Goal Updates: The Third Week of November

Hello everyone. I’ve had a pretty successful week (at least in my measurements).

  • I’ve finally finished writing my biggest gaming article ever (which should have been my first) about the indie action game Bastion. My formalist game thoughts yet. I found that splitting the articles into parts and assigning each one to its own day allowed me to write easier and improve the quality of work.
  • I learned the lyrics of the classic Vietnam song, Fortunate son:

  • Acquainted myself in the general movements of the dougie, again using the excellent mahalo dance videos:

  • Finally finished reading Anthony Horrowitz’s Complete Horror Collection. Pretty bad back in my opinion, but I suppose it WAS meant for children. Legitimately scared me twice in 400 something pages.

Next week I’m going to:

  • Learn the lyrics of My Buddy by 50 Cent
  • Beat at least two levels in Sanctum

Bastion: A story driven Action-RPG

Bastion Title Image

Bastion is an isometric story driven action RPG developed for PC by Supergiant Games. It is set in a post apocalyptic world, after an event known as the “Calamity.” You play as a young boy soldier who has survived the calamity and must help fix and protect the Bastion,    the last hope of humanity. Along the way you will visit exotic locales, use satisfying skill-based weapons and fight diverse enemies.

***Bastion was the first game I finished under my new school year initiative. I was to intentionally sit down to play a game with no distractions. Just me and my game. Bastion was the first game I finished successfully this way.*** 

Story:- Gives the game direction, and holds it together

Without spoiling too much I would like to talk about the story, which is arguably one of the biggest strengths of the game. It’s well written, compelling and ties together really well. Characters are deep, and can be related to… everything eventually get its small, important spotlight and it just synergies together to make an unforgettable experience. Bastion is quite literally a small island of hope in an ocean of indie games, a speck in the night sky, a blooming flower in a sea of grass. A Bastion.

It’s not only the writing that’s top-notch, but also the method of delivery. A narrator, commentaries your adventure, commentating on what you do. What’s really genius is how he reacts to your actions. Make it through an entire section without damage, and he’ll say something along the lines of “Boy, walks out without a scratch.” Sticking with one weapon for a while, constant smashing of the scenery, all warrant a witty and insightful line from the narrator.

Gameplay:- The most important part of a game

 Bastion has satisfying, skill-based and well paced combat. The game introduces new concepts to you slowly and allows you to try them out soon after. It does an amazing job of giving you a weapon, and giving you a few perfect scenarios for using that weapon. For example when I got the mortar, I was able to practice on clumps of enemies on the other side of a wall.

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My New Speakers: My Last Purchase for Awhile

I have been spending too much lately. I feel like a black hole for money. I have to many new things and not enough time to enjoy them. So, for at least a blue moon, I’m not buying anything. I reached this decision after realizing (for the thousandth time) that I am very fortunate and should be content in what I have, and that my parents work really hard for the money and I shouldn’t go running off to spend it.

My New Phillips Speakers

Been waiting for these babies for quite some time 🙂

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Thoughts on my Penny Board and Ipod Touch

My penny board is showing wear after two days of extensive usage  Although I enjoy riding it, I’m not sufficiently skilled enough for it to be a viable form of transportation.

My Ipod touch has seen greater usage, with a higher degree of success. I am downloading apps at a monstrous rate, using 3.2 GB’s of its storage already. It is now my photo editor/viewer, reader, music discoverer and mobile gaming platform. It’s also becoming a to-do-list, social hub, alarm clock and blog center. I also got a screen protector for it.


Tonkichi: The land of jumbo Prawn and good service

Tonkichi is a medium-sized Japenese Restruant that is a 10 minute walk from Harbour City. It is my favourite restaurant in Hk and is where we often end our trips to Hong Kong. They have a total of four stores and are known for their service and food.


The food was served very quickly and efficiently. We started with appetizers, with some salted peas and some salad with pieces of squid inside.

We then started preparing the sesame sauce. Always one of my favorite parts.

You first use the mortar and pistol to grind up the seeds..

..then you add the sauce and mix!

Then Came the main course. Everyone got a bowl of Miso Soup and Rice.Then came the main dish.

Aside from two King prawns there were several smaller prawns for everyone and some pork as well. Underneath was some shredded cabbage that is amazing with the sesame sauce. I got to eat an entire King Prawn for myself, using ample tartar sauce.

We also had some nice Japanese peach soda (exclusive to memberships) and finished with a few pieces of water melon. A very satisfying meal!


It had a nice traditional Japanese, homely feel. They used tricks like putting mirrors on the walls to make the place feel less crammed.


Another place where Tonkichi shines. We had the luck of having a nice waiter called Jasmine. She was friendly and humble, always apologizing for even the smallest inconvenience. She also told us about the membership. Normal meals we get 15% of and 30% on the week of your birthday. You also get exclusive monthly food. She gave us a hint that if we ate just 2 meals, it would already be worthwhile. We toke the offer.

Ao Grama

Ao Grama is a former Portuguese Buffet in Taipa. It’s the type of restaurant you walk by all the time, but never know whats in there. You assume only fancy or rich people eat there. When I went in that’s what I felt, a bit of misplacement.

It didn’t help that they did not speak chinese and my father’s english was a little but unrefined. Eventually after minutes of standing around (getting stared out)  and a few hasty phone calls we were seated. Being the only reservation in the entire restaurant and the friendly manager was a great help. I wasn’t feeling too thrilled about the restaurant, but then..the food!

Running a bit late, my Grandmother told us to order first. We ended up ordering two appetizers and I got myself something called Orange Squash (which was initially awful, till I realized you must add sugar). Those clams. Dat clam. I swear they were worth every penny. Just so full of flavour, unlike most other clams which fail to absorb the flavour of the sauce. Just really good. The next appetizer wasn’t as good. For 42 mop we got 3 slices of tomato with some cheese on top.

While eating the clams, something dawned on me.  My grandma has a lot of friends. A lot of them. Every time we eat out it’s always with someone, often I’ve never seen them or I don’t recognize them.

Only other major highlights were the fried pineapples. Just moist enough not to be dry and the frying process allowed the skin to become caramalized and cinnamon.