Christmas Trip to Hong Kong: Day 1

We needed to get out of town. My family had been confined in Hong Kong for too long. We needed to get out and see the world. Most holidays we just go to a local hotel and hunker down a few days. This Christmas holiday we finally got out of our comfort zone and went to Hong Kong for a few days.

I think the best time to listen to music is when your on transportation. There’s less to distract you from the music, and you can sit down and have a good, thorough listen. I toke the opprtunity to listen to BadBadnotGood, a free jazz-rock album created in 10 hours by people less then 21 years old. It’s amazing. Get it here. My brother Louis got seasick on the way there, poor fellow. He wanted to go home, even as we waited in line at immigration. Fighting through lines of fellow immigrants and traffic we finally arrived at our hotel, The Excelsior!

The hotel itself was not very good. Two single beds for the 4 of us in the size no a great deal bigger than my room. Thankfully it was located in a ideal spot for our planned shopping. Everything was within walking distance, and even our hotel was connected to a small mall.

For lunch we had lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant. They always have amazing service and food. Following typical Ieong behavior we had coupons from our membership entry from our last trip to Hong Kong.

I notice this every time I go to Hong Kong, but there is a lot more pretty girls over there. Pretty eye popping.

Our first stop was at Muji, a giant retailed that sell things from pens to cardigans. Normally I would go crazy and pick up things that I have a distinct liking for, but this time there was a twist. My mom had given a certain amount of money to spend, and after I was done that was it. I had to be careful. This was good, because it forced me to make better decisions and only get things I truly liked. The budget crisis had begun. I winced as I rejected on legions of stationary and clothes but finally found this beautiful planner for 2013. A very good alternative than the moleskine I planned to buy.

Muji PLanner



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Tuesday, December 4th, a sloth’s slumber

  • Chinese teacher got angry today, only one person did his homework…(aha! No pronoun concord!)
  • Slept in literature because I read ahead
  • Made a database for another South Indian Company. If there not selling tea its cars, boats, kites…
  • Had basketball practice after school. I swear we relearn the plays every time
  • Unproductive is an understatement for the rest of my day. I’m writing this and I cannot recall what I’ve done. Whoopsie.

Saturday and Sunday: A long posts


I begun Saturday with my regular morning ritual: laying in bed in a state of limbo using my iPod touch until I’m out of battery. I was about to own this player on Zookeeper Battles when it blacked out. Then I realized what time it was. I burst from the house to have ICT class.

After the class we had to rush to the Westin on the sub island Coloane to watch our friends dance crew perform for an event. Turned out we were an hour early and our rushed efforts where for nothing. We toke the opportunity to run the entire beach and get some beach bbq. I dropped my phone in the mud on the way, and now I can’t hear anyone when they call me -,-.

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Macau Grand Prix 2012

Every year my little city, Macau is turned into a giant racing track. It easy to see the build up and the build down to the event that marks the end of the excitement of the year. The roads are paved, roads are blocked off and seats and signs are set up every year, then token down shortly after the event ends.

I’m lucky, because a long stretch of the race is visible from the my church. I spent a great deal of Sunday School leaning out the window trying to get good shots.

After church I meet with John and Joel to watch the corner leg of the race by Grand Lisboa. We were just in time to see a small race showing of the evolution of all the racing cars, showing off how the Grand Prix has changed over the years.

I was lucky to have my DSLR with me, and decided it would be a good idea to use sports mode which allows me to take lots of continues shots at once. The photos turned out to be mediocre quality, with my ipod touch faring better. I toke a 1000 photos and put some random ones up on my flickr.

It was hard to watch properly. The entire crowd liked to stand up as the cars neared our end. I was psyched for the event, and hollered wildly as the cars roared past. I ended up watching (and taking photos) of the large screens set up across from us most of the time.

Most of the time I cheer for crashes but this year two people have unfortunately died already. I’m not sure if its ethical to cheer for it anymore :/. This did nothing to hamper how glorious one of the crashes on our corner was. Two cars smashed together and spun out of control the entire length of the track!

