Journal: December 31st 2012

  • It is a Tuesday
  • Chill day at school. One of those day you feel like you don’t do anything at school. For P.E we got to play some basketball at half court.
  • After school I had a quick work out session with our P.E Teacher. We used this rowing machine that works out the entire body. I managed to go 1192 meters in 2:06.
  • Wrote a poem in my moleskine ūüôā
  • Spent most of my evening playing League of Legends and listening to music.
  • Overslept during a nap. Probably the highlight of the day



A quick Wednesday post

  • Finished reading the Hobbit which concludes my summer reading list…three months after it ended. Really enjoyed the fantasy world and setting. J.R Tolkien remains one of my favorite writers
  • Played League of Legends with some buddies for the first time in months
  • A bit de-sensitized to time due to four free periods at school. Got to read some of my articles on Pocket (which was a getting¬†ridiculously¬†long as I just throw stuff on there)
  • Suffice to say, not much happened at school

Day 55: Picnic Day: The Last Major Excursion of Summer 2012

A polar opposite of the day before I slept like a baby. A solid 10 hours of pure, unadulterated sleep. It prepared me well for the day ahead.

One of the first things I head in the morning was that Tata was staying full-time. Great thing to hear! Let’s me worry less about how the house isn’t going to burn down and more about studying and improving stuff.

I spent the early morning gaming and revisting an old favourite. I played a quick game of League of Legends simply to get the win of the day bonus. I couldn’t decide who to get next. Garen or Singed? One is a bruiser that swings in circles to damage people and the other runs around with chemical fumes. Perfect time to try the poll.

I also revisited one of my old favourites. Day of Defeat Source. I started straight where I left off: Mastering the M1 Garand on Donner on a server that only plays that map.

I then had the quick lunches and along with some last-minute sandwiches made by Tata and the snack from yesterday I was off to met Marilda.

We all met up by a hotel known as Altira which was near the picnic destination. It was the largest gathering of friends yet. Everyone had returned from summer holiday and it was good to have a get together. We were going to have a picnic at the top of the hill nearby Altira (we did not know the name, which would hinder a late friend from joining us). It would be apparent soon that it was a mistake.

It was so hot. The park was a good twenty minutes and the heat was killing us. When we finally reached the park, all the boys just threw their shirts off! Lyka had made some brownies with marshmallows on top which melted into a layer of white by the time we reached the top. Still tasted great though :). We didn’t do much up there, simply due to they insane heat. We listened to music using my Boombox, toke photos with a compact and fooled around. Currently we are obsessed with this song:

Eventually we couldn’t take the heat. We retreated to McDonald’s to hog up space and eat some of the food we prepared.¬†We didn’t even order anything. Soon afterwards we all split up to get showered and ready for John’s F4 Graduation Party. Joel and I went to Liam’s. We had some Mac n Cheese, watched some Youtube. Then Joel decided to start a Game in Nba 2k12 as Larry Bird. During his game, I was called repeatedly by Joao and John. I kept telling them we were at the bus stop and we ended up being about an hour late. Whoops.

When we were all gathered, it was decided that we should have something to eat before going out. The rich ones among us went to Fruitarian and the rest ended up in McDonald’s (again). While eating Liam noticed that the “rich ones” had taken a photo of them eating. We decided to counter by all posing (there were about 3 times more of us) , taking a photo and tagging them. The power of 3G!

We then bought drinks for the Party and were off!

*** For my own safety reasons (lol) I have censored this part of the story until a later time, at the discretion of my wise friend Miguel. I shall post it privately and reveal it later.***

Read tomorrow’s post on the party’s aftermath.

It’s hard writing a blog for a few days before (no idea how im going to do the China trip ones.) Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything.

Day 44: Uneventful day Inside a Ieong Household

I am at a loss words. There is almost nothing I did today that was out of the ordinary.

The day started with me walking up for lunch as per usual. We had noodles for the third day in a row. Guess my helpers creativity for meals is going down.

I got into the steam community beta~!¬†. It’s really something. I have early access to it because I earned a steam badge called “Pillar of Steam” for doing community things like commenting and recommending games. Really like the new interface and just shows how awesome valve is. Was able to send my friend Star-Kron an invite to the beta, and used the opportunity to send him a code for King Arthur and to thank him for being a good friend and supporting my blog. He’s also got one on WordPress!

Its Gamescon at the moment, so there is lots of gaming news to read. I’m going to be in Hong Kong tomorrow so hopefully that will be fun. We were suppose to go warming today but guess it just didn’t happen. Wish I went out more. Played lots of League of Legends and groomed over the new steam update.

