School Anniversary and what followed it…

Sit back and grab a drink. This one is gonna be a long one…

The day started off slowly. We all were in the room getting ready for the anniversary ceremony. All the teachers were really well dressed and most of the students found a way to get a tie.

The school anniversary was important, but a boring necessity  Everyone sits down quietly and formally. The school band plays the same cheesy song over and over and the guests slowly are introduced. Some students, the principal and the archbishop of Hong Kong all made reminiscent speeches. At least we had some dance performances from the lower grades and one “rock” performance. At the end we went to the sixth floor for a commemorative plaque, celebrating the opening of the additional floor built at our school. We where then allowed to leave school early. And that is where the fun begins…

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Saturday and Sunday: A long posts


I begun Saturday with my regular morning ritual: laying in bed in a state of limbo using my iPod touch until I’m out of battery. I was about to own this player on Zookeeper Battles when it blacked out. Then I realized what time it was. I burst from the house to have ICT class.

After the class we had to rush to the Westin on the sub island Coloane to watch our friends dance crew perform for an event. Turned out we were an hour early and our rushed efforts where for nothing. We toke the opportunity to run the entire beach and get some beach bbq. I dropped my phone in the mud on the way, and now I can’t hear anyone when they call me -,-.

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The end of the week, Third Week of November


Well. That didn’t last long. “Save money William.” That’s what I told myself. Such a First World Problem. I saw the advert and for T3 in my PC Format magazine, and today, when given have a chance to buy it, I scooped it up without nothing but a slight hesitation. Then later in the day I had a snacking spree with my friend Marilda. Now I’m a hundred Mop (12.5 USD) poorer. At least the food was good, and T3 is interesting. My first issue will allow me to evaluate if I want anymore in the future.

I then visited my grandmas. I taught my grandpa how to download apps for his phone, and had some traditional flower tea at my grandmas. I then went to get my new glasses. Putting them on is like seeing the world in HD. Everything had more cooler, looked sharper and seemed more distinct. I also kept my lenses with the spare hinges to act as sport glasses.

Afterwards I went home and my time just disappeared. I had no homework, and not much lined up in terms of objectives. I napped, read my magazine and chatted to friend. It’s now eleven and all i have this part blog post to show for it. Hi.

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Day 48: Lets give goats to villagers

The day started with lunch with my grandma’s. Traditional Chinese food just feels feeling and solid. However she melt me feel even more like a spoiled brat by giving me a compact camera for my good grades. Then she gave us RMB to spend on the upcoming trip. I should be thankful, but it’s a bit too much. I feel guilty, I don’t even want to post a photo of the camera.

I’ve recently begun playing more of a game called Demigod. It’s similar to League of Legends, but on a bigger scale. It’s one of the few games I have on my pc that doesn’t need internet to run. Having played League of Legends a lot I know understood all the terms with-in the game. I’m trying to master a champion called the Rook, who is basically a walking castle.

After playing a game of League of Legends, I went to Joel’s house as we got dressed. Then we went to Taipa to go John’s house for a movie.

Natasha who was in England and Europe for most of the year was there, as well as John’s sister Linda. Good to see her again. Despite my protests, we had to watch a horror movie. We watched Cabin in the Woods that had interesting ideas, but wasn’t very scary specially near the end. For some reason, John and us found it funny but I won’t give away the best bits. It has a great mashup of horror ideas and themes and an interesting take on why they happen.

We then had dinner at Little Panda. It’s the place we go when we want something cheap that isn’t Mcdonald. John bought Macdonald’s instead and came along. We had a good chat there, talking about how schools gonna be and personal problems.

Joel and I toke the bus back to Macau. We always seem to have something to talk about. It’s only going to be for half a week, but I’m gonna miss Macau.

Tomorrow I’m going on a trip to China with the church. We are going to help a community in mostly rural areas. Last time we went there in Winter (freezing man..) we gave each family a goat. This times focus will be mostly agricultural. I’ve been able to blog every single day (with a few exceptions but I caught up) this summer without fail. This will be the first major hiccup in my plans. I’ve decided to take notes while there and right a big 49-52 Day of summer blog post about my time there.

