What I Accomplished This Year!

  • got baptized on Christmas Day
  • got straight A’s on my O Level IGCSE
  • read and excercised more, often on a daily bases
  • found new interest in photography, music and books
  • discovered SPIN and Askmen
  • got lots of gadgets: (countless audio tech, Ipod Touch 5th Generation 32 GB, Canon 450D, Bose Radio, Swatch watch…)
  • got way better at organizing myself, via planners, to do lists and apps!
  • feel in love with Google Chrome, Anydo, Pocket and Evernote
  • jumped of Macau Tower
  • visited elderly in rural China
  • Started this blog, reached 30 followers and over 200 likes!
  • renovated my room
  • started spending more time with family
  • joined the English Speaking Competition
  • finally started watching more movies again

Last Day of School of 2012

Today was the last day of school for this year!!!

The main event for the first half of school was our mock ICT practical exam. It went smoothly, thanks for some hectic preparation days ahead. I was more relieved to go the bathroom at the end, then the exam ending. The first exam of many.

We then settled in for lunch. We head some beautiful home-made spaghetti and nanchos. During lunch we watched a particularly nasty scene of  The Devil Inside.  Santa also paid us a visit, but rather then giving us gifts just gave us the gifts we gave each other. I got a book from Miguel, who was thoughtful enough to note that i was looking for a book by Mo yan. Thank you :D. The rest of the day at school was spent watching Project X (my first time, gosh  Lexis is hot) and playing dodge ball on the roof.

After school we picked up Joao, John got his laptop and we were on the way to my house for a gaming session. Everyone brought their laptops and we all managed to squeeze into my room. There was enough gaming equipment to go around, but the Ieong household had to muster up all it had to feed them all. A good way to end the day 🙂

School Anniversary and what followed it…

Sit back and grab a drink. This one is gonna be a long one…

The day started off slowly. We all were in the room getting ready for the anniversary ceremony. All the teachers were really well dressed and most of the students found a way to get a tie.

The school anniversary was important, but a boring necessity  Everyone sits down quietly and formally. The school band plays the same cheesy song over and over and the guests slowly are introduced. Some students, the principal and the archbishop of Hong Kong all made reminiscent speeches. At least we had some dance performances from the lower grades and one “rock” performance. At the end we went to the sixth floor for a commemorative plaque, celebrating the opening of the additional floor built at our school. We where then allowed to leave school early. And that is where the fun begins…

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A good friends birthday weekened

It’s getting chilly here in Macau. It was around 25-21 ºC during the week but today its 21-15 ºC. Brrrr. At least that means I can bring in the heavy weight winter clothes, but that sadly leaves me unable to wear hoodies to often again.

Today we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday by having a family lunch at Star World. It was at a fancy all you can eat dim sum restaurant. All my grandmother’s daughters and sons showed up to celebrate. My over-punctual aunt was calling everyone to get there, when she herself wasn’t there herself! She even researched what food she wanted the night before and ticked it out on a menu she had acquired. She even brought a pencil and eraser there -,-. Despite her constant nagging we had a good meal, chatting and eating ourselves silly. My aunt has a tendency to over order at these type of restaurants, just to make sure its worth the expense.

Later that day in the afternoon Joel and Nicole came over. We met up with even more people and picked up the pizzas. My friend Joel was having his sweet sixteen party and we needed to make sure he was well stocked :).

End of Week Update: The First Week of School

On Wednsday things didn’t get much better. I had a total of two classes, one of which the teacher was tied up in another class. I still hadn’t bought my books as well. We ended up just watching movies, first “Think Like A Man” where a controversial book is released teaching woman how men think and turning the tables on us, than second “The Dictator” where an middle-eastern dictator experiences America for the first time. It was during our third movie “Super Bad” that Ms.Donna came in to tell us why the schedule was such a mess (seeing there was over half of us in free period).

