What I Accomplished This Year!

  • got baptized on Christmas Day
  • got straight A’s on my O Level IGCSE
  • read and excercised more, often on a daily bases
  • found new interest in photography, music and books
  • discovered SPIN and Askmen
  • got lots of gadgets: (countless audio tech, Ipod Touch 5th Generation 32 GB, Canon 450D, Bose Radio, Swatch watch…)
  • got way better at organizing myself, via planners, to do lists and apps!
  • feel in love with Google Chrome, Anydo, Pocket and Evernote
  • jumped of Macau Tower
  • visited elderly in rural China
  • Started this blog, reached 30 followers and over 200 likes!
  • renovated my room
  • started spending more time with family
  • joined the English Speaking Competition
  • finally started watching more movies again

Tuesday, December 4th, a sloth’s slumber

  • Chinese teacher got angry today, only one person did his homework…(aha! No pronoun concord!)
  • Slept in literature because I read ahead
  • Made a database for another South Indian Company. If there not selling tea its cars, boats, kites…
  • Had basketball practice after school. I swear we relearn the plays every time
  • Unproductive is an understatement for the rest of my day. I’m writing this and I cannot recall what I’ve done. Whoopsie.

An Eventful Friday

Today we had a ceremony for our achievements in IGCSE. Everyone was crammed into the hall and called up one by one. We were suppose to have it last year, but things delayed it and it was moved to this year. Better late then never right? This theme plays a role later in the day.

Not to be boastful but I am a pretty good student. I got all A’s for my IGCSE and received a distinction award in the ICE category. To my surprise I was not called for the principal honor role, the requirement of which is for an aggregate of 85%. I tried to feel happy for my fellow students and not feel to let down but the feeling persisted. I kept contemplating if I had worked harder, or if there was so conspiracy behind it. I calculated my averages again and it always came up above 85% no matter how you do it. So I went to the management to have it checked out.

Turns out that they had deleted me off the list by accident. I was one of the top scoring students. It was hard for me to be more angry than relieved though. Later in the day I received my trophy and certificate.

My IGCSE Awards

Better late then never

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Thursday – A collection of thoughts and events

Today i got 96 on my English Literature test :D. My first English literature test today.

My brother had a melt down when we tried to put parental control on his computer, and another one when he spilled water and blamed everyone but himself. He’s becoming such an addict and is rather unstable -m-.

I arrived home early today and was able to get some stuff of my to-do-list. I toke it into my hands to prepare for the exams early and have downloaded some past papers. Now to see if I actually read them. I always feel like I give myself too much to do. I need to slow down and enjoy them.

Almost been a month: The Fourth Week of School


Today I was able to finish two of my goals for this month. A beautifully written book called “The Book Thief” and another equally beautiful game called Bastion. I’m going to write individual articles for both, culminating my experiences. Both where simply amazing. Today was the day we also received our first test of the year. Toke them awhile didn’t it? Some minor hiccups along the way but it was manageable. We were also briefed on how difficult A/s Level English was going to be, which made some people quit on the spot. Despite this, he said that the Jargon of English where simply complex words for simple things. The real problem, is remembering them. Continue reading

The 2nd Week of School

The events of this week in no particular order.

It was photo day and no one knew about it. I was unfortunate enough to be in me P.E uniform and had to borrow someone’s shirt. Meh

Schools starting to get busy. Two asian teachers did in a several hours over a weekend what one couldn’t in the entire summer. A coherent, problem free schedule.Unfortunately that puts a stop to the movies and ques the end of the good life. Sh*t just got real.

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First Day of School

My school is a complete mess. How can you not have a schedule? How can you, knowing this, force your students to school and have them sit there for 6 hours?

I was pretty excited to go to school at first. Despite some light insomnia last night I got a good nights rest and was ready to go. As for tradition we toke a picture before left (always for first day of school) and our parents drove us there early. When I arrived there were only a handful of students from grade. I theorized that half of them were still asleep. I don’t know what is, but I make an extra effort to say hi to everyone on the first day.

We then had an assembly/chapel that lasted about an hour and a half. They were congratulating us on IGCSE’s, welcoming us back and making us read the student handbook. The pastor made a reference saying: “Are you hot or cool? Don’t be lukewarm!” Our schedule also has been turned into something called the 7 Day Cycle.Then they told us that the schedule wasn’t ready…they were buying time, weren’t they?

The next few hours were a bit normal. We just talked inside the room, caught up and got used to slight changes to the premise. It’s funny how if you spend a lot of time with something, someplace or someone you notice change immediately.

