The truth on education

Joao showed me this after the movie. It’s so deep.


Friday, December 8th, A cadre of events

  • Attempted to use the same strategy in Biology with Bruno in which we find the smallest part of the diagram to draw. We were baffled today as the entire thing was rectangular and had no such exploit.
  • Got our secret Santa picks. My person is particular ironic. Gonna get the person some earbuds or an album
  • Embroiled in some awkward social moments. It has running away, hurt feelings and guilt.
  • We finally finished a street car named desire in Literature today. Amazing play
  • Had a good basketball practice. I had this one great steal, but gave up the moment with a pathetic pass.
  • Watched so much justice league on youtube O.O

Monday, December 3rd, a collection of happenings and thoughts

  • Discussed the likelihood of the end of the world and what we would do in that situation
  • spent biology with Bruno trying to find the smallest part of the cell so we could draw less
  • spent some time playing “Ghost trick” on the ipad. Brilliant
  • Learned more on how to wear neck wear (scarfs and ties)
  • wasted hours on youtube again
  • practised shuffling cards again, getting better at the doves tail

A good friends birthday weekened

It’s getting chilly here in Macau. It was around 25-21 ºC during the week but today its 21-15 ºC. Brrrr. At least that means I can bring in the heavy weight winter clothes, but that sadly leaves me unable to wear hoodies to often again.

Today we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday by having a family lunch at Star World. It was at a fancy all you can eat dim sum restaurant. All my grandmother’s daughters and sons showed up to celebrate. My over-punctual aunt was calling everyone to get there, when she herself wasn’t there herself! She even researched what food she wanted the night before and ticked it out on a menu she had acquired. She even brought a pencil and eraser there -,-. Despite her constant nagging we had a good meal, chatting and eating ourselves silly. My aunt has a tendency to over order at these type of restaurants, just to make sure its worth the expense.

Later that day in the afternoon Joel and Nicole came over. We met up with even more people and picked up the pizzas. My friend Joel was having his sweet sixteen party and we needed to make sure he was well stocked :).

Day 43: Stay in bed, Stay Indoors

Todays morning was dedicated to a competition with my friend Martharoot. We were both going to stay in bed for as long as possible. No leaving up to pee, change clothes or eat. Nothing. Everything must be done on the bed. At first I was losing, having drunk a litre of water before. I spent the next few hours watching YouTube and fiddling uncomfortably on my bed. I seriously thought I was going to lose. Me, the man with the platinum bladder. Then, the tide turned. She drunk orange juice. initially it had no effect but it diddled its way into her digestive system. She finally surrendered, at around 2 in the afternoon. After celebrating my victory, I waited a while, making sure I had won then rushed to the bathroom. One of the longest, most relaxing urination in my life. You might have to click to see. My face and my friends are censored using my pro photo editing skills.

Afterwards I finally got to try the new Team Fortress 2 Mode. Mann Vs Machine. It’s so cool. Thats all I can say. I love Valve for it. Its sooo amazing and fun :D! The first game I played was as a heavy. You got to upgrade your firing speed and bullet penetration. The robots also make very good enemies. Please try it, its completely free!

In the middle of the day, Macau was hit by typhoon 3. Originally we were going to have a sleepover at John’s, but the rain dissuaded us. It’s going to be typhoon 8 at around midnight.

Don’t Cockroaches have any self preservation? I flush 20 of their offspring down the sink and the adults just hang around. My weapon of choice, a wet toilette. I can use it to whip the cockroaches, knock them from cover or use it to cover my hand and do some old fashion squashing. So many damn cockroaches.

Living Room Day

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit materialistic. I get satisfaction from owning things. I am trying to fix that, but for now it remains a slight niggle. I just purchased a pair of Panasonic Ergofit Earphones. Upon hearing they were good and cheap from cnet, I couldn’t help myself. I’m a bit of an audio tech collector~ish now:

Here is where im going to spend the next few hours:

Was lunch was finished I watched “Something, Something, Something Darkside” a family guy special and a nature documentary by BBC called “Walking With Beasts.” I’ve watched them before, so I don’t have any initial impressions. Both good watches though.

