Day 56: The Second Leg of the last journey

After a long day out it was time to find a place to sleep (spontaneous sleepover ftw!). We decided to go to Tasha’s house but due to our poor decision making Liam and I ended up without taxi. It toke us half an hour to get a taxi, with our friends arriving and showering before we even got into a taxi. Liam and Bruno had a puking contest to pass the time. Eventually we got a taxi but not in the way you would expect. My friends Ivan and Cassidy where visiting a nearby friend’s house that was with us. Their taxi driver was closing up shop, but agreed to drive us to Macau. A God send.

Sleeping at Tasha’s was nice as always. I always feel a home there. Everyone got showered up (except John :P) than despite for being up for nearly twenty hours we watched some movies, first Quarantine 2: The Terminal. The boy is so stupid in that movie. Next was the last half of Shark Night. Really bad CGI and highly improbable story. More comedy then horror.

Afterwards we all just drifted of to sleep. I slept around 6 and was awoken at about 1 by Joao. He slept at Joao’s (taking on for the team since there was no room) (there are two Joao’s, I shall call one Joao C. from now on to prevent confusion) and called everyone in the house multiple times. I had 10 missed calls when I finally picked up.

I was so happy. I have no idea, but when I awoke I was just so happy. I was sleeping with my green hoddy that I had the foresight to bring and was just so light and happy like. Kinda like a happiness hangover.

We all were in a bit of a state of suspended animation. We just sat there making fun of Channel V stuff. We all ate some form of Cup Noodles and got dressed and left for lunch. Guess what we had? McDonald’s.

When I finally arrived home I was greeted by great news! Logitech, without a doubt (ok, maybe Corsair) is my favourite peripheral producer. They have a branch called Ultimate ear which just released their first headphones and a new boombox! They all look so appealing and must sound great! I want them despite buying new headphones recently. I’m such a materialist. Then I saw the trailer for the new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It looks soo good! I’m such a nerd 😛

Off to work on the China Blogs now. Wish me luck!


Day 55: Picnic Day: The Last Major Excursion of Summer 2012

A polar opposite of the day before I slept like a baby. A solid 10 hours of pure, unadulterated sleep. It prepared me well for the day ahead.

One of the first things I head in the morning was that Tata was staying full-time. Great thing to hear! Let’s me worry less about how the house isn’t going to burn down and more about studying and improving stuff.

I spent the early morning gaming and revisting an old favourite. I played a quick game of League of Legends simply to get the win of the day bonus. I couldn’t decide who to get next. Garen or Singed? One is a bruiser that swings in circles to damage people and the other runs around with chemical fumes. Perfect time to try the poll.

I also revisited one of my old favourites. Day of Defeat Source. I started straight where I left off: Mastering the M1 Garand on Donner on a server that only plays that map.

I then had the quick lunches and along with some last-minute sandwiches made by Tata and the snack from yesterday I was off to met Marilda.

We all met up by a hotel known as Altira which was near the picnic destination. It was the largest gathering of friends yet. Everyone had returned from summer holiday and it was good to have a get together. We were going to have a picnic at the top of the hill nearby Altira (we did not know the name, which would hinder a late friend from joining us). It would be apparent soon that it was a mistake.

It was so hot. The park was a good twenty minutes and the heat was killing us. When we finally reached the park, all the boys just threw their shirts off! Lyka had made some brownies with marshmallows on top which melted into a layer of white by the time we reached the top. Still tasted great though :). We didn’t do much up there, simply due to they insane heat. We listened to music using my Boombox, toke photos with a compact and fooled around. Currently we are obsessed with this song:

Eventually we couldn’t take the heat. We retreated to McDonald’s to hog up space and eat some of the food we prepared. We didn’t even order anything. Soon afterwards we all split up to get showered and ready for John’s F4 Graduation Party. Joel and I went to Liam’s. We had some Mac n Cheese, watched some Youtube. Then Joel decided to start a Game in Nba 2k12 as Larry Bird. During his game, I was called repeatedly by Joao and John. I kept telling them we were at the bus stop and we ended up being about an hour late. Whoops.