Day 36: Triumvirate of Summer Entertainment

Today Bruno, Zherlain, Martharoot and I went to a mini-acardia. Despite going out and going broke two days before, it was good to get out of the house. After a hurried shower, I met up with them at a 7/11 at Macau Square. We knew had to get there, but not which bus to take. We walked..again.

At the Acardia we did three things, so I’ll try to break it down so it’s easier to digest.

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Day 35: Short and Sweet

The day started with Joel calling me. He was going to try to get Close Quarters.. again. He came up to my house with Zherlain, and after a quick shower and a trip to a pc mall we owned Close Quarters, the dlc focused on infantry combat

We didn’t get to play it just yet though. Zherlain had a dinner date with Martharoot at six. She had 3 hours to kill and we ended up going to my house to watch a movie. We settled on American Pie Reunion. I personally had not watched the earlier American pie’s so there wasn’t much nostalgia for me. It was a good movie, nothing stood out besides really except that it had actually nudity in some scenes and how much of an asshole Fiddler is.

After that, everybody went home. I spent the evening trying out close quarters with Joel and playing League of legends with him and my brother. However in doing so, I completely forgot to write the blog (sorry) thus why this blog is late and there is two today.

Day 32: New lamp, New Restaurants

Church was uneventful as usual. With my mother gone, there was no one to usher us out of bed, leaving my dad to deal with mauling us out of bed. He sorta failed, and because of it, no breakfast, which turns out to be an advantage later. There is a new girl who came to my Sunday School class for two days in a row. I first met her at the barbecue a week before, and she seems she will become a regular.

We then had lunch with some of my Grandma’s many friends at a traditional Portuguese restaurant known as Ao Grama. I publish a separate article on that, but I stuffed myself silly and the food was good. As always, we got stuck with the left overs.

Upon returning home, we jumped into our usual ritual of playing a few rounds of League of Legends. But for some unexplained reason, our internet decided to be completely bad, making it impossible to play. We were planning to see a movie called Total Recall but decided against it because we are 1) to lazy and 2) there was barely anymore tickets. I ended deciding to take a quick 30 minute nap. Failing to set the alarm however, that turned into 2 hours.

After waking up from my unintentionally extended nap my father and I finally went to get my lamp. ***Short Story about my lamp: That blue lamp was my orignal lamp that I bought when I got back here. I’ve had for seven years. Seven years of staying up to read, write and fateful companion when the occasional nightmare comes up. It shall not suffer the fate of similar to the monitor. I kinda can’t bear to see it go really. On the other hand the new green lamp is bright and cheerful, and the round base makes my desk look like it has more space.*** Afterwards, we went to my grandma’s house to pick up a bun (she’s always asking us to come get things). She was playing Mahjong with the people we ate lunch with. We then got a Large Tropicana Pizza that we had ordered early and settled in for an evening of League of Legends and Olympics coverage.

Day 31: The One Month Mark

I made it. One month of none stop summer blogging. I thought I would have ran out of things to say about now, but I guess this goes tos how how much of a blabber mouth I am.

My brother and I did not end up staying up yesterday, since we were both tired and got discovered around 1am by my maid, who slept in our house that nice (thus almost near freedom). We just played a few more rounds with my friend John and watched youtube on the Ipad a bit before going to bed.

Its funny, before summer your head is bursting with ideas. Now it is quite void of such things.

Day 30: Midnight Gaming Marathon

Despite having potentially the most freedom of any day of the summer, I did nothing out of the ordinary. I did not even read or excercise and thus the chain is broken again.

Chester made me go downstairs sick, in my PJ’s and infront of his friend that he did not mention to give him a motherboard box that he interntionally left at my house. I later retailed asking my friend John not to help him pirate games. hehe :).

The Trailer App on the IPad is excellent. My long list of movies to watch are getting ever longer. Looper, Last Guardians..just too many to name!

The only thing I did was my one-day pass of freedom is stay up to play games. My labours in a game called Tribes Ascen where for this:

It shoots futuristic discs of death!

Day 28.5: Summer Sleepover Chronicles

As i write this, Joao is sleeping (he always sleeps first), my brother and Joel are playing League of Legends (big surprise) and John is using my PC to play Battlefield 3. That leaves me on the netbook, chronicling events even before there over.

After building the pc Joel and I went to his house to pick up his clothes and to buy some snacks (which lasted only a few hours, quite the teen phenomenon, able to eat vast quantities of food without getting full even late at night.

We watched three movies, Iron Sky, The Devil Inside and Jackass 3D before settling into our current gaming mood. Iron sky was a bit disappointing, but a good light-hearted summer flick. Devil Inside: Creepy and Scary. Its late. ‘Nuff said. Jackass. WOW. Funny, kind of inspiring and out right ridiculous.