel which really dragged out the night. Liam finally called Joel at around 11.

Tomorrow I’m going swimming with Lyka early in the morning and then meeting Liam for some dance stuff. Goodnight 🙂

Tea and Headphones: The First Half Day 46

For breakfast we ate at the regular cafe. While eating my egg sandwich I got strangly entranced by the Power Rangers on the tv. i was never really a power ranger kid, mostly perferring Ed Edd and Eddy and scooby do. Watching made me realize how some of these kids shows are a bit dumbed down. I suppose there suppose to be. After power rangers came on a show called Fairy Tails came on. It was an anime my friend Chester had spoken about before.

At church, during the young service the lead singer asked for someone to come up and make actions for the song. An awkward silence. “I was in India, and I got a price for the one that comes up.” An awkwarder silence. Trying to keep the ball rolling I volunteered. I was rewarded with some Masala Tea. My mom had brought some back when she went to Hyderabad. I was suprised that the price was relavent at all.

There was a new girl at church today so we played games to make her feel more welcome. The other girl that was new a few weeks ago seems to have become a regular. We played lots of games related to each others names so the new comer could recognize us quicker. We then settled down for a board game called Incan Gold. Its a game where there are 5 rounds. Its based on risk, reward and the greediness of each player. Each turn a card is flipped. It can be gold or a hazard. Each time a card is drawn you can decide if you wanna cut ur loses and leave with the gold or see if you can get more.

As we were leaving my mother was trying to set her computer up. She kept claiming that a certain cable connected the ampflier would show the image on the projecter. Desptie our protest she claimed it was true. We eventually sorted it out, but it was one of the bigger arguements we had in awhile.

We then had lunch at a noodle store and went off to buy my headphones which would be a gift for my good grades in the IGCSE’s. OK, after this im not going to buy anything. I’m starting to feel a bit like a spoilt brat -,-. My brother did not make it easier for me. My mother wasn’t very willing to buy me it and eventually my brother gave her the idea of trading my new headphones for my beats. I begrudignly agreed. I really like them though:

I’m becoming a bit of an audio tech collector, aren’t I?

First Half of Day 39: Insomnia Inspiration

Insomnia Inspiration

Do you ever have those nights where you just can’t sleep. It’s late and your tired. Your completely comfortable and yet.. your body just refuses to sleep. I had one of those nights yesterday (after staying up to finish the blog) and in my sleepless state my brain became an idea machine. Wanting to not waste these ideas, I constantly awoke to take them down on my phone (I know, probably didn’t help me get to sleep) and after about ten ideas I finally drifted of to sleep, happy that I was a slumbering genius. Listen to this as you read the post:

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Day 32: New lamp, New Restaurants

Church was uneventful as usual. With my mother gone, there was no one to usher us out of bed, leaving my dad to deal with mauling us out of bed. He sorta failed, and because of it, no breakfast, which turns out to be an advantage later. There is a new girl who came to my Sunday School class for two days in a row. I first met her at the barbecue a week before, and she seems she will become a regular.

We then had lunch with some of my Grandma’s many friends at a traditional Portuguese restaurant known as Ao Grama. I publish a separate article on that, but I stuffed myself silly and the food was good. As always, we got stuck with the left overs.

Upon returning home, we jumped into our usual ritual of playing a few rounds of League of Legends. But for some unexplained reason, our internet decided to be completely bad, making it impossible to play. We were planning to see a movie called Total Recall but decided against it because we are 1) to lazy and 2) there was barely anymore tickets. I ended deciding to take a quick 30 minute nap. Failing to set the alarm however, that turned into 2 hours.

After waking up from my unintentionally extended nap my father and I finally went to get my lamp. ***Short Story about my lamp: That blue lamp was my orignal lamp that I bought when I got back here. I’ve had for seven years. Seven years of staying up to read, write and fateful companion when the occasional nightmare comes up. It shall not suffer the fate of similar to the monitor. I kinda can’t bear to see it go really. On the other hand the new green lamp is bright and cheerful, and the round base makes my desk look like it has more space.*** Afterwards, we went to my grandma’s house to pick up a bun (she’s always asking us to come get things). She was playing Mahjong with the people we ate lunch with. We then got a Large Tropicana Pizza that we had ordered early and settled in for an evening of League of Legends and Olympics coverage.

Day 18: Half Way to a Hundred

Today started as any of my Sunday’s start. I’m dragged out of bed by a shouting mom, we eat breakfast at the same café, and then we go to church. Due to summer vacations, the teachers out numbered the students today.

After lunch we had dinner at a small restruant near our house the specializes in Chicken Rice Noodles in their special goppy sauce. Not the highest hygeine standards, but still a solid lunch’s meal. Afterwards we visited my grandmother, were my aunt gave my arm some much needed treatment.

We later went swimming at an apartment complexes. Not much happened, except as we got into the pool a typhoon started.

We went to have dinner at a small, semi-secluded restruant that has been running for 30 years. I wrote about it in the article below. The rest of my evening was spent gaming, as usual.