When we were all gathered, it was decided that we should have something to eat before going out. The rich ones among us went to Fruitarian and the rest ended up in McDonald’s (again). While eating Liam noticed that the “rich ones” had taken a photo of them eating. We decided to counter by all posing (there were about 3 times more of us) , taking a photo and tagging them. The power of 3G!

We then bought drinks for the Party and were off!

*** For my own safety reasons (lol) I have censored this part of the story until a later time, at the discretion of my wise friend Miguel. I shall post it privately and reveal it later.***

Read tomorrow’s post on the party’s aftermath.

It’s hard writing a blog for a few days before (no idea how im going to do the China trip ones.) Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything.

Day 54: Insomnia and Insanity

I couldn’t sleep. I had stayed up to finish my blog and now I was paying the price. Hours of tossing and turning. I tried washing my face, drinking water, turning on the aircon, listening to music, sleeping upside down and without pillow to without avail. My constant movement spurred my mother to try to help me get to bed. She sat by me quietly, gently massaging me and trying to gently lure me to sleep. Just a reminder how kind she was. By the time I got to bed it was around six and an hour later it was time for swimming.

Lyka had experienced a similar problem and was running on two hours of sleep. After two cups of water for breakfast and bare bone hygiene I was out the door. Then I went to meet Lyka. I was starving so we decided to go to McDonald’s for a while to get something to eat. While there we started to have doubts if we were gonna get any swimming done. We were dauntless however and trudged on to our destination.

We went to swim at a public pool at a place called Mount Carmel which is near the Cotai Casino Strip and a lake. The is where the yearly Lusofania is held aswell.

The place where the days exploits began

Lyka knew how to swim, but we went there to iron out the kinks if you will; perfect her freestyle. We made good progress, and in the end swam about 10 laps over the course of an hour. While leaving for the changing room, I unintentionally ended up in the woman changing room. Luckily I was unnoticed and made haste my escape!

Lyka was taking a shower so I had some time to play around with my new compact camera. Obviously not as good as my Nikon, but it’s so handy to just video blog and point and shoot. I got to take some photos of the surrounding areas.

Old traditional Portuguese house that is now a museum

Street Art on Mount Carmel

We then finally got to met Liam after our failed attempt on Sunday. They were chilling at Liam’s house. Man it was good to see him again! We ended up watching lots of trailers for horror movies. Also this:

We ended singing it the entire day -,-

We had a quick-lunch at Liam’s and then were off to dance practice. Liam wanted to start a dedicated group of dancers and it was a debut practice. They made a dance to Mercy by Kanye West. You hear the same part over and over again, you just start hating the song. Lyka and I, not being dancers were quite bored but came to support anyways. We danced for a good four hours and were off for dinner.

We had dinner at Little Red Panda again. Most of the predinner time was spent taking and hiding each others things. On the way to the bus stop we stopped at US Mart to get some Laffy Taffy.

Before I could go home and rest I needed to do one last thing. We were having a Picnic tomorrow and me and Marilda were in charge of chips and utensils. We spent more time than needed, blankly looking at items and talking. Marilda crashes the cart. Alot.

Tomorow there’s going to be a picnic, then John has planned this F4 graduation Party before school starts. Then were gonna sleep over somewhere. Better get some sleep now I suppose..

Two Random Things.

My mom got to see the Chinese Gold Medalist today, including a Ping Pong Player named Ding Ning which I cheered on and made fun off a few weeks back.

My headphones are actually sounding bad due to bad MP3’s.  A rewatched review alerted me to that.

Day 53: Back to the trade

Ah back to blogging! It’s been a solid half a week without using a computer so it will take some time to get out of writer’s block. O well, no use complaining let’s go straight in.

Today is the last day of what I call “The Great Ta-ta drought.” Our helper will be back on Monday to patch us up. On a side note my cockroach house has accumulated many guests over the past few days (fewer then I hoped) but it’s still a fair catch. At least we are combating them somehow, damn vermin.