I particularly enjoyed the victory lap of the motor cycle race where the drivers did tricks like wheelies and stopped in front of the crowd to burn some rubber ( a real crowd pleaser).

Just another year at the grand prix.

Novembersst: The First Half the week, slabbed together


Today in for P.E we played a combination of Netball and football. For netball, you must pass to team mates to get it to the other side of the field. However, the moment the ball touches the floor, it becomes football! Netball goals where 5 points, while football goals worth 2 points.

I always feel a bit helpless in sports (not being as physically gifted as others) but still try to contribute to the team as both an annoying defender and a cheerleader. I loved screaming FOOTBALL every time the ball touched the ground. My team ended up winning despite me scoring a brilliant own goal. It was also because one of my friends kept forgetting that you have to pass the line while playing the netball portion, and threw the ball into the net 4 times.

After a good half an hour of that we moved onto capture the flag. I was able to sneak into the enemy flag area when no one was looking, but never managed to make it out with it.

In the afternoon I got invited by my computer teacher to hear a speaker about Quantum Computing. Didn’t even know that existed 0_0.

The evening was eaten up by AXN. It’s surprising how you can get sucked in. It was great to relax and watch House, The amazing race and Wipeout. Too bad it sidetracked everything else and killed my time…

To my horror, I realized I had broken the chain. I’ve been following a productivity technique called break the chain where you give yourself a tick for everyday you do a task (i.e reading and exercise). I had created a chain three months long, now broken by a single night.

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November 05

School can be hard to make sound interesting, so perhaps it is best I do not try.

I am trying to make use of the time on the bus. If I find a seat then I will sit down and read (no, I don’t get dizzy) or study some homework so I have less work at home. If I am not as fortunate I try to get some sleep in, finding a less busy part of the bus to stand and putting my bag in the front to dissuade potential pick-pockets.

At home, I used the technique of “Big Rock then Little Rock.” I got my homework out-of-the-way first so if I did manage to distract myself (which I did) then I would have all the work done and have a buffer. Despite spending a good few hours browsing the web I was able to finally complete Assassin’s Creed. That’s one of my October goals down. Time constraints have forced me to push some goals from October and the weekend to today.

Penny Board + Ipod Touch

It’s been a week and as I said in a previous post, here are my thoughts on my two newest toys.

Penny Board

I haven’t been able to ride it as much as I’d like to. I was going to practice over the term break but I was in China with my family. I really like it, but I need to put in the time and effort to ride it smoothly. The biggest annoyance is carrying it around and the lack of practice space in my area. Still its a joy to use and even more people are getting it which gives me even more people to ride with.

Ipod Touch 5th Generation 32 GB

The initial buzz of having it has worn off and its more practical uses have become more apparent. I have started to rip DVD’s and CD’s to put on it and have stopped downloading apps at such a monstrous rate. I have started taking it out more, and it is quickly becoming an indispensable gadget.

Last day of term break(October)

The morning started well. I used the Internet and was able to finish the mini vacation blog posts.

After lunch at my grandma’s I went to tapia to study math with some friends at the library. We didn’t end up working.

I could have cut my loses there, but I just made the hole even deeper. We penny boarded round taipa, ate at McDonalds and checked sport shops.

I had dinner with my other grandma and spent the last few hours of the term break planning and studying math.

Written on the Itouch, edited and tagged on the PC :).

Mini Vacation: Day 2

If yesterday was the climax, then today was the slow slog back home (an enjoyable one though). We went to my dad’s old housing area known as Clifford. After lunch it was my mother’s and brother’s turn to buy things, with the day before pre-dominantly directed by me. My brother got a magazine, while my mother got some books and slippers. Continue reading

Mini Vacation: Day 1

This term break my family and I went on a much-needed vacation to China. No worries allowed. Just eating, shopping and massage!

After crossing the border and having lunch we went to shop in the underground plaza near the border. I expected good deals piled on top of each other, fakes that looked real. What I got where some extremely disappointingly fake products, stacked to head height.

Made in BJ

Little do they know…

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