We also got some time to play some basketball. Despite my random back pains I was able to play 2v2 with Liam, Joel and the new teacher. The teacher was just so good! Even with two people on him he just kept getting this clean, soundless shots.

On Thursday we started to having more consistent classes. I had 5/8 of my classes! There was enough free periods however to sneak in a viewing of “Battle Royale” which is a more gruesome, japanese version of hunger games. Battle Royale came first by the way. It was a good, interesting movie but was ruined by loud classmates and Liam’s inability to stop making fun of their accents (that joker!).

After school we went off to buy the books. The ones I needed where sold out, and needed to be ordered. Also bumped into Marilda there with her mom. Liam joked that Marilda pushed her down the stairs.

Friday, the end of the week! The first major event was chapel. Somehow, through too much enthusiasm, Joel and I ended up on the stage doing actions for some songs. Quite awkward.

We enjoyed a short round of cricket before going into free period. The schedule seems to be improving, with only 1 free period today. I was able to hit all the shots pitched to me by Saahil, but when the new P.E teacher pitched I was quite literally shut. down.

Math is getting a lot harder these days and I have a feeling that it isn’t going to be a cake walk from now on. It was during a long double period that I discovered from Soana that my Swatch watch was not only water proof but glows in the dark! It just made me love it even more.

The school week ended with a surprise birthday party for my friend Natasha. She arrived in white limo with her family, only to be ambushed by us! We had a buffet dinner at an african themed restaurant called the Afrikana. We had our own private hut with karaoke and drinks.

Joel and I, being the only people who live in Macau walked home from the party. After parting ways at the resevoir I decided to run home to compensate for the lack of exercise for that day. By that time it was almost midnight and it was beautifully tranquil. All I could hear was the quite pitter patter of my feet on hard, cold concrete. I turned heads, as I ran past. They most have thought I was going to mug them. Despite being in formal party clothes and my heaviest shoes I made it all the way home without stopping. It was a good way to build endurance (on a sidenote I had won the 800 metre a few years prior). I would later pay for this in the form of massive foot cramps as I attempted to sleep.

Day 58: Goodbye Old Friend

I came home from the date. I was exhausted in body and in wallet. My body started relax and prepare for a night of sleep. My mom was thanked for sponsoring me and I wandered over to my computer. “Dude come over, we are having a sleepover.” I had to look twice to make sure. I love my mom for being so considerate. After all off that stuff back to back she left me go. I was at home for about 2 minutes.

In Macau, normal buses stop at midnight which are then replaced by Night buses. The problem was, I didn’t know how to use the night buses. I had to sprint a hill to get to the bus stop in time. Thankfully I made it for the last round of buses. I arrived at Joel’s house sweaty and out of breath.

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Living Room Day

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit materialistic. I get satisfaction from owning things. I am trying to fix that, but for now it remains a slight niggle. I just purchased a pair of Panasonic Ergofit Earphones. Upon hearing they were good and cheap from cnet, I couldn’t help myself. I’m a bit of an audio tech collector~ish now:

Here is where im going to spend the next few hours:

Was lunch was finished I watched “Something, Something, Something Darkside” a family guy special and a nature documentary by BBC called “Walking With Beasts.” I’ve watched them before, so I don’t have any initial impressions. Both good watches though.

After my mini TV Marathon, I was gently interrupted by a woman who had come to visit from the States (mom’s friend). She showed me her family photo’s from her Nexus 7 (want). Apparently she travels every summer. She’s been to Mexico! She also got me thinking about my feature, college and what I should major which leads to my next story..

My IGCSE results! I had almost completely forgotten. I got on my mom’s computer, pushing her aside telling her that I was to see it first. It was a heart stopping moment. EUPHORIA. I had done much better than expected! I had gotten 5 A’s and 3 A*s! I even got an A* in Chinese, my weakest subject! Thank God 😀 I feel so blessed. I also got an ICE award (an A in Science, Social Science and Langauge).

