The Comeback

Hey everyone

I know its been a long time since I’ve written on the blog, but I’ve decided to get back into it. Exams got in the way, and then i never really got back into it. Being on a hiatus for so long, i realized how much it made me accountable for my actions and helped me to accomplish and word out my opinions.

Today I am trying to develop some small habits using an app called Lift for Ipod

  • Write Neater. This has been on my goals for almost forever, but now I’m finally giving up on my own way of holding the pen and going for the regular and effcient way. Hmmph
  • Keep my back straighter; not much explanation needed for this one
  • And lastly pay more attention during class, no daydreaming or fidgeting at the time. WORK

My exams are finally over!

Hello wordpress!

I have finally finished my examinations, taking my last exam (Biology Multiple Choice) this morning! It has been a pretty normal few weeks for me. Studying for an exam the night before, taking it, gaming, studying and sleeping. Rinse repeat. Asides from a standout weekend in the mix, not much has happened.

I’m actually quite free during exams because exams are so spread apart and you don’t have to go to school if you don’t have that subject! I’m actually more free than I am when I have normal school. Kinda looking forward to it though, going back to routine. Hopefully I will start doing goals and my daily reading and exercising again.

Loving the new wordpress update as well! Really fresh and clean layout and coloring.

My friends are also really into Battlefield 3 and League of Legends again! Been working on my moleskine tons as well.

Also discovered soundcloud (SO MUCH FREE MUSIC) and I also have become an internet hoarder, downloading anything that’s free.



  • Got my mini fireye amp, its sooo cute!

    Fireye amp

  • Did my first exam. Already know for sure that I got one question wrong. At least no more this week!
  • Someone got ran over near my house, there was brain all over the road. So sad 😦


My Blogging Hiatus

I am going on a blogging hiatus, due to my upcoming mock exams for my A/s IGCSE examinations. Although I have not been posting daily content for about week now, I just thought I would make a official announcement  Going to update from time to time, but nothing too big, wanna focus on my studies ^^.

What I Want To Do Next Year!

  • Have a closer relationship with God.
  • Write more neatly. My hand writing is atrocious and I will not stand it any longer. I have to write slower and put more effort into it.
  • Become a better man in general, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.
  • Get A’s on my As-Level IGCSE
  • Loaf less and do my daily essentials such as reading and writing
  • Improve Social Behavior
  • Spend more time helping people



Last Day of School of 2012

Today was the last day of school for this year!!!

The main event for the first half of school was our mock ICT practical exam. It went smoothly, thanks for some hectic preparation days ahead. I was more relieved to go the bathroom at the end, then the exam ending. The first exam of many.

We then settled in for lunch. We head some beautiful home-made spaghetti and nanchos. During lunch we watched a particularly nasty scene of  The Devil Inside.  Santa also paid us a visit, but rather then giving us gifts just gave us the gifts we gave each other. I got a book from Miguel, who was thoughtful enough to note that i was looking for a book by Mo yan. Thank you :D. The rest of the day at school was spent watching Project X (my first time, gosh  Lexis is hot) and playing dodge ball on the roof.

After school we picked up Joao, John got his laptop and we were on the way to my house for a gaming session. Everyone brought their laptops and we all managed to squeeze into my room. There was enough gaming equipment to go around, but the Ieong household had to muster up all it had to feed them all. A good way to end the day 🙂


As we near the holidays, the amount of work at school is slowing down exponentially. This is bad however as my brain slowly leaks all the information I have learnt over the past few months.

Today is a return to habit. I read, I exercised and it just gave me the sense of structure that I feel I need in my life. But the last few days also told me that there is beauty outside of the structure. So rather than being a slave to routine I should use it as a guideline or a framework for my day.

An eventful Thursday

Bruno finally came back today! Missed that guy

Today this man got angry at a bus at a zebra crossing and stood in its path as protest for a good 15 minutes. We yelled encouragement from the stairs. He yelled at the bus driver “I Wait, YOU WAIT!” He eventually ran for it when the bus driver started calling the cops.

He stood there, checking his watch and phone like nothing was wrong. The traffic behind the bus was insane

He stood there, checking his watch and phone like nothing was wrong. The traffic behind the bus was insane

Our class’s Christmas tree didn’t have any decorations, so my class found a creative solution, using spare clothing that was lying around as well as some we made ourselves.

Our Christmas Tree
I have the ability to get sick, regardless of health or season. I also have this massive sneeze that everyone finds frightening and amusing. I was sneezing so bad in ICT that the teacher opened the door, fearing infection. I sat by the door with a tissue roll, looking miserable, not realizing it would make the entire class laugh. Turn suffering into joy.

I bought some earrings for my Secret Santa (everyone in the class gets a person and buys them a gift “secretly”) and went home where I toke an hour nap. Then I woke up and I did absolutely nothing. It was beautiful, like San Ma Lao was that day.

San Mao Lao Lights

School Anniversary and what followed it…

Sit back and grab a drink. This one is gonna be a long one…

The day started off slowly. We all were in the room getting ready for the anniversary ceremony. All the teachers were really well dressed and most of the students found a way to get a tie.

The school anniversary was important, but a boring necessity  Everyone sits down quietly and formally. The school band plays the same cheesy song over and over and the guests slowly are introduced. Some students, the principal and the archbishop of Hong Kong all made reminiscent speeches. At least we had some dance performances from the lower grades and one “rock” performance. At the end we went to the sixth floor for a commemorative plaque, celebrating the opening of the additional floor built at our school. We where then allowed to leave school early. And that is where the fun begins…

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