Royal Banquet at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom

On Sunday evening my family was invited to a banquet to celebrate a close family friend’s twin’s hundredth day.

Part of the James Bond Movie I just watched is probably rubbing of on me, because I walked into the room the theme song played in my head. A large open ball room, with its own bar tenders and waitresses. Elaborate decorations. Heck we even rented out the entire majong parlor! It felt so classy, so expensive, so grand! Everyone was wearing smart, formal clothing. Entering in jeans and sweater, I felt out-of-place.

I also meet two very important people. One was Lesley. She summarized the bigger body of guest. Good looking, smart and full of character. The epitome of Asian success. She also wanted to go to Boston for college, more specifically Harvard, Like me! She gave me lots of useful information and tips. Secondly was the prime minister. Himself, sitting at the party. I knew we were well connected but damn 0_0. I even got a photo with him!

The food was pretty normal, but they had an orgasmic dinner buffet. Cookies, ice cream and strawberry sorbet. I died to it.


The Years Shortest School Week

Today I am back on track with my goal setting. I was able to breeze through the last 70 pages of “The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

We had pizza hut at my grandma’s house because Tata is out on annual leave. The house is still in one piece, but things are getting a bit messy. It seems that every time I try to work people start talking to me. Studied some biology  then ended up listening to Mylo Xyloto for the rest of the evening.

This was probably the shortest week ever. Two days of unproductive school. Today our Chinese teacher was sick so we got to take two periods off. Having two free periods earlier in the day, made it only a “half day.” I also ate lots, eating the leftovers from yesterdays pizza party, the leftovers from the term break party and the leftovers from Joao’s dinner. I am quite the scavenger :3


I dedicated the evening to gaming, but it seemed to evaporate in front of me. I only managed two games of league of legends before it was 12 Am. Ouch.

Mini Vacation: Day 2

If yesterday was the climax, then today was the slow slog back home (an enjoyable one though). We went to my dad’s old housing area known as Clifford. After lunch it was my mother’s and brother’s turn to buy things, with the day before pre-dominantly directed by me. My brother got a magazine, while my mother got some books and slippers. Continue reading

Mini Vacation: Day 1

This term break my family and I went on a much-needed vacation to China. No worries allowed. Just eating, shopping and massage!

After crossing the border and having lunch we went to shop in the underground plaza near the border. I expected good deals piled on top of each other, fakes that looked real. What I got where some extremely disappointingly fake products, stacked to head height.

Made in BJ

Little do they know…

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October’s First: Week 5 Part 1


My head swimmed. I was tired from the night before. I looked to the source of sound that awakened my hazy slumber. I had another church buffet to attend to. O joy.

After the buffet at the golden dragon I spent the next few hours at home lounging around on the book room bed which I have basically moved into. I read, wrote, memorized, searched. I wish I had more time to do those things. They feel so enriching, so pleasing to me.

Dinner was a bit problematic.Due to national day most of the restaurant where closed. Luckily the family run restaurant by the temple that I had eaten at before was open. My grandpa showed me this trick where you mix cream soda and beer to make it a bit easier on the taste buds. Mmm.

I think its good to walk of a meal given a chance. So after the meal we spent some time stocking up on snacks at the supermarket and looking for some cologne for me. Sadly the retailer only had expensive Ferrari and Calvin Klein Brands. T.T

The rest of the evening was spent on homework, memorizing my speech for the speaking competition and working on the blog (4 articles woot woot)


Today after school we again helped the girls with the volley ball training. It was announced today that in 10 days there were going to play against the School of Nations who are well drilled, experienced and a tab bit taller then our girls.


Joel seems to have good luck today. He finally picked up his copy of NBA 2K13 which he has anticipated for months and then he received news that he might be able to take off his braces soon!

My friend Peter had his first major piano recital today at the Cultural center (where I watched Bibap and that Chinese Comedy). It was great seeing classmates and teachers from school coming to support him. I made funny observations about the first performer to keep myself awake until Peter’s turn but eventually succumbed to sleep . He had a fever for the past two days and we were worried he couldn’t play.

He play beautifully  It really hit home how impressive he was and how good things sound live versus recorded. Unlike the boy before him who didn’t bow, exaggerated all his movements and had an aura of arrogance around him Peter was modest, precise and calm.




Day 55: Picnic Day: The Last Major Excursion of Summer 2012

A polar opposite of the day before I slept like a baby. A solid 10 hours of pure, unadulterated sleep. It prepared me well for the day ahead.

One of the first things I head in the morning was that Tata was staying full-time. Great thing to hear! Let’s me worry less about how the house isn’t going to burn down and more about studying and improving stuff.

I spent the early morning gaming and revisting an old favourite. I played a quick game of League of Legends simply to get the win of the day bonus. I couldn’t decide who to get next. Garen or Singed? One is a bruiser that swings in circles to damage people and the other runs around with chemical fumes. Perfect time to try the poll.

I also revisited one of my old favourites. Day of Defeat Source. I started straight where I left off: Mastering the M1 Garand on Donner on a server that only plays that map.

I then had the quick lunches and along with some last-minute sandwiches made by Tata and the snack from yesterday I was off to met Marilda.

We all met up by a hotel known as Altira which was near the picnic destination. It was the largest gathering of friends yet. Everyone had returned from summer holiday and it was good to have a get together. We were going to have a picnic at the top of the hill nearby Altira (we did not know the name, which would hinder a late friend from joining us). It would be apparent soon that it was a mistake.

