Friday, December 8th, A cadre of events

  • Attempted to use the same strategy in Biology with Bruno in which we find the smallest part of the diagram to draw. We were baffled today as the entire thing was rectangular and had no such exploit.
  • Got our secret Santa picks. My person is particular ironic. Gonna get the person some earbuds or an album
  • Embroiled in some awkward social moments. It has running away, hurt feelings and guilt.
  • We finally finished a street car named desire in Literature today. Amazing play
  • Had a good basketball practice. I had this one great steal, but gave up the moment with a pathetic pass.
  • Watched so much justice league on youtube O.O

Thursday, December 6th, a collection of happenings and thoughts

  • Gave Mr.Sables our surprise gift basket which included crackers, instant coffee, dry packed wudong and hello kitty cup noodle.
  • Learned in biology that due to our brains anatomy my constant flipping of pens is actually hampering my learning and retention 😦
  • After school my friend Marilda and I went to pick up a card for a church friend that is getting married soon
  • I almost bought a moleskine. So close to just giving in and buying it. It was so nice.
  • My friend Marilda, inspired by this wanted a planner as well. We spent a good 15 minutes arguing about which one to buy at the stationary store. She had so many contradicting requests -,-
  • The evening was spent listening to new music, so many mixtapes and albums out there its dizzying.

October’s First: Week 5 Part 1


My head swimmed. I was tired from the night before. I looked to the source of sound that awakened my hazy slumber. I had another church buffet to attend to. O joy.

After the buffet at the golden dragon I spent the next few hours at home lounging around on the book room bed which I have basically moved into. I read, wrote, memorized, searched. I wish I had more time to do those things. They feel so enriching, so pleasing to me.

Dinner was a bit problematic.Due to national day most of the restaurant where closed. Luckily the family run restaurant by the temple that I had eaten at before was open. My grandpa showed me this trick where you mix cream soda and beer to make it a bit easier on the taste buds. Mmm.

I think its good to walk of a meal given a chance. So after the meal we spent some time stocking up on snacks at the supermarket and looking for some cologne for me. Sadly the retailer only had expensive Ferrari and Calvin Klein Brands. T.T

The rest of the evening was spent on homework, memorizing my speech for the speaking competition and working on the blog (4 articles woot woot)


Today after school we again helped the girls with the volley ball training. It was announced today that in 10 days there were going to play against the School of Nations who are well drilled, experienced and a tab bit taller then our girls.


Joel seems to have good luck today. He finally picked up his copy of NBA 2K13 which he has anticipated for months and then he received news that he might be able to take off his braces soon!

My friend Peter had his first major piano recital today at the Cultural center (where I watched Bibap and that Chinese Comedy). It was great seeing classmates and teachers from school coming to support him. I made funny observations about the first performer to keep myself awake until Peter’s turn but eventually succumbed to sleep . He had a fever for the past two days and we were worried he couldn’t play.

He play beautifully  It really hit home how impressive he was and how good things sound live versus recorded. Unlike the boy before him who didn’t bow, exaggerated all his movements and had an aura of arrogance around him Peter was modest, precise and calm.




End of Week Update: The First Week of School

On Wednsday things didn’t get much better. I had a total of two classes, one of which the teacher was tied up in another class. I still hadn’t bought my books as well. We ended up just watching movies, first “Think Like A Man” where a controversial book is released teaching woman how men think and turning the tables on us, than second “The Dictator” where an middle-eastern dictator experiences America for the first time. It was during our third movie “Super Bad” that Ms.Donna came in to tell us why the schedule was such a mess (seeing there was over half of us in free period).

We also got some time to play some basketball. Despite my random back pains I was able to play 2v2 with Liam, Joel and the new teacher. The teacher was just so good! Even with two people on him he just kept getting this clean, soundless shots.

On Thursday we started to having more consistent classes. I had 5/8 of my classes! There was enough free periods however to sneak in a viewing of “Battle Royale” which is a more gruesome, japanese version of hunger games. Battle Royale came first by the way. It was a good, interesting movie but was ruined by loud classmates and Liam’s inability to stop making fun of their accents (that joker!).

After school we went off to buy the books. The ones I needed where sold out, and needed to be ordered. Also bumped into Marilda there with her mom. Liam joked that Marilda pushed her down the stairs.

Friday, the end of the week! The first major event was chapel. Somehow, through too much enthusiasm, Joel and I ended up on the stage doing actions for some songs. Quite awkward.

We enjoyed a short round of cricket before going into free period. The schedule seems to be improving, with only 1 free period today. I was able to hit all the shots pitched to me by Saahil, but when the new P.E teacher pitched I was quite literally shut. down.

Math is getting a lot harder these days and I have a feeling that it isn’t going to be a cake walk from now on. It was during a long double period that I discovered from Soana that my Swatch watch was not only water proof but glows in the dark! It just made me love it even more.

The school week ended with a surprise birthday party for my friend Natasha. She arrived in white limo with her family, only to be ambushed by us! We had a buffet dinner at an african themed restaurant called the Afrikana. We had our own private hut with karaoke and drinks.

