School Anniversary and what followed it…

Sit back and grab a drink. This one is gonna be a long one…

The day started off slowly. We all were in the room getting ready for the anniversary ceremony. All the teachers were really well dressed and most of the students found a way to get a tie.

The school anniversary was important, but a boring necessity  Everyone sits down quietly and formally. The school band plays the same cheesy song over and over and the guests slowly are introduced. Some students, the principal and the archbishop of Hong Kong all made reminiscent speeches. At least we had some dance performances from the lower grades and one “rock” performance. At the end we went to the sixth floor for a commemorative plaque, celebrating the opening of the additional floor built at our school. We where then allowed to leave school early. And that is where the fun begins…

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My First Real Date

I was so nervous. I sat there in the lobby wondering what would happen. I fidgeted every time the lift door opened, half hoping it was her and half hoping she would just ditch me. In a short few hours I had arranged my first “proper date.” My rational behind it was summer was almost over, so I might as well do something memorable. I’m glad I toke that risk 🙂

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Day 41: Snooker and Sneakers

I slept in the living room to complete the living room day and woke up to sunshine blaring in my face. It was a good change to my normal groggy beginnings. I texted Joel and John, telling them get over by 1 so my mom could drive us to the war game place.

Joel arrived early, he wanted to buy a keyboard. We ended up with a keyboard named the Knucker.

Eventually everyone was grouped up at my house. There was only one problem. My mom had decided to leave the house. When she finally did arrived, we all crammed into our small Nissan Tiida. She didn’t remember how to get there.

We met up with our friends Chester and Dicky for war gaming. We went up to book the war gaming. “I’m sorry, we only are open Monday, Sunday, Saturday and Friday.” -,-. When we went bowling, we had the worst clerk ever. First he complains about our student id’s. When Joel says Shit he goes “Please, Don’t Swear.” Later when my friend John said WTF, Joel, right in front of the clerk “Please, Don’t Swear.” Due to his stalling and nagging, the last lane gets booked and we leave to play snooker.

We then played snooker for the first time. Going in, it felt like the Macau Underground. It was good. Our first game, most of the points were from penalties.

After a solid few hours we walked down a street that was almost exclusively owned by a chain of shoe stores. We then ate at a small street food shop. I had these rich curry noodles. We then returned for a few rounds of snooker, then Joel and I went back to my house.

The timing of our arrival caused a unique predicament. We haven’t had dinner, and my maid was just leaving the house. Joel decided to cook, so we made eggs and Mi-Go-Reng instant noodles. It took us awhile, both of us waay out of practice and me not knowing where anything was.

I also watched Planet Dinosaur today. A bit repetitive, but still entertaining nonetheless. I kept screaming LIES when they said there was a carnivore bigger then the T-rex. Played League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 for the rest of the night with friends.

My apologizes for stale writing, I’m writing this in a tired state of mind.

Day 33: Total Recall: Ruined By a persitant Grandma

Recently I reached 10 followers on WordPress. Hooray! Thank you for reading my random stuff :), it’s much appreciated.

Almost nothing happened today except that me, my bro and my pops went to see Total Recall. It was a mediocre, but not enjoyable. I really liked its mech robots and hover cars and the dystopian setting. It kinda pissed me off that someone was using their smart phone to check Facebook DURING the movie. My grandma also called me a total of three times during the movie (and at the worst part). She wouldn’t stop, calling my dad a few seconds later. Whats even more frustrating was that we had already told her we were in the movie before. Gosh. On a side note I saw Mondass with his girlfriend Charlie. Of to play League of Legends. Tata!

Day 27: Dedication Null

Today I woke up early to help Chester move his pc parts to my house so we could build it. It was great waking up early for a change, having breakfast for the first time in weeks, having a bit of sunshine and getting a bit of reading done. That however ended my serene morning.

I got into the car. I called Chester. He had just woke up. He said it was tommorow. Luckily my mom didn’t make it to the bridge or else that would have been a huge waste of time.

Spent the day playing League of Legends, watching Joel (who came over) play League of Legends and reading about League of legends. I have a pretty uninteresting life sometimes don’t I?

Day 26: Wrapping up

After my last post I spent most of the day playing League of legends, and losing, tons. O well, you win some you lose some.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at nine and go all the way to Taipa to help my friend Chester to bring the parts back to my house to build his pc. Don’t know how dedication day is going to fit into this but o well!


As I write this a class 8 typhoon is raging in Macau. My friends and I are tucked neatly into our homes, enjoying ourselves in League of legends. As always we are up to our shenanigans again. I also bought my friends Ivan and Bruno (who I play lol with) Left 4 Dead 2. Now we can play that together as well XD

Day 19: Afternoon Update

I’ve just started reading Book Thief. I love the writers style and use of words, looking foward to reading it more. My friends and I jumped into a few rounds of League of Legends. This happened:


These items are used to grant sight on part of the map for a limited time. Obviously clumping them up like this is counter-beneficial.

Up and about:Day 5

Just some quick updates before day 5 really gets going.

Three of my friends are leaving for the summer holidays. I feel like I’m one of the few thats going to stay in country for the summer. Might go to a hotel…in the same city for a night though :P.

Woke up 8 this morning 0_0 which is incriedly early for me. Got a good round of League of Legends in and also getting started on a game called Cubemen.

Today I’m going to bring my camera with me, so i can start to really flesh out my daily life. Cheers :D!