  • Chemistry – 83
  • Physics – 86
  • Literature – 90
  • Math – 82
  • Biology – 86
  • English – 92
  • Chinese – 91
  • Computers – 86

Also toke the opportunity to send my friend Chester (the one with a new PC) some codes for World of Tanks.

Then I watched The Raid Redemption. Good action movie with lots of elbowing. The cops are kinda disappointing in places, but a solid action flick.

Had dinner in the solitude of the living room while watching things on my netbook.

Also read several chapters of the Book Thief. Such a good book. Love his writing style.

Well, my living room day is coming to a close. I’ve successfully spent the entire day in the living room without using my PC in my bedroom. I liked getting a chance to watch instead of play and to use my netbook which often gets neglected for its older brother. It is actually a pleasant little machine. Lets see if I did all I wanted to do.

  • Watch Naruto
  • Watch Youtube
  • Watch The Raid Redemption
  • Watch Family Guy
  • Watch Walking With Beasts
  • Read Book Thief
  • Blog about it 😛

Living Room Day: Day 40 – Dedication Day Intialized

Today I’m going to spend the entire day in the living room. Hopefully I’ll survive (slowest internet in the house). Here’s a small list of things I wanna do today.

  • Read more Book Thief
  • Watch my first blue ray movie (at home at least)
  • Watch a nature documentary
  • Clear out my YouTube watch later list
  • Watch The Raid: Redemption and Naruto

I’m going to have breakfast, take a shower, buy new earphones, eat lunch and start while everything settles down. I’m just in the planning stage now.




The Rest of Day 39: Movies and Watches

Before we left the house for the movies gave me his limited edition green Swatch©. Having owned only one watch for 7 years, it was great to finally get a new one. It makes me feel real classy. Only problem is, my arms are too skinny for it to fit properly and it can’t be adjusted. It looks really weird on me XD. I have several options:

  • Work out so it fits
  • Stuff tissue in between the watch and my arm (so sad)
  • Take it to a shop and remove some of the rungs

After walking 15 minutes to the theatre it turns out that there was no-show at 5:40. Being a smaller, more traditional theatre (with almost exclusively chinese movies) their schedule changes  everyday. Instead we bought tickets for later and moved dinner up.

Look what I found! One of the randomist and funniest music videos I seen. I don’t even know what he is saying. http://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f0

After eating a hasty dinner we were off to see “The Silent War” (again). Was really impressed by this movie. It’s about a blind mind during World War 2 helps deceiver codes. Strong main actor, and one of the better movies I’ve seen this summer. There was a woman there that talked on the phone IN the theatre. It is also apparent many people still don’t know how to make use of the silent feature on their phone. An odd thing I noticed is that Chinese People (or rather Macau People) have a natural instinct to leave the theatre before the movie ended. It is as if they can sense it, even before the credits role. Maybe it happens else where, but I just noticed it.

My iPod nano also has the white screen of death. Still plays music and syncs but its depressing counting the clicks to know where to click. Haven’t been able to fix it. I’ve reset, restored and even put it in my freezer. Nothing :(.

My brothers with his friends, watching The Bourne Legacy most likely. I would have rather seen that, but at least I don’t have to pay for my movie :).

Day 33: Total Recall: Ruined By a persitant Grandma

Recently I reached 10 followers on WordPress. Hooray! Thank you for reading my random stuff :), it’s much appreciated.

Almost nothing happened today except that me, my bro and my pops went to see Total Recall. It was a mediocre, but not enjoyable. I really liked its mech robots and hover cars and the dystopian setting. It kinda pissed me off that someone was using their smart phone to check Facebook DURING the movie. My grandma also called me a total of three times during the movie (and at the worst part). She wouldn’t stop, calling my dad a few seconds later. Whats even more frustrating was that we had already told her we were in the movie before. Gosh. On a side note I saw Mondass with his girlfriend Charlie. Of to play League of Legends. Tata!