My hopes for December

I don’t know what I want to do exactly with December just yet but here’s my general thoughts.

Instead of learning a new habit this month, I’m going to reinforce the first two I learned in the 7 Habits. Pro activity and planning ahead.

I’m going to play Sanctum in Co-op. I bought the game for him over the Thanks Giving Sales on steam and I’m hoping it can allow us to bond a little, which is harder to do these days.



Bastion: A story driven Action-RPG

Bastion Title Image

Bastion is an isometric story driven action RPG developed for PC by Supergiant Games. It is set in a post apocalyptic world, after an event known as the “Calamity.” You play as a young boy soldier who has survived the calamity and must help fix and protect the Bastion,    the last hope of humanity. Along the way you will visit exotic locales, use satisfying skill-based weapons and fight diverse enemies.

***Bastion was the first game I finished under my new school year initiative. I was to intentionally sit down to play a game with no distractions. Just me and my game. Bastion was the first game I finished successfully this way.*** 

Story:- Gives the game direction, and holds it together

Without spoiling too much I would like to talk about the story, which is arguably one of the biggest strengths of the game. It’s well written, compelling and ties together really well. Characters are deep, and can be related to… everything eventually get its small, important spotlight and it just synergies together to make an unforgettable experience. Bastion is quite literally a small island of hope in an ocean of indie games, a speck in the night sky, a blooming flower in a sea of grass. A Bastion.

It’s not only the writing that’s top-notch, but also the method of delivery. A narrator, commentaries your adventure, commentating on what you do. What’s really genius is how he reacts to your actions. Make it through an entire section without damage, and he’ll say something along the lines of “Boy, walks out without a scratch.” Sticking with one weapon for a while, constant smashing of the scenery, all warrant a witty and insightful line from the narrator.

Gameplay:- The most important part of a game

 Bastion has satisfying, skill-based and well paced combat. The game introduces new concepts to you slowly and allows you to try them out soon after. It does an amazing job of giving you a weapon, and giving you a few perfect scenarios for using that weapon. For example when I got the mortar, I was able to practice on clumps of enemies on the other side of a wall.

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Day 55: Picnic Day: The Last Major Excursion of Summer 2012

A polar opposite of the day before I slept like a baby. A solid 10 hours of pure, unadulterated sleep. It prepared me well for the day ahead.

One of the first things I head in the morning was that Tata was staying full-time. Great thing to hear! Let’s me worry less about how the house isn’t going to burn down and more about studying and improving stuff.

I spent the early morning gaming and revisting an old favourite. I played a quick game of League of Legends simply to get the win of the day bonus. I couldn’t decide who to get next. Garen or Singed? One is a bruiser that swings in circles to damage people and the other runs around with chemical fumes. Perfect time to try the poll.

I also revisited one of my old favourites. Day of Defeat Source. I started straight where I left off: Mastering the M1 Garand on Donner on a server that only plays that map.

I then had the quick lunches and along with some last-minute sandwiches made by Tata and the snack from yesterday I was off to met Marilda.

We all met up by a hotel known as Altira which was near the picnic destination. It was the largest gathering of friends yet. Everyone had returned from summer holiday and it was good to have a get together. We were going to have a picnic at the top of the hill nearby Altira (we did not know the name, which would hinder a late friend from joining us). It would be apparent soon that it was a mistake.

It was so hot. The park was a good twenty minutes and the heat was killing us. When we finally reached the park, all the boys just threw their shirts off! Lyka had made some brownies with marshmallows on top which melted into a layer of white by the time we reached the top. Still tasted great though :). We didn’t do much up there, simply due to they insane heat. We listened to music using my Boombox, toke photos with a compact and fooled around. Currently we are obsessed with this song:

Eventually we couldn’t take the heat. We retreated to McDonald’s to hog up space and eat some of the food we prepared. We didn’t even order anything. Soon afterwards we all split up to get showered and ready for John’s F4 Graduation Party. Joel and I went to Liam’s. We had some Mac n Cheese, watched some Youtube. Then Joel decided to start a Game in Nba 2k12 as Larry Bird. During his game, I was called repeatedly by Joao and John. I kept telling them we were at the bus stop and we ended up being about an hour late. Whoops.

