Last day of term break(October)

The morning started well. I used the Internet and was able to finish the mini vacation blog posts.

After lunch at my grandma’s I went to tapia to study math with some friends at the library. We didn’t end up working.

I could have cut my loses there, but I just made the hole even deeper. We penny boarded round taipa, ate at McDonalds and checked sport shops.

I had dinner with my other grandma and spent the last few hours of the term break planning and studying math.

Written on the Itouch, edited and tagged on the PC :).


Day 54: Insomnia and Insanity

I couldn’t sleep. I had stayed up to finish my blog and now I was paying the price. Hours of tossing and turning. I tried washing my face, drinking water, turning on the aircon, listening to music, sleeping upside down and without pillow to without avail. My constant movement spurred my mother to try to help me get to bed. She sat by me quietly, gently massaging me and trying to gently lure me to sleep. Just a reminder how kind she was. By the time I got to bed it was around six and an hour later it was time for swimming.

Lyka had experienced a similar problem and was running on two hours of sleep. After two cups of water for breakfast and bare bone hygiene I was out the door. Then I went to meet Lyka. I was starving so we decided to go to McDonald’s for a while to get something to eat. While there we started to have doubts if we were gonna get any swimming done. We were dauntless however and trudged on to our destination.

We went to swim at a public pool at a place called Mount Carmel which is near the Cotai Casino Strip and a lake. The is where the yearly Lusofania is held aswell.

The place where the days exploits began

Lyka knew how to swim, but we went there to iron out the kinks if you will; perfect her freestyle. We made good progress, and in the end swam about 10 laps over the course of an hour. While leaving for the changing room, I unintentionally ended up in the woman changing room. Luckily I was unnoticed and made haste my escape!

Lyka was taking a shower so I had some time to play around with my new compact camera. Obviously not as good as my Nikon, but it’s so handy to just video blog and point and shoot. I got to take some photos of the surrounding areas.

Old traditional Portuguese house that is now a museum

Street Art on Mount Carmel

We then finally got to met Liam after our failed attempt on Sunday. They were chilling at Liam’s house. Man it was good to see him again! We ended up watching lots of trailers for horror movies. Also this:

We ended singing it the entire day -,-

We had a quick-lunch at Liam’s and then were off to dance practice. Liam wanted to start a dedicated group of dancers and it was a debut practice. They made a dance to Mercy by Kanye West. You hear the same part over and over again, you just start hating the song. Lyka and I, not being dancers were quite bored but came to support anyways. We danced for a good four hours and were off for dinner.

We had dinner at Little Red Panda again. Most of the predinner time was spent taking and hiding each others things. On the way to the bus stop we stopped at US Mart to get some Laffy Taffy.

Before I could go home and rest I needed to do one last thing. We were having a Picnic tomorrow and me and Marilda were in charge of chips and utensils. We spent more time than needed, blankly looking at items and talking. Marilda crashes the cart. Alot.

Tomorow there’s going to be a picnic, then John has planned this F4 graduation Party before school starts. Then were gonna sleep over somewhere. Better get some sleep now I suppose..

Two Random Things.

My mom got to see the Chinese Gold Medalist today, including a Ping Pong Player named Ding Ning which I cheered on and made fun off a few weeks back.

My headphones are actually sounding bad due to bad MP3’s.  A rewatched review alerted me to that.

Day 47: Spicy Rice and even Spicier Jokes


Last Night I stayed up till two talking to Marilda and listening to music with my new headphones. I think you have to burn them in, but that is a bit of a tech myth. For some reason I’m more hyper at night. Guess my internal clock is all messed up.

Today was the first day we felt the impact of being “Ta-ta less.” My parents woke up early to get us breakfast. My family is very helper reliant (we are pretty useless and are busy). Today I decided to try the Masala tea. We screwed it up. Also the cockroach house I put house pulled in a fair catch, around 10 cockroaches.

Due to poor coordination my dad had 10 minutes to get to the ferry. Quite a fair bit of hustling.

I’m also doing more extensive testing of my headphones. Sometimes they feel a bit shaky, especially in intense parts. They seem to sound good when bass is more important, and sounded quite decent with treble reducer on my iPod.


Then my brother, mother and I went out for lunch. I stopped by the money exchange my RMB (my dad gives my allowance in it) to Macau Money. We then had lunch at a noodle place. While their John invited me to go swimming with him and his sister. I politely declined, I had other plans.

I then met Marilda where we always meet. The temple, the middle point of our two houses. I haven’t seen her for two months! Last nights conversation didn’t help quell my excitement. I was standing there, earlier then her as usual and then I see her. Just wadling around with her pink shirt and shorts. We have this ritual when we catch sight of each other we just stare and use body language to say “O DAMNN!” We just stare it each down. Just like old times, we pick up right where we left off. It was so good to see her again, having missed her all summer. She talked to me about her two months to Australia as we toke a bus to Taipa.

We decided to meet up at our signature restraunt San Mun Sushi, which translates to three dollar sushi. Marilda and I arrived first but everyone followed shortly. I won’t hinder you with the names but a lot of us were there. Later Lyka (Joel’s sister) and Vanessa split of to meet my friend Nicole.

