The recent of exams have been a bit

The recent of exams have been a bit of a eye opener for me. It has forced me to think about the actual worth of going through all this work for a letter on a piece of paper saying i’m good at a subject I won’t use for what I want to be when I grow up. Should I have worked harder earlier? Is the amount of work worth the amount of marks I could get in return?

It also made me think about where I wanna go in my life. I’m not exactly sure if I have any skills. I always tell me that I’ll stay at home and teach myself to program or something around those lines but there are times I doubt my own ability to do so,

That is all, thank you for reading my thoughts that I have typed up while trying to cram in the entire english literature syllabus in 4 hours.


Headphone amp testing

Got a chance to test my headphone more extensively today (Fireye Mini Amp). Some quick notes:

  • Thought my amp was broken, turns out the one that comes out of the box is crappy
  • Once it was working i could conclude some points via some tests:

1. It does not make too much of a difference in dance music. Maybe because dance music is simplistic in nature and does not have to be high quality anyway.

2. I then tested it on BBNG – Earl. Replaying the same 1 minute section the diffrence was noticable. With the amp the cello felt more infront of me, the effect of the instrument playing was more profound? (left and right) and I was able to discren instruments more clearly.

I hope i’m not falling victim to bias and paying more attention with the amp in but I guess only time (and blind tests) can tell.


The Comeback

Hey everyone

I know its been a long time since I’ve written on the blog, but I’ve decided to get back into it. Exams got in the way, and then i never really got back into it. Being on a hiatus for so long, i realized how much it made me accountable for my actions and helped me to accomplish and word out my opinions.

Today I am trying to develop some small habits using an app called Lift for Ipod

  • Write Neater. This has been on my goals for almost forever, but now I’m finally giving up on my own way of holding the pen and going for the regular and effcient way. Hmmph
  • Keep my back straighter; not much explanation needed for this one
  • And lastly pay more attention during class, no daydreaming or fidgeting at the time. WORK


  • Got my mini fireye amp, its sooo cute!

    Fireye amp

  • Did my first exam. Already know for sure that I got one question wrong. At least no more this week!
  • Someone got ran over near my house, there was brain all over the road. So sad 😦


Monday, December 10th, A collection of thoughts and happenings

  • Back on track with my exercise and reading, Wrath of the Angels is unfolding beatifully
  • Really liking The E.N.D
  • My friend drew this in advanced math:
  • IMG_0187
  • Brought my ipod touch to school today. Not as bad as I thought, and hugely useful.
  • Bruno wasn’t here, so I was super lonely in biology T.T
  • I’m playing George in “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf.” Hilirarious already 😀


What did you do this week? I…

  • Opened Deadmau5’s album 4×4=12. Didn’t like it at first but it’s growing on me. It’s more background music then sit down and listen to music
  • Made a draft for my resume, including anything that might give me brownie post
  • Learned this rap (if you ask me Freddie Mercury won)
  • Finished reading “A street car named desire.” A short, easy to read play that hits on important themes and has very interesting characters.

A quick Wednesday post

  • Finished reading the Hobbit which concludes my summer reading list…three months after it ended. Really enjoyed the fantasy world and setting. J.R Tolkien remains one of my favorite writers
  • Played League of Legends with some buddies for the first time in months
  • A bit de-sensitized to time due to four free periods at school. Got to read some of my articles on Pocket (which was a getting ridiculously long as I just throw stuff on there)
  • Suffice to say, not much happened at school

A quick Tuesday post

  • Finished listening to 4×4=12. Rather unimpressed. It was repetitive and boring most of the time. Respect to “A City in Florida,” for being the only song I like on there
  • Weather is freezing over here, thankfully mother has bought me a scarf. It’s green, just the way I like it :).
  • Learned Spanish in free period today. Ola! Buenos Dias! Mi Nome es  senhor Jose. Tango deci-seite anos. Yo viena de Macau.
  • Spent English Literature making eraser into ammo for my ruler catapult
  • Wrote my resume including all miscellaneous achievements