After my mini TV Marathon, I was gently interrupted by a woman who had come to visit from the States (mom’s friend). She showed me her family photo’s from her Nexus 7 (want). Apparently she travels every summer. She’s been to Mexico! She also got me thinking about my feature, college and what I should major which leads to my next story..

My IGCSE results! I had almost completely forgotten. I got on my mom’s computer, pushing her aside telling her that I was to see it first. It was a heart stopping moment. EUPHORIA. I had done much better than expected! I had gotten 5 A’s and 3 A*s! I even got an A* in Chinese, my weakest subject! Thank God 😀 I feel so blessed. I also got an ICE award (an A in Science, Social Science and Langauge).

  • Chemistry – 83
  • Physics – 86
  • Literature – 90
  • Math – 82
  • Biology – 86
  • English – 92
  • Chinese – 91
  • Computers – 86

Also toke the opportunity to send my friend Chester (the one with a new PC) some codes for World of Tanks.

Then I watched The Raid Redemption. Good action movie with lots of elbowing. The cops are kinda disappointing in places, but a solid action flick.

Had dinner in the solitude of the living room while watching things on my netbook.

Also read several chapters of the Book Thief. Such a good book. Love his writing style.

Well, my living room day is coming to a close. I’ve successfully spent the entire day in the living room without using my PC in my bedroom. I liked getting a chance to watch instead of play and to use my netbook which often gets neglected for its older brother. It is actually a pleasant little machine. Lets see if I did all I wanted to do.

  • Watch Naruto
  • Watch Youtube
  • Watch The Raid Redemption
  • Watch Family Guy
  • Watch Walking With Beasts
  • Read Book Thief
  • Blog about it 😛

Living Room Day: Day 40 – Dedication Day Intialized

Today I’m going to spend the entire day in the living room. Hopefully I’ll survive (slowest internet in the house). Here’s a small list of things I wanna do today.

  • Read more Book Thief
  • Watch my first blue ray movie (at home at least)
  • Watch a nature documentary
  • Clear out my YouTube watch later list
  • Watch The Raid: Redemption and Naruto

I’m going to have breakfast, take a shower, buy new earphones, eat lunch and start while everything settles down. I’m just in the planning stage now.




Day 25: Random Thoughts

Was watching olympics after dinner and I just noticed that Micheal Phelps got 4th 0_0. Also a 16 year old chinese girl won freestyle and set a world recored (chinese pride :D!).

Next week is gonna be dedication week. Everyday im going to focus on one thing, and one thing only in attempt to make progress in said thing. Tommorow I shall focus on dance and try to improve and possibly film. If you want to see me from before you can go to my youtube:

I wonder if I can really do all I planned? Things have a tendency of getting in the way. At least swimming is ended, that way I don’t have any planned interuptions. My friend Chester wants to build his pc, having bought parts in Hong Kong so I guess I’ll have to fit that in. I really shouldn’t plan so cramped.

I also played a really good game of League of Legends. Joel and I played ranked. Heres a screenshot of my score, i’m so happy :D!

chogath score

Day 22: My brother turns 13

Today is my brother’s birthday, but more on that later.

First thing we did today was go to swimming class for the first time in weeks. For some reason the one day we return is the most grueling. Our tortures today included but are not limited to:

  • Swimming an entire lap with our heads up
  • Swimming an entire lap without breathing
  • Swimming an entire lap frog style (my worst style) with our hands behind our back

After swimming we went to a Japanese restaurant for a mini-celebration with my mother and maid. We ate tons of sushi and sashimi :D. We will have a bigger celebration when my father returns during the weekend (he works abroad during the week).

Afterwards I bought a plant for my desk for two reasons (three really)

  • I read its healthy and reduces stress
  • I wanted one
  • A Youtube commentator named Spazie has a plant

I then meet up with my friend Chester to pick up a gift for my brother at the computer mall. Our original plan was to get him a complete audio overhaul with a soundcard, headset and speakers. Even with our combined money we were unable to buy anything without cheaping out on some parts or excluding some. We ended up buying him a headset with a built-in soundcard. Our logic was to get him one better thing, rather than some small rubbish ones. We got him a creative sound blaster tactic 3d alpha. Yeah its a mouthful.

Afterwards we helped the birthday boy setup his new headset (creative drivers suck). Chester ended up using my computer so now I’m stuck on my netbook, writing this article.