The Comeback

Hey everyone

I know its been a long time since I’ve written on the blog, but I’ve decided to get back into it. Exams got in the way, and then i never really got back into it. Being on a hiatus for so long, i realized how much it made me accountable for my actions and helped me to accomplish and word out my opinions.

Today I am trying to develop some small habits using an app called Lift for Ipod

  • Write Neater. This has been on my goals for almost forever, but now I’m finally giving up on my own way of holding the pen and going for the regular and effcient way. Hmmph
  • Keep my back straighter; not much explanation needed for this one
  • And lastly pay more attention during class, no daydreaming or fidgeting at the time. WORK

December Goals

  • Read a streetcar named desire and an issue of reader’s digest
  • Did a revision of the first 4 habits in the seven habits of an highly effective teenager
  • Learned the rap of Hitlver Vs Darth Vader 2

Monday, December 10th, A collection of thoughts and happenings

  • Back on track with my exercise and reading, Wrath of the Angels is unfolding beatifully
  • Really liking The E.N.D
  • My friend drew this in advanced math:
  • IMG_0187
  • Brought my ipod touch to school today. Not as bad as I thought, and hugely useful.
  • Bruno wasn’t here, so I was super lonely in biology T.T
  • I’m playing George in “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf.” Hilirarious already 😀


Thursday, December 6th, a collection of happenings and thoughts

  • Gave Mr.Sables our surprise gift basket which included crackers, instant coffee, dry packed wudong and hello kitty cup noodle.
  • Learned in biology that due to our brains anatomy my constant flipping of pens is actually hampering my learning and retention 😦
  • After school my friend Marilda and I went to pick up a card for a church friend that is getting married soon
  • I almost bought a moleskine. So close to just giving in and buying it. It was so nice.
  • My friend Marilda, inspired by this wanted a planner as well. We spent a good 15 minutes arguing about which one to buy at the stationary store. She had so many contradicting requests -,-
  • The evening was spent listening to new music, so many mixtapes and albums out there its dizzying.

Thoughtful Confessions of a teenage male

I am sitting here on my bed of reading the second habit of “The seven habits of an effective teenager.” I feel so inspired, if not a little overwhelmed. It gave me a lot to think about. Who I am. What do I stand for. What do I want to be when I grow up. These are hard questions for me to answer. I can be inspired in one moment and then be completely shallow in the next. Of course I shouldn’t expect myself to be inspired and thoughtful all the time; it’s just not practical. But I forget where I’m going, where I want to go. I become numb to emotion and thought. I found a word in my readings that may perfectly describe my situation: apathy. The absence or suppression of emotions. I don’t think I do it purposely but I simply slip into it. Unaware of its numbing effects until I’m on the bed about to go to sleep. It’s as if I need to rediscover myself everyday. This must be ended. I am going to take small steps (because I often bite of more the. I can chew) to change my state of mind. A small evolution. My thoughts will no longer be drowned out by the mechinacations of the modern world.

November Goals

Hello. It’s already been two months since school has started. Man how time flies. This month I plan to

  • Finish Assassin’s Creed (I was going to finish October 31st but it was longer then I expected)
  • Finish Reading The Complete Horror-Horowitz
  • Read and apply Habit 2 of the 7 Effective Habits of a Highly Effective Teenager
  • Beat a game called Sanctum
  • Learn the lyrics of My Buddy and Lucky ones
  • Learn to dance the Dougie

October Goals

Hello again! I’m here again with my monthly update off what I accomplished! I accomplished a lot this month and I’m happy with my progress. Got a bit distracted by getting new things, but I’m back on track now!

  1. Finished Reading “The Vanished Man”
  2. Finished Reading “The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time”
  3. Learned to dance the Cat Daddy
  4. Learnt the lyrics of “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell and “I ain’t No Joke” by Eric B. and Rakim
  5. Applied Habit 1 of the 7 Effective Habits of a Highly Effective Teenager
  6. Went to a car expo
  7. Reached 100 Likes on this blog!
  8. Reached 15 followers on this blog!

September Accomplisments

Starting this month, I had decided to have some goals for each month. Having something to work for, think about and accomplish has allowed me to do some interesting and fun things. Without further ado, the accomplishments of September.

  • I read Book Thief and Lord of the Flies
  • Beat the game Bastion (First Game I’ve Beaten in a while)
  • I became less sexist and tried to be nicer to girls
  • Learned the lyrics of “Am I Psycho” and “Dani California”
  • Sky jumped of the highest bungee jump tower in the world
  • Kinda moved into the book room

There you have it! My small yet satisfying list of cool things I did this month. Hopefully there will be more to come in October.