Day 14 Photos: Star Wars Moleskin + Tootsie Roll

Just thought I would share some small things. The Tootsie roll I got from a supermarket known as US mart. I love it there, because I can get things that I used to have in the States that I would not be able to otherwise. I ate boatloads of Tootsie’s as a child, getting them from parades (they threw them at me).

The Moleskin is a limited edition Star Wars one (last one there) which I picked up with Miguel at New Yahon. From the photos you can see its clean pages, back pocket and a copy of the original artwork from the first Star Wars movie. Just having it makes me feel professional for some reason. I stuck the poster with blue-tack to the wall touching my bad. I intend to find more and more things to stick there.


Day 13: The day of slight rest

Today was the day my good friend left for the Phillipines for three weeks. Until Joel gets back, I don’t have many people to hang with. He will be missed.

Today was a slow and uneventful day. In the afternoon I:

  • Went swimming which was exhausting. Our coach is really starting to push us.
  • At lunch with my cousins again, getting stuffed in the process as it fell to me to clear the remaining dishes again
  • Helped Chester Plan his pc some more, writing down viable builds. We visited model stores and the computer mall. He’s going to compare prices in Hong Kong. Can’t decide between AMD and Intel.

Then in the evening:

  • Had dinner with my cousins. Stuffed myself silly again, and didn’t stop eating the entire evening (even as i write this)
  • Finally reached level 30 in League of Legends. My plan was for the final match before reaching level 30 would be a Victory. We unded up surrendering :(. First ranked match was a lose, but we suprisngly won the second.

I should really start writing this earlier again, and in mini segments. I promise I’ll blog more tommorow!

Thanks for reading!


Day 12: Manga Day

I woke from an urgent call from Miguel. The dvd wasn’t playing properly. Miguel had spent the last 12 hours and getting no sleep (props to him, he had to work in several hours as well), and to have the dvd not playing properly was quite devastating. Before we could solve the problem over Skype, I had to go to lunch, my cousins had returned.

After lunch having lunch with my cousin’s at my Grandma’s house, my cousins were sent to my house to be entertained. They were picky with the movies and ended up showing them Princess Mononoke.

Shortly after, I rushed to Miguel’s house, then to hand in our project. We had to put it on a usb. The problem was, was that they wouldn’t accept our usb. I had to call a representative of the group, which turned out to be my friends Peter’s mom. Knowing earlier would have saved us a lot of trouble. When I returned I watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and the remaining bits of Princess Mononoke with them.

In between I went with my friend Chester to look at models and computer parts for upcoming projects.

The evening consisted of me eating dinner with my cousin’s at a tennis club’s restaurant and reading some manga.

Sorry for the inconsistencies today in quality, really busy :S

Lazy Sunday – Family Day (11)

Morning Pop art

This morning, after church my cousins and I went to have lunch. Nothing really special, but they had some nice pop art.

Home theatre renovation

After lunch we went to an electronics centre to pick up a Blu-ray player and some fans for the house. The Blu-ray player is part of our project to renovate our home theatre system. It’s made by Pioneer.

bluray player

The new fans just make life more bearable here (30° centigrade), and are so effective we don’t even need to use the air conditioner!

Finally got my dad’s old watch fixed and got house keys! So there’s that.

My dad and I also spent some of the afternoon getting rid of some stuff in the living room. Including our old DVD player, a red ring of death Xbox and miles of wires.

Our Video Project

Today is the last day before we must hand in our video project. To our horror, we discovered that some serious competition had entered the competition. Lets hope our wits get us through.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

I also managed to finish a manga series called “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.” It’s about how humanity’s greed destroys the world as they tamper with life. A poisonous forest known as the “Sea of Corruption”, home to giant insects, dominants the remaining land. Great themes, characters, setting, really fleshed out world, and pretty action packed. One of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces.

Final Thoughts

The rest of the evening was dinner, walking at a reservoir and playing Tribes Ascend and League of Legends.

Do you guys like the new text formatting I used in the previous post and this one? I would also like to know if you would like updates throughout the day, or a summary like this.

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to you all.

Thanks for reading!

– William

Day 10: Grinding to a close

Volunteer Work

The kid class was largly uneventful. I came in earlier then the woman that asked for my help. We were suppose to teach them a dance, but only three arrived, so instead we did a project were the kids built a castle.

Video Project

Today was the last day of filming and I was grateful because the orange we were using to fil was starting to rot, and i was wearing the exact same clothes for four days straight and I was starting to smell, despite the abnormal amount of deodarant i was using on it. We finished by filming Miguel turning back into a human (he was the orange) at school. To do so, we needed a scene of the orange falling. After a few failed catches, we discovered something. The orange was a GRAPEFRUIT. Guess we don’t know our fruits. Hopefully we can win those Ipads, but even if we didn’t I had a good time filming.

Socializing with the community

On the way home, something very interesting happened. Two tourists asked me for directions. Normally this isn’t too special, but read on. They were trying to get to a restruant named “Fernando’s” but were on the completly on the wrong island. Instead of just telling them they were in the wrong place, I offered to take them to a restruant by my house (which I really felt good about later on). On the way there I learnt more about them. Denese was a Canadian from St.Something island and lived in Hk and traveled thw world. Milean was a Fillipino staying with her family. Then in the lift I had a discussion with a lady about her dog species, which she said was very clean and well behaved. I felt so sociable all of a sudden :P!