Joel and I, being the only people who live in Macau walked home from the party. After parting ways at the resevoir I decided to run home to compensate for the lack of exercise for that day. By that time it was almost midnight and it was beautifully tranquil. All I could hear was the quite pitter patter of my feet on hard, cold concrete. I turned heads, as I ran past. They most have thought I was going to mug them. Despite being in formal party clothes and my heaviest shoes I made it all the way home without stopping. It was a good way to build endurance (on a sidenote I had won the 800 metre a few years prior). I would later pay for this in the form of massive foot cramps as I attempted to sleep.

Day 57: Prepartions for school

Today’s plan was to buy the school uniform and some stationary for school. I got a good nights rest again, waking up at 11 and getting a good 10 hours of sleep. I spent the majority of the morning playing Bejeweled 3. Joel was supposed to come over early, but he only ended up getting to my place at around 1. Despite having 15 hours of sleep, he was still tired.

First stop was the uniform place. I picked up the school shorts and a new trousers while Joel got 2 School Shirts and 2 shorts. Pretty boring stuff. We then stopped by a small snack shop “A DAN.” They have the most amazing curry there. We used to go there all the time when our school had a renovation, which forced us to spend half a school year in our sister school’s spare floors.

Joel then went off to dance practice. It would have been a bit of a waste time if I left so I decided to do something productive. I went to Daiso (the asian equivalent of the one dollar store) and “Zhi Fu: the most well-known stationery store in Macau. At Daiso I picked up a spray bottle for my plant, a towel for exercise, a case for my camera and a magnetic pen holder for my locker. At Zhi Fu I picked up a ocordian folder and two notebooks. Last year I had an ocordian folder and there just so damn useful!

Think I’m prepared for school? Wrong.  I haven’t even bought my school books yet. We have a tendency to not use half of them so I’m going to play it by ear.

Tomorrow is going to be the last Friday of Summer. My good friends Martharoot and Morgan are both leaving to other countries to study. My friends and I are going to see them off at the ferry. It’s really sad to see them go, more and more of my friends are going abroad to finish their studies. Wonder how many of us will stick around the whole way. At this point its pretty hard to jump of the boat.

My birthday (September 13th) is a pain to celebrate most of the time. This is because it is right when school starts, when parents are the most strict. I had this idea of staying the night at a hotel with a couple of friends (either Grand Lapa or The Westin). The problem is, we can only use the membership for low traffic days such as Sunday. Pity.

Day 47: Spicy Rice and even Spicier Jokes


Last Night I stayed up till two talking to Marilda and listening to music with my new headphones. I think you have to burn them in, but that is a bit of a tech myth. For some reason I’m more hyper at night. Guess my internal clock is all messed up.

Today was the first day we felt the impact of being “Ta-ta less.” My parents woke up early to get us breakfast. My family is very helper reliant (we are pretty useless and are busy). Today I decided to try the Masala tea. We screwed it up. Also the cockroach house I put house pulled in a fair catch, around 10 cockroaches.

Due to poor coordination my dad had 10 minutes to get to the ferry. Quite a fair bit of hustling.

I’m also doing more extensive testing of my headphones. Sometimes they feel a bit shaky, especially in intense parts. They seem to sound good when bass is more important, and sounded quite decent with treble reducer on my iPod.


Then my brother, mother and I went out for lunch. I stopped by the money exchange my RMB (my dad gives my allowance in it) to Macau Money. We then had lunch at a noodle place. While their John invited me to go swimming with him and his sister. I politely declined, I had other plans.

I then met Marilda where we always meet. The temple, the middle point of our two houses. I haven’t seen her for two months! Last nights conversation didn’t help quell my excitement. I was standing there, earlier then her as usual and then I see her. Just wadling around with her pink shirt and shorts. We have this ritual when we catch sight of each other we just stare and use body language to say “O DAMNN!” We just stare it each down. Just like old times, we pick up right where we left off. It was so good to see her again, having missed her all summer. She talked to me about her two months to Australia as we toke a bus to Taipa.

We decided to meet up at our signature restraunt San Mun Sushi, which translates to three dollar sushi. Marilda and I arrived first but everyone followed shortly. I won’t hinder you with the names but a lot of us were there. Later Lyka (Joel’s sister) and Vanessa split of to meet my friend Nicole.

We then proceeded to go biking. We were planning to bike all the to Coloane again, but it became quickly apparent we wouldn’t make it far. We ended up going to the Macau Stadium known as the Egg dome instead.

We then rested at McDonald’s. We chatted there for a while, but we hadn’t bought anything. We did one of the most hobo-ist things ever. We toke someones tray to put  on our table. I feel ashamed.

We then had FROZEN YOGURT. It’s simply soo good.


We arrived in Macau and walked Martharoot home. We decided to have a quick break that turned into quite a long one by the lake side. Toke some really nice photos! On a side not im working on the other ones!

We then meet Joel and went to Taipa for some Thai Food. Highlight of the day. If not for the food, but for the sheer amount of laughter. I hadn’t laughed that hard in ages. It was nearly 10 and were the almost the last table there.

Day 36: Triumvirate of Summer Entertainment

Today Bruno, Zherlain, Martharoot and I went to a mini-acardia. Despite going out and going broke two days before, it was good to get out of the house. After a hurried shower, I met up with them at a 7/11 at Macau Square. We knew had to get there, but not which bus to take. We walked..again.

At the Acardia we did three things, so I’ll try to break it down so it’s easier to digest.

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