Sunday, Church Days, A Christmas Prelude

So much church related stuff today…

For the Christmas service I narrated a video, introduced a song and made my baptism statement. A bit to handle but it all went smoothly.

Later in the afternoon we went on a small “spreading the word trip.” We had this open topped bus and everything. I enjoyed shouting greetings to passing pedestrians. I also got a chance to wear my ushanka, perfect timing since it is the coldest it has been in Macau in ages. For the fliers, i found a way to give out this small cards ones by propping them up like dinner menus at random places. We later appeared on TV, being followed by a tv crew the majority of the time.

I was supposed to spend the evening being productive but just watched Justice League instead. Troll…


Sunday, December 9th, The One Wedding to end them all

Today is my Sunday school teacher, chad’s wedding. There are lots of decorations up (some of which I helped) but what I found the most interesting are the giant books containing their pre-marriage photos. The photo shopped ones are particularly awesome.

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This Weekend…(November 12&13)


Today I went to have new glasses made, as well as get my eyes checked. My area has lots of specialist glass shops (almost an over saturation). We went to the glasses shop that my parents went to as young adults and have built up a solid relationship with.

They immediately deduced that I had again, broke my glasses through basketball. They offered to give me a temporary hinge for my lenses as the prepared me new ones. I then went for a quick vision test to see how badly my vision has worsened since the last time I had them checked (about a year ago). My eyesight was 25 degrees higher (not too much of an increase compared with last time). More worrying was my glare, or that’s how my mom translated it. It was now 75, with the real problems starting at 100 degrees. To avoid it, he said to not use screens, read books or watch TV in the dark. Health can be depressing sometimes.

Miraculously my lens fit exactly into a spare frame they had. Very lucky considering that my lenses were shaved to fit my last frame.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for and watching from and returning from the UFC fight.

UFC Macau Banner


Today was a lazy Sunday. An unvoiced unanimous decision by the whole family to sit at home and do nothing. I toke the chance to do some work, start using my mole skine and mess around with my DSLR. I’ve learned to zoom better and how to use monochrome. One of my favorite shots from my expedition around the room.

D-50C Loto Monochrome

Dat focus

I also started something called Shave Sunday, and Scrub Sunday. I know it sounds silly but it reminds me and motivates me to try to have a “clean” start to the week :).

Charity Weekend


Today my friends and I volunteered for some charity work. It was a found raiser where kids go out onto the streets and sell stickers in return for a small donation. As older kids, we where in charge of the small “squads” in an area.

I knew immediately that this was going to be a drag if I didn’t make it more interesting for myself. It was gonna be three hours in the same area and I had a cold. So I decided to treat it like a small war game. I was Captain Young, of the Terran Conglomerate, leader of squad 3. I was in charge of two outposts, a war zone (street) apart. The first outpost had Alpha and Bravo, while outpost two had Charlie, Delta and Echo. I walked around like an officer and constantly demanded progress reports. Continue reading

Last Sunday of Oktober

I like how even small changes can make somewhere you go to all the time look completely different. The diner we went to have our Sunday morning breakfast had changed all their tables. On the overhead tv, an absurd Chinese kung fu movie was playing with a woman materializing out of an umbrella, a guy using his hair to suffocate people and paper tags that chased people.

Our church is experiencing some small problems which including a large amount of people leaving for other churches, and a low/slow attendance rate of our remaining members. Today’s lesson was about being thankful for things, even odd things like being able to poop and fart. My teacher says there signs off a healthy person.

He then started to reminisce about Macau’s old days. He reckons it was better back then. He could bike everywhere, the buses weren’t crowded and the air was clearer. He then proceeded to tell us about his misfortunes as a kid. In his youth he was able to:

  • Nearly Choke to death on a pork chop
  • Get pushed down the stairs by his sister
  • Break his leg playing…basketball. And it was his thigh bone (which is harder the concrete!)