Breakfast was at the normal cafe. For some reason I paid more attention to today’s bible preaching. I don’t know if it was a good speaker, or that I read the english version beforehand but it’s worthy of note. Today we played a game which was basically church monopoly. First one to build 10 churches wins. There were special event cards like temptation, blessings and justice. surprisingly fun. I minor annoyance is Annie (a girl in my class) is getting a bit clingy. She didn’t leave when we stayed (she could have left) and to makes matters worse my mom decided to drive her home and have lunch with her.

Then I went to meet up with Joel at his house with Joao. I haven’t seen Joao for the entire summer and it was good seeing him again :). The gang was finally getting back together. We headed to the back streets of Central Macau for a cheap haircut at Smart Saloon. It’s run by men with an alternative lifestyle (nothing against them btw). When it was my turn I toke some time to talk to my dresser. He told me some hair tips and explained he was using a thin comb to well.. thin out my front bang. He then proceeded to gel it, making me look emo and a slight shade of cool. It was only temporary, since I have no how to clay hair.

We then met up with Joel’s sister Lyka and looked at some of the local shops. Some attractive stuff, but none of us had money to drop. On the way to the bus a prostitute whispered at Joao calling him to follow her. So there was that..

The Real reason we went out today was to greet our friend Liam who was coming back. He was in South Africa the entire summer. Joao in his infinite wisdom only brought enough money for the haircut so we were of to his house to get some money.

We spent a few good hours in Joao’s house watching youtube on his Tv and testing out his speakers (if you remember I helped him pick a while back). We made multiple calls to Liam’s house but to no avail. I was also lucky enough to ask Lyka about the girl I met before (same school). She told me somethings that weren’t too flattering but I’ll i guess I’ll have to judge for myself.We didn’t even know what time he was coming back. Eventually our hunger drove us from our chill spot. Joao didn’t get any money.

We then waited at McDonald’s even longer, waiting for a call from his house phone. After finishing our food we finally decided to go to Venetian. Venetian is always a nice place to kill an afternoon. We look at clothes we can’t buy, check out shoes etc. I was also fortunate enough to be wearing my swatch, and had it adjusted to fit even my skinny wrist. It was completely free and the guy was really nice about it! Yay swatch watch!

When we finally left and were making our way into Taipa we ran into Marilda! She decided to part ways with her parents and have dinner with us. It was already late so we ended having McDonald…again. We called one last time; still not home. Well this was a disappointment. After Mcdonalds we all just went home.

I made the mistake of not bringing my camera for anything, but today I decided not to bring my bag so no photos for this one (please don’t be mad!). I also made the mistake of playing one game of League of Legends with Joel which really dragged out the night. Liam finally called Joel at around 11.

Tomorrow I’m going swimming with Lyka early in the morning and then meeting Liam for some dance stuff. Goodnight 🙂

Im back! A quick Update

Hey everybody!

I’ve finally returned from my four day trip from mainland China. I toke lots of photo’s (to the point I had to delete some stuff) and hopefully I can get it to you soon. I spent the rest of today resting and will start work on the blog earnestly tommorow.

I will try to continue with daily blog posts as before as well as right the trip blogs which take more time. Also I did really well in League of Legends today. I use this guy called Singed that does damage by running away basically!

Day 48: Lets give goats to villagers

The day started with lunch with my grandma’s. Traditional Chinese food just feels feeling and solid. However she melt me feel even more like a spoiled brat by giving me a compact camera for my good grades. Then she gave us RMB to spend on the upcoming trip. I should be thankful, but it’s a bit too much. I feel guilty, I don’t even want to post a photo of the camera.

I’ve recently begun playing more of a game called Demigod. It’s similar to League of Legends, but on a bigger scale. It’s one of the few games I have on my pc that doesn’t need internet to run. Having played League of Legends a lot I know understood all the terms with-in the game. I’m trying to master a champion called the Rook, who is basically a walking castle.

After playing a game of League of Legends, I went to Joel’s house as we got dressed. Then we went to Taipa to go John’s house for a movie.

Natasha who was in England and Europe for most of the year was there, as well as John’s sister Linda. Good to see her again. Despite my protests, we had to watch a horror movie. We watched Cabin in the Woods that had interesting ideas, but wasn’t very scary specially near the end. For some reason, John and us found it funny but I won’t give away the best bits. It has a great mashup of horror ideas and themes and an interesting take on why they happen.