Team Fortress 2 Match 

Later that evening I had a team fortress 2 match with my brother’s clan. (On a side note, my brother has been recieving gifts prior to his birthday. He got 50 dollars on steam and in-game points in League of legends. Lucky). We lost pretty badly as always, but it was good fun.

Plans for tommorow

Going to church, and then a day out with family.

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening to you all!

Thanks for reading!

– William

Double Digit Days: Day 10

I’ve finally reached the double-digit mark of continuous blogging! Hopefully I will be able to blog more and with more quality in the future!

Today I went to swimming class, but this time my brother came along. He’s in the class after mine, but my mother had it arranged so we could be in the same class. It makes that much more bearable (still don’t understand him though).

After having lunch, I ran into a small problem. A game was on sale on the American Steam (which is unavailable here) and I was trying to trade for it online. After half an hour of desperate forum posting and chat spamming, I failed. Damn you region locking!

I’m of to teach little kids dance and sing (ill try to take videos and pictures) and film with Miguel. Update you guys soon! – William

Almost to double digits! Day 9!

Its raining. For the first time in days. Whether or not it will prevent us from filming is hard to say. But, I refuse to be unproductive, so here is the first blog post of the day!

The steam summer sale is really something. There are 9 daily deals, and several flash deals that last less time, and a community sale where the users of steam vote on the next deal.There’s also tons of summer achievements that could have prizes! It’s going to be a hectic 10 days for me :3.

If I don’t go out today my objectives are pretty game related. Play dota 2, killing floor and league of legends, with friends if possible. I’m also going to see if I can sort through and upload some photos and videos. I’m off to eat lunch, bye bye!

End of day 8 (八)

I’m writing this on my netbook, on the verge of falling asleep. I must make it a habit of blogging earlier were I am in a better state. Nonetheless, here it is. Better late then never.

After playing Killing Floor with Pancake boobs, I went off to Taipa to film with Miguel today. We had tons of fun today, getting a lot of scenes filmed. Our day was full of mishaps, which I named the Troubles of an amateur film crew. Wanting to film a scene of me getting of the bus, Miguel positioned himself to get a clear shot of me getting off from within the bus. However due to miscommunication, i failed to move at all and we both rushed to get off at our stop. Next we needed to plan how to get scenes of a bustling community. We settled on a nearby park were we spent the next hour walking next to old people, me pretending to feed Karp and me getting stares for holding an orange (integral to our project). Afterwards we used a nearby building to simulate me going home. First the scene with me going in. Miguel got in the lift first, and I was to press open as it was about to close. Suffice to say, I failed again, and Miguel ended up going up 5 floors. We encountered a similar problem when we needed a scene of me getting out of the elevator. The lift got called down twice which caused me to desperately try to punch the closet floors button and walk the stairs to get back to him.

We also had a scene on the roof where I took lots of photos and videos. There was too many to sort through so I shall post them tomorrow (please don’t be mad :3). We then had a dinner at a nice dinner known as “Brick’s Burger”. I will also include the image of my meal later.

I’m really tired now, and my eyes are shrinking from the strain. (anymore and they will disappear). I’m of to read awhile, then sleep.

P.s  As I’m writing this the steam summer sale has just started. Go quick and get some great games to pass the summer!

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening!

Thanks for reading!

– William

Day 4…It’s getting hard

Today is the last day my cousins are in Macau. It was a really sad to watch them walk into the ferry terminal :(. I only get to see them once every few years, and they will all be so much bigger when I next meet them. Even though they’ve been eating up most of my first few days of summers, I don’t regret spending time with them :).

My first face treatment I ever got was quite a painful experience. My face felt like the back of Caesar, stabbed mercilessly and without pity. The lady treating me toke some metal scallops and pinched my face to get rid of the pimples and “black heads”. She said it was especially painful because they were deeply rooted and my face and haven’t been practising “proper facial hygiene.” If proper facial hygiene hurts this much, then I’d rather be dirty.

We had lunch at a sandwich dinner called “Angela’s Kitchen” in my city’s only major mall” New Yahon. You get to make your own sandwich from the ground up! I made a buttered, closed face, giant crossing with grilled chicken, 2 types of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with barbeques Lays on the side. A delightful afternoon tea 🙂

I’m in a bit of a summer mid-life crisis. I feel a bit confused and tired and have lost a bit of my beginning energy and enthusiasm. Having to spend almost all my time on family has been draining, and hearing all that I’ve missed with my friends really isn’t helping my mood. Maybe I’m just having one of those rumored mood swings.

After getting home, I finally got to get some gaming time in, after being preoccupied with family all day. I played a game mode called All-Random-All-Mid in League of legends as this guy


Then I played Tribes Ascend, a free-to-play fps on steam. You can get it here:

At dinner my mom gave me a talk about the importance of learning chinese before i left for college. She also helped me with the emotional turmoil that I’ve been going through lately. Thanks mom 🙂 ❤

Plans for tomorrow: I’m going to have lunch with my good friend Joel, because he is leaving for the Philipines soon for 2 weeks (or possibly 2 months T.T). Then im going to make a video with my friend Miguel for a community project at school. We might win an Ipad.