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October’s Big Sunday

Today has been a big day for me. I did so much, felt so much, experienced so much. There is no way I can, with any quality or without boring you, write about it all in one post. At this very moment the ideas are spilling out of my head into the abyss. So I have decided to split it into three parts, each more in-depth then if they were written as a singular blob.

  1. The speaking competition
  2. After the speaking competition
  3. The Concert

Day 60: The Final 24 Hours of Summer

My last day of unadulterated freedom. Hard to savour really, considering I have manged to catch a cold again. I’m not prepared to go back to school. I don’t want to be restrained. I don’t want to have wear black shoes, shave or wake up early. I haven’t even bought the books yet. Guess I’ll have to walk in and see how it goes…

Jessica was at Sunday School today (the girl I met on the China Trip). She had gone a trip straight after the one to Hing Ling to a place called Chong San. It was her last day her before she returned home to Hong Kong and started school like everyone else. She had bought a tiny Brazilian Turtle in Chong San, and hot damn was it cute! I wish I had brought my compact, but it was basically the size of my palm and was kept in a small plastic cage with air holes on top. Sunday school went off without a hassle (Randy kept picking on me though -,-!) and we played Wolverine at the end of the class. It’s full name is actually Wolverines of Miller’s Hollow.

We had lunch at a Tennis Club, as we often do on Sundays. Including the things we normally order like spaghetti and salad, we had this fried breadcrumb pork chop today. Mmm. The Tennis Club is a small Portuguese Styled restaurant that sits on the side of the reservoir by Macau Tower. It can be described as small, homely and professional.

Since this is the last day of summer I toke some time sift through to-do-list. Here are the videos and photos from photography day (that was about a month ago!) Had to make a Flickr just to share em all!

Also here are the photos that I toke around Venetian on Movie Marathon Day.

And a compilation of videos I toke while there:

I toke a small nap after returning from lunch and then watched the 5th Naruto Shippuden Movie called: Blood Prison. My brother’s computer had been acting up all week so I had to help him try to fix it. Thankfully, my friend Star-Kron was on hand to give me tips, download and instructions. This wasn’t the way I intended to spend my last day of summer, but gotta help my brother out.

We then had dinner at in all you can eat Japanese buffet. The service was kinda bad. We sat down twice, only to be rudely asked to move. Unlike a normal buffet you need to order what you wanna eat, it being still unlimited. The food was incredibly sub par. From sushi to tempura to even miso soap. They also came in incredibly small portions. The only thing that they didn’t screw up was the coke.

After dinner we went for a walk by the sea-side.

Once home I finished watching the rest of my movie and wrote the final posts of the summer blog.

Day 53: Back to the trade

Ah back to blogging! It’s been a solid half a week without using a computer so it will take some time to get out of writer’s block. O well, no use complaining let’s go straight in.

Today is the last day of what I call “The Great Ta-ta drought.” Our helper will be back on Monday to patch us up. On a side note my cockroach house has accumulated many guests over the past few days (fewer then I hoped) but it’s still a fair catch. At least we are combating them somehow, damn vermin.

Breakfast was at the normal cafe. For some reason I paid more attention to today’s bible preaching. I don’t know if it was a good speaker, or that I read the english version beforehand but it’s worthy of note. Today we played a game which was basically church monopoly. First one to build 10 churches wins. There were special event cards like temptation, blessings and justice. surprisingly fun. I minor annoyance is Annie (a girl in my class) is getting a bit clingy. She didn’t leave when we stayed (she could have left) and to makes matters worse my mom decided to drive her home and have lunch with her.

Then I went to meet up with Joel at his house with Joao. I haven’t seen Joao for the entire summer and it was good seeing him again :). The gang was finally getting back together. We headed to the back streets of Central Macau for a cheap haircut at Smart Saloon. It’s run by men with an alternative lifestyle (nothing against them btw). When it was my turn I toke some time to talk to my dresser. He told me some hair tips and explained he was using a thin comb to well.. thin out my front bang. He then proceeded to gel it, making me look emo and a slight shade of cool. It was only temporary, since I have no how to clay hair.