The Rest of Day 39: Movies and Watches

Before we left the house for the movies gave me his limited edition green Swatch©. Having owned only one watch for 7 years, it was great to finally get a new one. It makes me feel real classy. Only problem is, my arms are too skinny for it to fit properly and it can’t be adjusted. It looks really weird on me XD. I have several options:

  • Work out so it fits
  • Stuff tissue in between the watch and my arm (so sad)
  • Take it to a shop and remove some of the rungs

After walking 15 minutes to the theatre it turns out that there was no-show at 5:40. Being a smaller, more traditional theatre (with almost exclusively chinese movies) their schedule changes  everyday. Instead we bought tickets for later and moved dinner up.

Look what I found! One of the randomist and funniest music videos I seen. I don’t even know what he is saying.

After eating a hasty dinner we were off to see “The Silent War” (again). Was really impressed by this movie. It’s about a blind mind during World War 2 helps deceiver codes. Strong main actor, and one of the better movies I’ve seen this summer. There was a woman there that talked on the phone IN the theatre. It is also apparent many people still don’t know how to make use of the silent feature on their phone. An odd thing I noticed is that Chinese People (or rather Macau People) have a natural instinct to leave the theatre before the movie ended. It is as if they can sense it, even before the credits role. Maybe it happens else where, but I just noticed it.

My iPod nano also has the white screen of death. Still plays music and syncs but its depressing counting the clicks to know where to click. Haven’t been able to fix it. I’ve reset, restored and even put it in my freezer. Nothing :(.

My brothers with his friends, watching The Bourne Legacy most likely. I would have rather seen that, but at least I don’t have to pay for my movie :).

Day 35: Short and Sweet

The day started with Joel calling me. He was going to try to get Close Quarters.. again. He came up to my house with Zherlain, and after a quick shower and a trip to a pc mall we owned Close Quarters, the dlc focused on infantry combat

We didn’t get to play it just yet though. Zherlain had a dinner date with Martharoot at six. She had 3 hours to kill and we ended up going to my house to watch a movie. We settled on American Pie Reunion. I personally had not watched the earlier American pie’s so there wasn’t much nostalgia for me. It was a good movie, nothing stood out besides really except that it had actually nudity in some scenes and how much of an asshole Fiddler is.

After that, everybody went home. I spent the evening trying out close quarters with Joel and playing League of legends with him and my brother. However in doing so, I completely forgot to write the blog (sorry) thus why this blog is late and there is two today.

Day 33: Total Recall: Ruined By a persitant Grandma

Recently I reached 10 followers on WordPress. Hooray! Thank you for reading my random stuff :), it’s much appreciated.

Almost nothing happened today except that me, my bro and my pops went to see Total Recall. It was a mediocre, but not enjoyable. I really liked its mech robots and hover cars and the dystopian setting. It kinda pissed me off that someone was using their smart phone to check Facebook DURING the movie. My grandma also called me a total of three times during the movie (and at the worst part). She wouldn’t stop, calling my dad a few seconds later. Whats even more frustrating was that we had already told her we were in the movie before. Gosh. On a side note I saw Mondass with his girlfriend Charlie. Of to play League of Legends. Tata!

Day 31: The Turnaround

Some time after writing the last post I decided if im going to sit around all day, I might as well do it clean. I went to take a shower.  It toke me an hour. Wait, wait I can explain.

Halfway through undressing I discovered that I hadn’t cut my nails in a century. After making my nails look a crack addicts, I spent the next few moments talking to myself to the mirror. No, I’m not crazy, its scientifically proven to relieve stress and get out ideas! Which is exactly what happened.

Afterwards I decided to learn Tyler the Creators Rap in the song Rella. I don’t know why specifically, but probably because he’s a centaur in the music video and it was the best:

Then I watched a movie called Ninja Scroll. ‘Twas a good anime flick. Crazy, outrageous villans, a goody-goody protagonist and of course a love story. It’s easy to find a video of it online, and they even have an english dub. However, as with all foreign movies, I suggest the orignal language with subtitles to show the orignal feel of the characters.

Day 16: Movie Marathon

***My internet crashed yestarday, and I was unable to write about the rest of day 15 at night. Not much happened, I just gamed for the rest of the afternoon.***

Today I’m going out to watch the Amazing Spiderman and the Dark Knight Rises! That will take up the majority of the day, but its the first time im going out in awhile. I also got an areana shooter called Nexuiz today. It doesn’t count as me purchasing the game, because my mother loaded my steam account with money (its kinda like itunes), so my streak of not buying games is not interupted.

Update you guys later 🙂