Saturday and Sunday: A long posts


I begun Saturday with my regular morning ritual: laying in bed in a state of limbo using my iPod touch until I’m out of battery. I was about to own this player on Zookeeper Battles when it blacked out. Then I realized what time it was. I burst from the house to have ICT class.

After the class we had to rush to the Westin on the sub island Coloane to watch our friends dance crew perform for an event. Turned out we were an hour early and our rushed efforts where for nothing. We toke the opportunity to run the entire beach and get some beach bbq. I dropped my phone in the mud on the way, and now I can’t hear anyone when they call me -,-.

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My November Accomplishments

It is that time off month where I recollect my monthly accomplishments, as you can probably tell by now, I love to use YouTube to learn new things

  • Learned to sing the Vietnam anthem: Fortunate Son and learned the lyrics of 50 Cent’s My buddy (so I can say it as I walking down the hallway). I also love Epic Rap Battles. I learned the one with Freddy Mercury shouting at Frank Sinatra.

  • Learned to dance the Dougie, albeit a bit stilted and stuttered

  • Finished reading the Hobbit. Reminded me how much I loved fantasy and how much a genius J.R.Tolkein is. Modern classic.
  • Completed the Anthony Horowitz Horror Collection. The book scared me twice in its 500-some pages.
  • Read and sorta applied Habit 2 of “The Seven Habits of a highly effective Teenager.”

Goal Updates: The Third Week of November

Hello everyone. I’ve had a pretty successful week (at least in my measurements).

  • I’ve finally finished writing my biggest gaming article ever (which should have been my first) about the indie action game Bastion. My formalist game thoughts yet. I found that splitting the articles into parts and assigning each one to its own day allowed me to write easier and improve the quality of work.
  • I learned the lyrics of the classic Vietnam song, Fortunate son:

  • Acquainted myself in the general movements of the dougie, again using the excellent mahalo dance videos:

  • Finally finished reading Anthony Horrowitz’s Complete Horror Collection. Pretty bad back in my opinion, but I suppose it WAS meant for children. Legitimately scared me twice in 400 something pages.

Next week I’m going to:

  • Learn the lyrics of My Buddy by 50 Cent
  • Beat at least two levels in Sanctum

November Goals

Hello. It’s already been two months since school has started. Man how time flies. This month I plan to

  • Finish Assassin’s Creed (I was going to finish October 31st but it was longer then I expected)
  • Finish Reading The Complete Horror-Horowitz
  • Read and apply Habit 2 of the 7 Effective Habits of a Highly Effective Teenager
  • Beat a game called Sanctum
  • Learn the lyrics of My Buddy and Lucky ones
  • Learn to dance the Dougie

Dedication Day 1: Shuffling

A quick history of shuffling

Shuffling is an electronic dance that is characterized by running man and t-step. It is usually done to music with a solid beat in the background (trance and hardstyle) which means it can’t be done to normal pop or dubstep. Although its exact origins are unknown, many people believe it started in the underground acid era in Melbourne, hence Melbourne shuffle.

A quick personal history of shuffling

It’s been awhile since I started shuffling. I started in the summer, two years ago and my passion for it reached a climax about a year in, then started to fizzle out. Shuffling used to be really big with its glory year being around 2007, so I missed that boat. I learned shuffling because i liked the music, wanted to learn how the dance and not look so useless at parties.

What Happened today and thoughts

I started at 3 and ended at 4:30. My orignal idea was to dance the entire day, but lunch and personal stamina prevented it. There was only so much dancing I could do before I got tired/bored. I did some good shuffling in though, between constant hard-breathing and breaks. I really like dancing to the song Metropolis by David Guetta:

It felt better to just close my eyes and just let myself do the rest, rather than scrutinize all my dance moves. All in all a pretty good dedication day.

Day 26: The beginning of dedication week.

Today i’m suppose to dance the entire day. It’s 3 and i’m on the computer. Whoops.

First thing we did this morning was eat at a buffet at Grand Lapa to put my moms membership to some use. They had a meager selection of food, but a unique thing they did was everyone got to order a main course. I choose beef madillion which was very chewy, not too good :S. My mom plans to stay at Grand Lapa soon, which my aunts call a home-cation.

We then finally got to visit the amp store. It was an audiophiles dream, full of high end speaker systems that I wish I could own. We toke a look around and found a cheap 2600 MOP one, but  my dads gonna compare prices in Hong Kong. Gonna try to get my dedication day stared, wish me luck.