When we were all gathered, it was decided that we should have something to eat before going out. The rich ones among us went to Fruitarian and the rest ended up in McDonald’s (again). While eating Liam noticed that the “rich ones” had taken a photo of them eating. We decided to counter by all posing (there were about 3 times more of us) , taking a photo and tagging them. The power of 3G!

We then bought drinks for the Party and were off!

*** For my own safety reasons (lol) I have censored this part of the story until a later time, at the discretion of my wise friend Miguel. I shall post it privately and reveal it later.***

Read tomorrow’s post on the party’s aftermath.

It’s hard writing a blog for a few days before (no idea how im going to do the China trip ones.) Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything.

Day 43: Stay in bed, Stay Indoors

Todays morning was dedicated to a competition with my friend Martharoot. We were both going to stay in bed for as long as possible. No leaving up to pee, change clothes or eat. Nothing. Everything must be done on the bed. At first I was losing, having drunk a litre of water before. I spent the next few hours watching YouTube and fiddling uncomfortably on my bed. I seriously thought I was going to lose. Me, the man with the platinum bladder. Then, the tide turned. She drunk orange juice. initially it had no effect but it diddled its way into her digestive system. She finally surrendered, at around 2 in the afternoon. After celebrating my victory, I waited a while, making sure I had won then rushed to the bathroom. One of the longest, most relaxing urination in my life. You might have to click to see. My face and my friends are censored using my pro photo editing skills.

Afterwards I finally got to try the new Team Fortress 2 Mode. Mann Vs Machine. It’s so cool. Thats all I can say. I love Valve for it. Its sooo amazing and fun :D! The first game I played was as a heavy. You got to upgrade your firing speed and bullet penetration. The robots also make very good enemies. Please try it, its completely free!

In the middle of the day, Macau was hit by typhoon 3. Originally we were going to have a sleepover at John’s, but the rain dissuaded us. It’s going to be typhoon 8 at around midnight.

Don’t Cockroaches have any self preservation? I flush 20 of their offspring down the sink and the adults just hang around. My weapon of choice, a wet toilette. I can use it to whip the cockroaches, knock them from cover or use it to cover my hand and do some old fashion squashing. So many damn cockroaches.

Day 30: Midnight Gaming Marathon

Despite having potentially the most freedom of any day of the summer, I did nothing out of the ordinary. I did not even read or excercise and thus the chain is broken again.

Chester made me go downstairs sick, in my PJ’s and infront of his friend that he did not mention to give him a motherboard box that he interntionally left at my house. I later retailed asking my friend John not to help him pirate games. hehe :).

The Trailer App on the IPad is excellent. My long list of movies to watch are getting ever longer. Looper, Last Guardians..just too many to name!

The only thing I did was my one-day pass of freedom is stay up to play games. My labours in a game called Tribes Ascen where for this:

It shoots futuristic discs of death!

Day 22: Papaya Soap

Shortly after posting my first article today, my friend Joel called telling me he was coming over. He was going to bring me papaya soap! I was excited to see him again, him being gone for so long. He came over for a bit and chilled, we just caught up and exchanged stories.

Not much happened in the afternoon. We ate dinner at home and we played League of Legends and Left 4 Dead 2 most of the evening. Since Joel’s return, him, my brother, bruno, ivan and me started to play ranked games (5v5) in League of Legends. We. Got. Throttled.

It has come to my attention that I have forgotten to post video footage and photos from my time wandering around the Venetian and Galaxy . No promises, but I haven’t forgotten.

Day 20: End of a lazy day

The rest of my day was spent playing games, listening to (you can get his music for free) and updating the blog. I spent a lot of time on the left 4 dead 2 article, so I would appreciate if you check it out ^^. Here are some more screens from my play through with my buddies.

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Left 4 Dead 2 with friends

Some screenshots from my time with friends in Left 4 Dead 2. Going to try something other then gallery to display this.

I tried using a gallery for the first 3 photos but it screwed up T.T The first 3 are the ones I want you to see.

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Us in the escape plane, flying off into the horizon

Dead Woman

Poor girl, looks like she tried to escape to the bathroom.

Shcoked Zombie

She seems a bit unhappy that my friend blew her companions head off.


A quick shove should calm her down.