We then had dinner at Little Panda. It’s the place we go when we want something cheap that isn’t Mcdonald. John bought Macdonald’s instead and came along. We had a good chat there, talking about how schools gonna be and personal problems.

Joel and I toke the bus back to Macau. We always seem to have something to talk about. It’s only going to be for half a week, but I’m gonna miss Macau.

Tomorrow I’m going on a trip to China with the church. We are going to help a community in mostly rural areas. Last time we went there in Winter (freezing man..) we gave each family a goat. This times focus will be mostly agricultural. I’ve been able to blog every single day (with a few exceptions but I caught up) this summer without fail. This will be the first major hiccup in my plans. I’ve decided to take notes while there and right a big 49-52 Day of summer blog post about my time there.

Day 47: Spicy Rice and even Spicier Jokes


Last Night I stayed up till two talking to Marilda and listening to music with my new headphones. I think you have to burn them in, but that is a bit of a tech myth. For some reason I’m more hyper at night. Guess my internal clock is all messed up.

Today was the first day we felt the impact of being “Ta-ta less.” My parents woke up early to get us breakfast. My family is very helper reliant (we are pretty useless and are busy). Today I decided to try the Masala tea. We screwed it up. Also the cockroach house I put house pulled in a fair catch, around 10 cockroaches.

Due to poor coordination my dad had 10 minutes to get to the ferry. Quite a fair bit of hustling.

I’m also doing more extensive testing of my headphones. Sometimes they feel a bit shaky, especially in intense parts. They seem to sound good when bass is more important, and sounded quite decent with treble reducer on my iPod.


Then my brother, mother and I went out for lunch. I stopped by the money exchange my RMB (my dad gives my allowance in it) to Macau Money. We then had lunch at a noodle place. While their John invited me to go swimming with him and his sister. I politely declined, I had other plans.

I then met Marilda where we always meet. The temple, the middle point of our two houses. I haven’t seen her for two months! Last nights conversation didn’t help quell my excitement. I was standing there, earlier then her as usual and then I see her. Just wadling around with her pink shirt and shorts. We have this ritual when we catch sight of each other we just stare and use body language to say “O DAMNN!” We just stare it each down. Just like old times, we pick up right where we left off. It was so good to see her again, having missed her all summer. She talked to me about her two months to Australia as we toke a bus to Taipa.

We decided to meet up at our signature restraunt San Mun Sushi, which translates to three dollar sushi. Marilda and I arrived first but everyone followed shortly. I won’t hinder you with the names but a lot of us were there. Later Lyka (Joel’s sister) and Vanessa split of to meet my friend Nicole.

We then proceeded to go biking. We were planning to bike all the to Coloane again, but it became quickly apparent we wouldn’t make it far. We ended up going to the Macau Stadium known as the Egg dome instead.

We then rested at McDonald’s. We chatted there for a while, but we hadn’t bought anything. We did one of the most hobo-ist things ever. We toke someones tray to put  on our table. I feel ashamed.

We then had FROZEN YOGURT. It’s simply soo good.


We arrived in Macau and walked Martharoot home. We decided to have a quick break that turned into quite a long one by the lake side. Toke some really nice photos! On a side not im working on the other ones!

We then meet Joel and went to Taipa for some Thai Food. Highlight of the day. If not for the food, but for the sheer amount of laughter. I hadn’t laughed that hard in ages. It was nearly 10 and were the almost the last table there.

The Other Half of Day 46: Headphone Woes

Shortly after opening my new headphones I was noticing some oddities. The highs were really harsh and some times it sounded unclear. I kept trying to ignore it, but it soon became apparent that they weren’t living up to my expectations. As almost to reinforce this point, my dad came in to try my new headphones. In less than 30 seconds, he toke em off and said “I bought these because you wanted the, but there not as good as the other one’s I gave you.” He made me listen to music using his Cowon Mp3 using the beats and then my new Panasonic to show the difference. The difference was almost painful to hear (quite literally). Not only was the beats bass better and the highs actually clear, but the Panasonic failed to reproduce the clarity of a females voice inside sounding scrambled and sharp. While understanding the price difference, it was very disappointing. He told me “If your going to buy, at least buy something better, don’t downgrade.” It made me feel very bad indeed 😦 At least I learnt from my mistakes.

