Our last day in Hong Kong can be summarized in about a paragraph. We spent all morning drifting in and out of sleep. We had breakfast at the same cafe. We toke the ferry home. When I got home I was in a bit of haze on what to do. The loss of direction persist up until now.



We where all slow to wake up. The entire family was in a bit of a daze. We were awake but exhausted from yesterdays excursion. It toke us till 12 to get our act together and leave the hotel room for lunch.

We had lunch at the small diner where we had afternoon tea the night before. I had this sub filled with a corn beef and egg omelette.

We then headed several blocks down to Times Square, which is this massive mall inside a sky scrapper. This was where we spent the majority of the day. The had a cute, Christmas themed Lego village outside.

My brother and mom where going to get some message therapy in a near by building, so my dad and I where left to wander for a few hours. My dad came with me to check out the new apple store they recently opened. It was breathtakingly huge. I’ve never seen so many apple devices in one place!

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Christmas Trip to Hong Kong: Day 1

We needed to get out of town. My family had been confined in Hong Kong for too long. We needed to get out and see the world. Most holidays we just go to a local hotel and hunker down a few days. This Christmas holiday we finally got out of our comfort zone and went to Hong Kong for a few days.

I think the best time to listen to music is when your on transportation. There’s less to distract you from the music, and you can sit down and have a good, thorough listen. I toke the opprtunity to listen to BadBadnotGood, a free jazz-rock album created in 10 hours by people less then 21 years old. It’s amazing. Get it here. My brother Louis got seasick on the way there, poor fellow. He wanted to go home, even as we waited in line at immigration. Fighting through lines of fellow immigrants and traffic we finally arrived at our hotel, The Excelsior!

The hotel itself was not very good. Two single beds for the 4 of us in the size no a great deal bigger than my room. Thankfully it was located in a ideal spot for our planned shopping. Everything was within walking distance, and even our hotel was connected to a small mall.

For lunch we had lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant. They always have amazing service and food. Following typical Ieong behavior we had coupons from our membership entry from our last trip to Hong Kong.

I notice this every time I go to Hong Kong, but there is a lot more pretty girls over there. Pretty eye popping.

Our first stop was at Muji, a giant retailed that sell things from pens to cardigans. Normally I would go crazy and pick up things that I have a distinct liking for, but this time there was a twist. My mom had given a certain amount of money to spend, and after I was done that was it. I had to be careful. This was good, because it forced me to make better decisions and only get things I truly liked. The budget crisis had begun. I winced as I rejected on legions of stationary and clothes but finally found this beautiful planner for 2013. A very good alternative than the moleskine I planned to buy.

Muji PLanner



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Quick Update!

I’m finally home from my three day trip with my family to Hong Kong. We did lots of shopping (mostly me), eating and walking around. We stayed in Causeway bay and all the big stores were in walking distance.

I’m a bit drained from the experience, so spent most of the day recupperating. Tomorrow is busy as well, and then afterwards I have to start studying and put a stop to some of my daily pleasures.

P.S world didnt end WOHOOO


Tonkichi: The land of jumbo Prawn and good service

Tonkichi is a medium-sized Japenese Restruant that is a 10 minute walk from Harbour City. It is my favourite restaurant in Hk and is where we often end our trips to Hong Kong. They have a total of four stores and are known for their service and food.


The food was served very quickly and efficiently. We started with appetizers, with some salted peas and some salad with pieces of squid inside.

We then started preparing the sesame sauce. Always one of my favorite parts.

You first use the mortar and pistol to grind up the seeds..

..then you add the sauce and mix!

Then Came the main course. Everyone got a bowl of Miso Soup and Rice.Then came the main dish.

Aside from two King prawns there were several smaller prawns for everyone and some pork as well. Underneath was some shredded cabbage that is amazing with the sesame sauce. I got to eat an entire King Prawn for myself, using ample tartar sauce.

We also had some nice Japanese peach soda (exclusive to memberships) and finished with a few pieces of water melon. A very satisfying meal!


It had a nice traditional Japanese, homely feel. They used tricks like putting mirrors on the walls to make the place feel less crammed.


Another place where Tonkichi shines. We had the luck of having a nice waiter called Jasmine. She was friendly and humble, always apologizing for even the smallest inconvenience. She also told us about the membership. Normal meals we get 15% of and 30% on the week of your birthday. You also get exclusive monthly food. She gave us a hint that if we ate just 2 meals, it would already be worthwhile. We toke the offer.

I’m in Hong Kong! Part 2: Day 45

Part 2 of my Day in Hong Kong! If you didn’t read the first part fear not! Here it is:

The Mango Passion Fruit thing was giving me a passionate headache (wow so bad). I had to wait for it to melt before drinking anymore. We stopped on a nearby walkway to take some photos of the harbour. Fantastic view!

At this point my drink had melted, but it did not taste nearly as good as it should have.

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Day 26: The beginning of dedication week.

Today i’m suppose to dance the entire day. It’s 3 and i’m on the computer. Whoops.

First thing we did this morning was eat at a buffet at Grand Lapa to put my moms membership to some use. They had a meager selection of food, but a unique thing they did was everyone got to order a main course. I choose beef madillion which was very chewy, not too good :S. My mom plans to stay at Grand Lapa soon, which my aunts call a home-cation.

We then finally got to visit the amp store. It was an audiophiles dream, full of high end speaker systems that I wish I could own. We toke a look around and found a cheap 2600 MOP one, but  my dads gonna compare prices in Hong Kong. Gonna try to get my dedication day stared, wish me luck.

Day 13: The day of slight rest

Today was the day my good friend left for the Phillipines for three weeks. Until Joel gets back, I don’t have many people to hang with. He will be missed.

Today was a slow and uneventful day. In the afternoon I:

  • Went swimming which was exhausting. Our coach is really starting to push us.
  • At lunch with my cousins again, getting stuffed in the process as it fell to me to clear the remaining dishes again
  • Helped Chester Plan his pc some more, writing down viable builds. We visited model stores and the computer mall. He’s going to compare prices in Hong Kong. Can’t decide between AMD and Intel.

Then in the evening:

  • Had dinner with my cousins. Stuffed myself silly again, and didn’t stop eating the entire evening (even as i write this)
  • Finally reached level 30 in League of Legends. My plan was for the final match before reaching level 30 would be a Victory. We unded up surrendering :(. First ranked match was a lose, but we suprisngly won the second.

I should really start writing this earlier again, and in mini segments. I promise I’ll blog more tommorow!

Thanks for reading!