• Got my mini fireye amp, its sooo cute!

    Fireye amp

  • Did my first exam. Already know for sure that I got one question wrong. At least no more this week!
  • Someone got¬†ran over¬†near my house, there was brain all over the road. So sad ūüė¶



Thursday – A collection of thoughts and events

Today i got 96 on my English Literature test :D. My first English literature test today.

My brother had a melt down when we tried to put parental control on his computer, and another one when he spilled water and blamed everyone but himself. He’s becoming such an addict and is rather unstable -m-.

I arrived home early today and was able to get some stuff of my to-do-list. I toke it into my hands to prepare for the exams early and have downloaded some past papers. Now to see if I actually read them. I always feel like I give myself too much to do. I need to slow down and enjoy them.

The end of the week, Third Week of November


Well. That didn’t last long. “Save money William.” That’s what I told myself. Such a First World Problem. I saw the advert and for T3 in my PC Format magazine, and today, when given have a chance to buy it, I¬†scooped¬†it up without nothing but a slight¬†hesitation. Then later in the day I had a snacking spree with my friend Marilda. Now I’m a hundred Mop (12.5 USD) poorer. At least the food was good, and T3 is interesting. My first issue will allow me to¬†evaluate¬†if I want anymore in the future.

I then visited my grandmas. I taught my grandpa how to download apps for his phone, and had some traditional flower tea at my grandmas. I then went to get my new glasses. Putting them on is like seeing the world in HD. Everything had more cooler, looked sharper and seemed more distinct. I also kept my lenses with the spare hinges to act as sport glasses.

Afterwards I went home and my time just disappeared. I had no homework, and not much lined up in terms of objectives. I napped, read my magazine and chatted to friend. It’s now eleven and all¬†i¬†have this part blog post to show for it. Hi.

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End of Week Update: The First Week of School

On Wednsday things didn’t get much better. I had a total of two classes, one of which the teacher was tied up in another class. I still hadn’t bought my books as well. We ended up just watching movies, first “Think Like A Man” where a controversial book is released teaching woman how men think and turning the tables on us, than second “The Dictator” where an middle-eastern dictator experiences¬†America for the first time. It was during our third movie¬†“Super Bad” that Ms.Donna came in to tell us why the schedule was such a mess (seeing there was over half of us in free period).

We also got some time to play some basketball. Despite my random back pains I was able to play 2v2 with Liam, Joel and the new teacher. The teacher was just so good! Even with two people on him he just kept getting this clean, soundless shots.

On Thursday we started to having more consistent classes. I had 5/8 of my classes! There was enough free periods however to sneak in a viewing of “Battle Royale” which is a more gruesome, japanese version of hunger games. Battle Royale came first by the way. It was a good, interesting movie but was ruined by loud classmates and Liam’s inability to stop making fun of their accents (that joker!).

After school we went off to buy the books. The ones I needed where sold out, and needed to be ordered. Also bumped into Marilda there with her mom. Liam joked that Marilda pushed her down the stairs.

Friday, the end of the week! The first major event was chapel. Somehow, through too much enthusiasm, Joel and I ended up on the stage doing actions for some songs. Quite awkward.

We enjoyed a short round of cricket before going into free period. The schedule seems to be improving, with only 1 free period today. I was able to hit all the shots pitched to me by Saahil, but when the new P.E teacher pitched I was quite literally shut. down.

Math is getting a lot harder these days and I have a feeling that it isn’t going to be a cake walk from now on. It was during a long double period that I discovered from Soana that my Swatch watch was not only water proof but glows in the dark! It just made me love it even more.

The school week ended with a surprise birthday party for my friend Natasha. She arrived in white limo with her family, only to be ambushed by us! We had a buffet dinner at an african themed restaurant called the Afrikana. We had our own private hut with karaoke and drinks.

Joel and I, being the only people who live in Macau walked home from the party. After parting ways at the resevoir I decided to run home to compensate for the lack of exercise for that day. By that time it was almost midnight and it was beautifully tranquil. All I could hear was the quite pitter patter of my feet on hard, cold concrete. I turned heads, as I ran past. They most have thought I was going to mug them. Despite being in formal party clothes and my heaviest shoes I made it all the way home without stopping. It was a good way to build endurance (on a sidenote I had won the 800 metre a few years prior). I would later pay for this in the form of massive foot cramps as I attempted to sleep.

The Rest of Day 57

I then spent a few good hours in the afternoon trying to edit videos from the trip. I swear that sony vegas is the bane of my existant. It loves crashing, or lets me comepletly finish editing but then refuses to render it. A hair-ripping experiance. I also had to sift through hundreds of photos and start on the China Trip Blogs.

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Day 43: Stay in bed, Stay Indoors

Todays morning was dedicated to a competition with my friend Martharoot. We were both going to stay in bed for as long as possible. No leaving up to pee, change clothes or eat. Nothing. Everything must be done on the bed. At first I was losing, having drunk a litre of water before. I spent the next few hours watching YouTube and fiddling uncomfortably on my bed. I seriously thought I was going to lose. Me, the man with the platinum bladder. Then, the tide turned. She drunk orange juice. initially it had no effect but it diddled its way into her digestive system. She finally surrendered, at around 2 in the afternoon. After celebrating my victory, I waited a while, making sure I had won then rushed to the bathroom. One of the longest, most relaxing urination in my life. You might have to click to see. My face and my friends are censored using my pro photo editing skills.

Afterwards I finally got to try the new Team Fortress 2 Mode. Mann Vs Machine. It’s so cool. Thats¬†all I¬†can say. I love Valve for it. Its sooo¬†amazing and fun :D! The first game I played was as a heavy. You got to upgrade your firing speed and bullet penetration. The robots also make very good enemies. Please try it, its completely free!

In the middle of the day, Macau was hit by typhoon 3. Originally we were going to have a sleepover at John’s, but the rain dissuaded¬†us. It’s going to be typhoon 8 at around midnight.

Don’t Cockroaches have any self preservation? I flush 20 of their offspring down the sink and the adults just hang around. My weapon of choice, a wet toilette. I can use it to whip the cockroaches, knock them from cover or use it to cover my hand and do some old fashion squashing. So many damn cockroaches.

Monitor Murder: The anti-climax climax of Day 29

If you read my previous post you will know our plan. I toke video of most of the affair, but do not have editing software to piece it together, so I’ll just use some photos and your imagination.

First thing: My friend John and I bought a BB Gun. It did no damage to the monitor whatsoever. It didn’t even hit half the time.

Next my friend smacked it a few times, here’s the damage to his hand and the monitor.

Next we hit with a hammer for much more effect.

Afterwards we brought it into our car park and broke it up even more. I was going to take pictures but my camera thought it was the perfect time to run out of battery. It’s weird, because write as I was writing this my mom came in and lectured me. She had found the monitor. Now I feel like a complete hooligan -,-. O well, maybe a pause to the summer¬†experiment¬†machine.




Day 29: Sleepover Hangover

After sleepovers, I am always in a state of disarray. In mind, body and room. This time is no exception. Its 6pm and all of us are still here. With the last of the snacks expended, we mill around my room playing split screen games (ahh the old days).

Watching Jackass yesterday has inspired me. Me and my friend John are going to buy bb guns and shoot the crap out of an broken monitor. If that fails, my friend is going to punch it with a brass knuckle.