A triumph of sure will: Day 34, Dedication Week Reignited.

Well everybody, I’ve done it. I got my lazy ass of the chair (and several other’s asses) and went out and lived a little in my beautiful city Macau. We did a lot, starting early in the day, so grab a snack and enjoy the post. – William

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Day 33: Total Recall: Ruined By a persitant Grandma

Recently I reached 10 followers on WordPress. Hooray! Thank you for reading my random stuff :), it’s much appreciated.

Almost nothing happened today except that me, my bro and my pops went to see Total Recall. It was a mediocre, but not enjoyable. I really liked its mech robots and hover cars and the dystopian setting. It kinda pissed me off that someone was using their smart phone to check Facebook DURING the movie. My grandma also called me a total of three times during the movie (and at the worst part). She wouldn’t stop, calling my dad a few seconds later. Whats even more frustrating was that we had already told her we were in the movie before. Gosh. On a side note I saw Mondass with his girlfriend Charlie. Of to play League of Legends. Tata!

Day 31: The Turnaround

Some time after writing the last post I decided if im going to sit around all day, I might as well do it clean. I went to take a shower.  It toke me an hour. Wait, wait I can explain.

Halfway through undressing I discovered that I hadn’t cut my nails in a century. After making my nails look a crack addicts, I spent the next few moments talking to myself to the mirror. No, I’m not crazy, its scientifically proven to relieve stress and get out ideas! Which is exactly what happened.

Afterwards I decided to learn Tyler the Creators Rap in the song Rella. I don’t know why specifically, but probably because he’s a centaur in the music video and it was the best:

Then I watched a movie called Ninja Scroll. ‘Twas a good anime flick. Crazy, outrageous villans, a goody-goody protagonist and of course a love story. It’s easy to find a video of it online, and they even have an english dub. However, as with all foreign movies, I suggest the orignal language with subtitles to show the orignal feel of the characters.

Day 31: The One Month Mark

I made it. One month of none stop summer blogging. I thought I would have ran out of things to say about now, but I guess this goes tos how how much of a blabber mouth I am.

My brother and I did not end up staying up yesterday, since we were both tired and got discovered around 1am by my maid, who slept in our house that nice (thus almost near freedom). We just played a few more rounds with my friend John and watched youtube on the Ipad a bit before going to bed.

Its funny, before summer your head is bursting with ideas. Now it is quite void of such things.

Day 30: Unsupervised

This morning, my mother left on a three day trip to Taiwan for training. My father returns on Saturday, so this is the one day i’m left relativly unsupervised. It is also the one day, that I get sick -,-.

Not many things planned for today. Chester needs to come over, having left a box in my house and encountering random pc problems. My brother and I also want to stay up tonight playing League of Legends. That is all.

Day 28: First Day of August and a pause to dedication week

Today is the first day of August! Half of my summer is now faded into the oblivion. Half. I am half as productive as I wanted to be. Honestly my plans for dedication week aren’t very realistic, so I have decided to put on hold for now, and do them when the opportunity arise. My friend Joel’s sister and Zherlain have already expressed there interest in a photography trip. I also had the idea of playing a new game a week, following the ideas from dedication week.

Today we finally built Chester’s PC. After months of trips to the pc mall, researching parts and lots of stalling it was finally built. We had lots of random problems, but now its a thing of beauty. The labor of love:




Day 27: Dedication Null

Today I woke up early to help Chester move his pc parts to my house so we could build it. It was great waking up early for a change, having breakfast for the first time in weeks, having a bit of sunshine and getting a bit of reading done. That however ended my serene morning.

I got into the car. I called Chester. He had just woke up. He said it was tommorow. Luckily my mom didn’t make it to the bridge or else that would have been a huge waste of time.

Spent the day playing League of Legends, watching Joel (who came over) play League of Legends and reading about League of legends. I have a pretty uninteresting life sometimes don’t I?

Day 26: Wrapping up

After my last post I spent most of the day playing League of legends, and losing, tons. O well, you win some you lose some.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at nine and go all the way to Taipa to help my friend Chester to bring the parts back to my house to build his pc. Don’t know how dedication day is going to fit into this but o well!

Dedication Day 1: Shuffling

A quick history of shuffling

Shuffling is an electronic dance that is characterized by running man and t-step. It is usually done to music with a solid beat in the background (trance and hardstyle) which means it can’t be done to normal pop or dubstep. Although its exact origins are unknown, many people believe it started in the underground acid era in Melbourne, hence Melbourne shuffle.

A quick personal history of shuffling

It’s been awhile since I started shuffling. I started in the summer, two years ago and my passion for it reached a climax about a year in, then started to fizzle out. Shuffling used to be really big with its glory year being around 2007, so I missed that boat. I learned shuffling because i liked the music, wanted to learn how the dance and not look so useless at parties.

What Happened today and thoughts

I started at 3 and ended at 4:30. My orignal idea was to dance the entire day, but lunch and personal stamina prevented it. There was only so much dancing I could do before I got tired/bored. I did some good shuffling in though, between constant hard-breathing and breaks. I really like dancing to the song Metropolis by David Guetta:


It felt better to just close my eyes and just let myself do the rest, rather than scrutinize all my dance moves. All in all a pretty good dedication day.