As if to add insult to injury, the internet started acting up. After one game of League of Legends, it started to crash in our second causing us to lose the match. Then when I switched to YouTube, it would completely disconnect from the internet (rather than the usual limited connectivity). I decided to play Bejeweled on mute and play some of my music. strangely the Panasonic started sounding not as bad as I used em more. Perhaps I should allow them to burn in, and I’ll get back to you on that.

We then had dinner with my mom’s mom. While I usually don’t enjoy going there the day decided to give me a break. There was lots of laughter, and a good assortment of dishes. It’s a shame that we don’t go more, seeing as we live a block away. It was good to have a good family gathering. My aunt gave me a cockroach house which I’ll explain later to handle our escalating arthropod problem.

After walking my mom half way to church I went home to set up my cockroach “house.” It works by luring them with some food, and as the enter my the house they get stuck on sticky paper. Knowing they are almost oblvious to there dead brethren it should be effective.

I also changed my theme to Piano Black. Is it easier to read, how do you like it?

Day 44: Uneventful day Inside a Ieong Household

I am at a loss words. There is almost nothing I did today that was out of the ordinary.

The day started with me walking up for lunch as per usual. We had noodles for the third day in a row. Guess my helpers creativity for meals is going down.

I got into the steam community beta~! . It’s really something. I have early access to it because I earned a steam badge called “Pillar of Steam” for doing community things like commenting and recommending games. Really like the new interface and just shows how awesome valve is. Was able to send my friend Star-Kron an invite to the beta, and used the opportunity to send him a code for King Arthur and to thank him for being a good friend and supporting my blog. He’s also got one on WordPress!

Its Gamescon at the moment, so there is lots of gaming news to read. I’m going to be in Hong Kong tomorrow so hopefully that will be fun. We were suppose to go warming today but guess it just didn’t happen. Wish I went out more. Played lots of League of Legends and groomed over the new steam update.

Day 41: Snooker and Sneakers

I slept in the living room to complete the living room day and woke up to sunshine blaring in my face. It was a good change to my normal groggy beginnings. I texted Joel and John, telling them get over by 1 so my mom could drive us to the war game place.

Joel arrived early, he wanted to buy a keyboard. We ended up with a keyboard named the Knucker.

Eventually everyone was grouped up at my house. There was only one problem. My mom had decided to leave the house. When she finally did arrived, we all crammed into our small Nissan Tiida. She didn’t remember how to get there.

We met up with our friends Chester and Dicky for war gaming. We went up to book the war gaming. “I’m sorry, we only are open Monday, Sunday, Saturday and Friday.” -,-. When we went bowling, we had the worst clerk ever. First he complains about our student id’s. When Joel says Shit he goes “Please, Don’t Swear.” Later when my friend John said WTF, Joel, right in front of the clerk “Please, Don’t Swear.” Due to his stalling and nagging, the last lane gets booked and we leave to play snooker.

We then played snooker for the first time. Going in, it felt like the Macau Underground. It was good. Our first game, most of the points were from penalties.

After a solid few hours we walked down a street that was almost exclusively owned by a chain of shoe stores. We then ate at a small street food shop. I had these rich curry noodles. We then returned for a few rounds of snooker, then Joel and I went back to my house.

The timing of our arrival caused a unique predicament. We haven’t had dinner, and my maid was just leaving the house. Joel decided to cook, so we made eggs and Mi-Go-Reng instant noodles. It took us awhile, both of us waay out of practice and me not knowing where anything was.

I also watched Planet Dinosaur today. A bit repetitive, but still entertaining nonetheless. I kept screaming LIES when they said there was a carnivore bigger then the T-rex. Played League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 for the rest of the night with friends.

My apologizes for stale writing, I’m writing this in a tired state of mind.