It was so hot. The park was a good twenty minutes and the heat was killing us. When we finally reached the park, all the boys just threw their shirts off! Lyka had made some brownies with marshmallows on top which melted into a layer of white by the time we reached the top. Still tasted great though :). We didn’t do much up there, simply due to they insane heat. We listened to music using my Boombox, toke photos with a compact and fooled around. Currently we are obsessed with this song:

Eventually we couldn’t take the heat. We retreated to McDonald’s to hog up space and eat some of the food we prepared. We didn’t even order anything. Soon afterwards we all split up to get showered and ready for John’s F4 Graduation Party. Joel and I went to Liam’s. We had some Mac n Cheese, watched some Youtube. Then Joel decided to start a Game in Nba 2k12 as Larry Bird. During his game, I was called repeatedly by Joao and John. I kept telling them we were at the bus stop and we ended up being about an hour late. Whoops.

When we were all gathered, it was decided that we should have something to eat before going out. The rich ones among us went to Fruitarian and the rest ended up in McDonald’s (again). While eating Liam noticed that the “rich ones” had taken a photo of them eating. We decided to counter by all posing (there were about 3 times more of us) , taking a photo and tagging them. The power of 3G!

We then bought drinks for the Party and were off!

*** For my own safety reasons (lol) I have censored this part of the story until a later time, at the discretion of my wise friend Miguel. I shall post it privately and reveal it later.***

Read tomorrow’s post on the party’s aftermath.

It’s hard writing a blog for a few days before (no idea how im going to do the China trip ones.) Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything.

Day 48: Lets give goats to villagers

The day started with lunch with my grandma’s. Traditional Chinese food just feels feeling and solid. However she melt me feel even more like a spoiled brat by giving me a compact camera for my good grades. Then she gave us RMB to spend on the upcoming trip. I should be thankful, but it’s a bit too much. I feel guilty, I don’t even want to post a photo of the camera.

I’ve recently begun playing more of a game called Demigod. It’s similar to League of Legends, but on a bigger scale. It’s one of the few games I have on my pc that doesn’t need internet to run. Having played League of Legends a lot I know understood all the terms with-in the game. I’m trying to master a champion called the Rook, who is basically a walking castle.

After playing a game of League of Legends, I went to Joel’s house as we got dressed. Then we went to Taipa to go John’s house for a movie.

Natasha who was in England and Europe for most of the year was there, as well as John’s sister Linda. Good to see her again. Despite my protests, we had to watch a horror movie. We watched Cabin in the Woods that had interesting ideas, but wasn’t very scary specially near the end. For some reason, John and us found it funny but I won’t give away the best bits. It has a great mashup of horror ideas and themes and an interesting take on why they happen.

We then had dinner at Little Panda. It’s the place we go when we want something cheap that isn’t Mcdonald. John bought Macdonald’s instead and came along. We had a good chat there, talking about how schools gonna be and personal problems.

Joel and I toke the bus back to Macau. We always seem to have something to talk about. It’s only going to be for half a week, but I’m gonna miss Macau.

Tomorrow I’m going on a trip to China with the church. We are going to help a community in mostly rural areas. Last time we went there in Winter (freezing man..) we gave each family a goat. This times focus will be mostly agricultural. I’ve been able to blog every single day (with a few exceptions but I caught up) this summer without fail. This will be the first major hiccup in my plans. I’ve decided to take notes while there and right a big 49-52 Day of summer blog post about my time there.


Tonkichi: The land of jumbo Prawn and good service

Tonkichi is a medium-sized Japenese Restruant that is a 10 minute walk from Harbour City. It is my favourite restaurant in Hk and is where we often end our trips to Hong Kong. They have a total of four stores and are known for their service and food.


The food was served very quickly and efficiently. We started with appetizers, with some salted peas and some salad with pieces of squid inside.

We then started preparing the sesame sauce. Always one of my favorite parts.

You first use the mortar and pistol to grind up the seeds..

..then you add the sauce and mix!

Then Came the main course. Everyone got a bowl of Miso Soup and Rice.Then came the main dish.

Aside from two King prawns there were several smaller prawns for everyone and some pork as well. Underneath was some shredded cabbage that is amazing with the sesame sauce. I got to eat an entire King Prawn for myself, using ample tartar sauce.

We also had some nice Japanese peach soda (exclusive to memberships) and finished with a few pieces of water melon. A very satisfying meal!


It had a nice traditional Japanese, homely feel. They used tricks like putting mirrors on the walls to make the place feel less crammed.


Another place where Tonkichi shines. We had the luck of having a nice waiter called Jasmine. She was friendly and humble, always apologizing for even the smallest inconvenience. She also told us about the membership. Normal meals we get 15% of and 30% on the week of your birthday. You also get exclusive monthly food. She gave us a hint that if we ate just 2 meals, it would already be worthwhile. We toke the offer.

I’m in Hong Kong! Part 2: Day 45

Part 2 of my Day in Hong Kong! If you didn’t read the first part fear not! Here it is:

The Mango Passion Fruit thing was giving me a passionate headache (wow so bad). I had to wait for it to melt before drinking anymore. We stopped on a nearby walkway to take some photos of the harbour. Fantastic view!

At this point my drink had melted, but it did not taste nearly as good as it should have.

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