We then met up with Joel’s sister Lyka and looked at some of the local shops. Some attractive stuff, but none of us had money to drop. On the way to the bus a prostitute whispered at Joao calling him to follow her. So there was that..

The Real reason we went out today was to greet our friend Liam who was coming back. He was in South Africa the entire summer. Joao in his infinite wisdom only brought enough money for the haircut so we were of to his house to get some money.

We spent a few good hours in Joao’s house watching youtube on his Tv and testing out his speakers (if you remember I helped him pick a while back). We made multiple calls to Liam’s house but to no avail. I was also lucky enough to ask Lyka about the girl I met before (same school). She told me somethings that weren’t too flattering but I’ll i guess I’ll have to judge for myself.We didn’t even know what time he was coming back. Eventually our hunger drove us from our chill spot. Joao didn’t get any money.

We then waited at McDonald’s even longer, waiting for a call from his house phone. After finishing our food we finally decided to go to Venetian. Venetian is always a nice place to kill an afternoon. We look at clothes we can’t buy, check out shoes etc. I was also fortunate enough to be wearing my swatch, and had it adjusted to fit even my skinny wrist. It was completely free and the guy was really nice about it! Yay swatch watch!

When we finally left and were making our way into Taipa we ran into Marilda! She decided to part ways with her parents and have dinner with us. It was already late so we ended having McDonald…again. We called one last time; still not home. Well this was a disappointment. After Mcdonalds we all just went home.

I made the mistake of not bringing my camera for anything, but today I decided not to bring my bag so no photos for this one (please don’t be mad!). I also made the mistake of playing one game of League of Legends with Joel which really dragged out the night. Liam finally called Joel at around 11.

Tomorrow I’m going swimming with Lyka early in the morning and then meeting Liam for some dance stuff. Goodnight 🙂

Tea and Headphones: The First Half Day 46

For breakfast we ate at the regular cafe. While eating my egg sandwich I got strangly entranced by the Power Rangers on the tv. i was never really a power ranger kid, mostly perferring Ed Edd and Eddy and scooby do. Watching made me realize how some of these kids shows are a bit dumbed down. I suppose there suppose to be. After power rangers came on a show called Fairy Tails came on. It was an anime my friend Chester had spoken about before.

At church, during the young service the lead singer asked for someone to come up and make actions for the song. An awkward silence. “I was in India, and I got a price for the one that comes up.” An awkwarder silence. Trying to keep the ball rolling I volunteered. I was rewarded with some Masala Tea. My mom had brought some back when she went to Hyderabad. I was suprised that the price was relavent at all.

There was a new girl at church today so we played games to make her feel more welcome. The other girl that was new a few weeks ago seems to have become a regular. We played lots of games related to each others names so the new comer could recognize us quicker. We then settled down for a board game called Incan Gold. Its a game where there are 5 rounds. Its based on risk, reward and the greediness of each player. Each turn a card is flipped. It can be gold or a hazard. Each time a card is drawn you can decide if you wanna cut ur loses and leave with the gold or see if you can get more.

As we were leaving my mother was trying to set her computer up. She kept claiming that a certain cable connected the ampflier would show the image on the projecter. Desptie our protest she claimed it was true. We eventually sorted it out, but it was one of the bigger arguements we had in awhile.

We then had lunch at a noodle store and went off to buy my headphones which would be a gift for my good grades in the IGCSE’s. OK, after this im not going to buy anything. I’m starting to feel a bit like a spoilt brat -,-. My brother did not make it easier for me. My mother wasn’t very willing to buy me it and eventually my brother gave her the idea of trading my new headphones for my beats. I begrudignly agreed. I really like them though:

I’m becoming a bit of an audio tech collector, aren’t I?