We left the school early at 3 so the teachers could have a meeting to sort this mess out and ended up at McDonald’s again.

I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna do after school. I wanna do exercise, read, dance and play games. I’ll have to see how things at school are and the flow of things. I’m scared that I won’t blog too much now that I’m not compelled to do it everyday but we shall see.

Tea and Headphones: The First Half Day 46

For breakfast we ate at the regular cafe. While eating my egg sandwich I got strangly entranced by the Power Rangers on the tv. i was never really a power ranger kid, mostly perferring Ed Edd and Eddy and scooby do. Watching made me realize how some of these kids shows are a bit dumbed down. I suppose there suppose to be. After power rangers came on a show called Fairy Tails came on. It was an anime my friend Chester had spoken about before.

At church, during the young service the lead singer asked for someone to come up and make actions for the song. An awkward silence. “I was in India, and I got a price for the one that comes up.” An awkwarder silence. Trying to keep the ball rolling I volunteered. I was rewarded with some Masala Tea. My mom had brought some back when she went to Hyderabad. I was suprised that the price was relavent at all.

There was a new girl at church today so we played games to make her feel more welcome. The other girl that was new a few weeks ago seems to have become a regular. We played lots of games related to each others names so the new comer could recognize us quicker. We then settled down for a board game called Incan Gold. Its a game where there are 5 rounds. Its based on risk, reward and the greediness of each player. Each turn a card is flipped. It can be gold or a hazard. Each time a card is drawn you can decide if you wanna cut ur loses and leave with the gold or see if you can get more.

As we were leaving my mother was trying to set her computer up. She kept claiming that a certain cable connected the ampflier would show the image on the projecter. Desptie our protest she claimed it was true. We eventually sorted it out, but it was one of the bigger arguements we had in awhile.

We then had lunch at a noodle store and went off to buy my headphones which would be a gift for my good grades in the IGCSE’s. OK, after this im not going to buy anything. I’m starting to feel a bit like a spoilt brat -,-. My brother did not make it easier for me. My mother wasn’t very willing to buy me it and eventually my brother gave her the idea of trading my new headphones for my beats. I begrudignly agreed. I really like them though:

I’m becoming a bit of an audio tech collector, aren’t I?

Living Room Day

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit materialistic. I get satisfaction from owning things. I am trying to fix that, but for now it remains a slight niggle. I just purchased a pair of Panasonic Ergofit Earphones. Upon hearing they were good and cheap from cnet, I couldn’t help myself. I’m a bit of an audio tech collector~ish now:

Here is where im going to spend the next few hours:

Was lunch was finished I watched “Something, Something, Something Darkside” a family guy special and a nature documentary by BBC called “Walking With Beasts.” I’ve watched them before, so I don’t have any initial impressions. Both good watches though.

After my mini TV Marathon, I was gently interrupted by a woman who had come to visit from the States (mom’s friend). She showed me her family photo’s from her Nexus 7 (want). Apparently she travels every summer. She’s been to Mexico! She also got me thinking about my feature, college and what I should major which leads to my next story..

My IGCSE results! I had almost completely forgotten. I got on my mom’s computer, pushing her aside telling her that I was to see it first. It was a heart stopping moment. EUPHORIA. I had done much better than expected! I had gotten 5 A’s and 3 A*s! I even got an A* in Chinese, my weakest subject! Thank God 😀 I feel so blessed. I also got an ICE award (an A in Science, Social Science and Langauge).

  • Chemistry – 83
  • Physics – 86
  • Literature – 90
  • Math – 82
  • Biology – 86
  • English – 92
  • Chinese – 91
  • Computers – 86

Also toke the opportunity to send my friend Chester (the one with a new PC) some codes for World of Tanks.

Then I watched The Raid Redemption. Good action movie with lots of elbowing. The cops are kinda disappointing in places, but a solid action flick.

Had dinner in the solitude of the living room while watching things on my netbook.

Also read several chapters of the Book Thief. Such a good book. Love his writing style.

Well, my living room day is coming to a close. I’ve successfully spent the entire day in the living room without using my PC in my bedroom. I liked getting a chance to watch instead of play and to use my netbook which often gets neglected for its older brother. It is actually a pleasant little machine. Lets see if I did all I wanted to do.

  • Watch Naruto
  • Watch Youtube
  • Watch The Raid Redemption
  • Watch Family Guy
  • Watch Walking With Beasts
  • Read Book Thief
  • Blog about it 😛