We then proceeded to go biking. We were planning to bike all the to Coloane again, but it became quickly apparent we wouldn’t make it far. We ended up going to the Macau Stadium known as the Egg dome instead.

We then rested at McDonald’s. We chatted there for a while, but we hadn’t bought anything. We did one of the most hobo-ist things ever. We toke someones tray to put  on our table. I feel ashamed.

We then had FROZEN YOGURT. It’s simply soo good.


We arrived in Macau and walked Martharoot home. We decided to have a quick break that turned into quite a long one by the lake side. Toke some really nice photos! On a side not im working on the other ones!

We then meet Joel and went to Taipa for some Thai Food. Highlight of the day. If not for the food, but for the sheer amount of laughter. I hadn’t laughed that hard in ages. It was nearly 10 and were the almost the last table there.

Day 42: Summer Bliss

Today we went swimming. This is my second time to the people the entire summer. Blasmphemy, I know. I was with my friends Joel, John, Anthony, Bruno and Ivan. It was blazing hot there at the pool, I literally burned my feet. Joel, forgetting to bring trunks had to use my spare speedos. Ivan also had this case that let him use his iphone underwater. He can listen to music underwater and take photos :3. We also played Russian Roulette with my bb gun and picked up some bbq chicken wings at the nearby beach tourist traps.

On the way back from the pool John did a fair bit of trolling on the bus. Inspired by online sensation Janoskians, my friends and I decided cause a little bit of a ruckus. We kept randomly shouting. John toke it further, shooting people with a  bb gun pistol and yelling insults at pass-a-byers. Once in Taipa, Bruno, Ivan and Anthony went home to their respective homes.

After we split up, we went to a local apartment complex called Nova City to play basketball. We ended up playing 2v3 with a man and his son, with me on their side to even the sides. You could say it was a bit of a grudge match (with Joel managing to hit his son with the basketball) and when the son stopped for a breath it was on. 2v2. The Father and me, and Joel and John. He then scored 4 points.. in a row. He was nice enough to pass to me before scoring. We then played a game called “Around the World.” Normally each player takes turns shooting, and if you score you can go again. The first person to make successful shots and advance around the court wins. This time however we used to train, allowing John to take as many shots as he needed to advance. When it was my turn, I managed to get four shots in a row :D.

After basketball we went to have Mcdonalds. I was so thirsty that in my attempt to drink the coke faster I spilled it. We sat there, having a good chat.

The most curious thing happened to me as I went home. Made me love Summer even more. A girl just randomly comes up (a pretty one) and starts talking to me! We got into a conversation, and she games a lot too XD. She exchanged phone numbers and added each other on Facebook. Hopefully, this a new chapter in the JackOfAllTrades.

Ao Grama

Ao Grama is a former Portuguese Buffet in Taipa. It’s the type of restaurant you walk by all the time, but never know whats in there. You assume only fancy or rich people eat there. When I went in that’s what I felt, a bit of misplacement.

It didn’t help that they did not speak chinese and my father’s english was a little but unrefined. Eventually after minutes of standing around (getting stared out)  and a few hasty phone calls we were seated. Being the only reservation in the entire restaurant and the friendly manager was a great help. I wasn’t feeling too thrilled about the restaurant, but then..the food!

Running a bit late, my Grandmother told us to order first. We ended up ordering two appetizers and I got myself something called Orange Squash (which was initially awful, till I realized you must add sugar). Those clams. Dat clam. I swear they were worth every penny. Just so full of flavour, unlike most other clams which fail to absorb the flavour of the sauce. Just really good. The next appetizer wasn’t as good. For 42 mop we got 3 slices of tomato with some cheese on top.

While eating the clams, something dawned on me.  My grandma has a lot of friends. A lot of them. Every time we eat out it’s always with someone, often I’ve never seen them or I don’t recognize them.

Only other major highlights were the fried pineapples. Just moist enough not to be dry and the frying process allowed the skin to become caramalized and cinnamon.

Day 26: Wrapping up

After my last post I spent most of the day playing League of legends, and losing, tons. O well, you win some you lose some.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at nine and go all the way to Taipa to help my friend Chester to bring the parts back to my house to build his pc. Don’t know how dedication day is going to fit into this but o well!

Day 12: Manga Day

I woke from an urgent call from Miguel. The dvd wasn’t playing properly. Miguel had spent the last 12 hours and getting no sleep (props to him, he had to work in several hours as well), and to have the dvd not playing properly was quite devastating. Before we could solve the problem over Skype, I had to go to lunch, my cousins had returned.

After lunch having lunch with my cousin’s at my Grandma’s house, my cousins were sent to my house to be entertained. They were picky with the movies and ended up showing them Princess Mononoke.

Shortly after, I rushed to Miguel’s house, then to hand in our project. We had to put it on a usb. The problem was, was that they wouldn’t accept our usb. I had to call a representative of the group, which turned out to be my friends Peter’s mom. Knowing earlier would have saved us a lot of trouble. When I returned I watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and the remaining bits of Princess Mononoke with them.

In between I went with my friend Chester to look at models and computer parts for upcoming projects.

The evening consisted of me eating dinner with my cousin’s at a tennis club’s restaurant and reading some manga.

Sorry for the inconsistencies today in quality, really busy :S